How to Become a Wellness Coordinator

A Wellness Coordinator is an experienced professional that focuses their career on creating implementing and managing a variety of wellness programs and related services.

These professionals are mostly employed in the educational services and government sectors.

Wellness Coordinator positions are considered a new and emerging career whose specific skills set arose from a lack of professionals who could complete these tasks.

New occupations are created when employers need to feel a gap and need new types of jobs to be completed.

For example, the early 1990s created a need for professionals who were experienced at managing websites.

This growth created a need for professionals who specialized in this niche.

The need for Wellness Coordinators has probably come from the high rate of obesity within the nation.

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Employers have acted upon on this serious and dangerous trend and have started making room for professionals who can teach, train and support employees to follow a healthy lifestyle.

Continue reading below if you are interested in this type of career and want to become a Wellness Coordinator .

Below you will find information on the educations requirements for this career as well as a general job description, salary and wage information and the projected job growth.

Education Requirements to Become a Wellness Coordinator

Candidates who want to become a Wellness Coordinator will need a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree and a background in health and nutrition.

Candidates should try to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in health or nutrition.

Students who attain a strong background in health and wellness will be competitive candidates.

Some recommended skills to gain in order to be successful in this field include having the capability to motivate people to make lifestyle changes and lead healthier lives.

Completing some courses in psychology will prepare some candidates to gain the ability to serve as a coach focusing on lifestyle choices.

Because exercise is a major component to health, candidates should also be able to create and implement physical activities and exercises that help their clients.

Wellness Coordinators should be able to create a variety of exercise routines that fit their clients’ needs.

Wellness Coordinators may work with a diverse group of people such as the elderly or obese and need to consider which exercise programs will create the best results but that do not overexert.

Certification for this position is not required by national or state standards.

However, certification assures employers that candidates have the necessary skills, qualifications and knowledge to be able to perform the job’s basic duties.

Many state or community colleges offer certification for those who wish to become a Wellness Coordinator; a handful of state or city health departments may even certify candidates.

A certification may even be offered upon completion of a Bachelor’s program.

Wellness Coordinator Job Description

Wellness Coordinators use a variety of health concepts in order to create a program geared to clients that focus on making healthy choices.

Important components these professionals use include: creating exercise routines and dieting and nutrition advice.

A Wellness Coordinator will need to create a health program that fits senior management’s goals for the employees and their company.

A Wellness Coordinator may work closely with the human resources department in order to determine ways to engage employees and relay important information regarding programs and services.

A Wellness Coordinator may present their information and programs in a variety of ways including print material, classes and individual appointments.

In addition, they may set up workshops that involve experts in the field making presentations regarding health related subjects.

Wellness Coordinators will present information regarding nutrition: how many calories a person should consume, what types of food to consume and what types of food to avoid.

Wellness Coordinators may create specialized exercise routines that fit a person’s capabilities and current lifestyle.

Wellness Coordinator Salary and Career Path

Because Wellness Coordinator positions are a relatively new career, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has not gathered all necessary components to estimate exact wage and salary information.

However, the Bureau of Labor Statistics identifies this profession as similar to Education Administrators.

Professionals wanting to become a Wellness Coordinator should expect approximate wages of $36 an hour or $75,690 per year. reports that Wellness Coordinators make approximately $57,000 per year.

Employment opportunities for this profession are expected to grow faster than average.

The projected growth for this profession is estimated at over 20 percent through the year 2018.

Candidates can expect to find better employment opportunities in the educational services and government sectors.

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