How to Become a Vintner

A Vintner is a professional who is experienced in winemaking as well as the trading and selling involved with this popular drink; these professionals are often referred to as wine merchants.

Vintners are closely related to winemakers as they are hands on in the production of wine, but also have the duties of a merchant and are involved in the wholesale trade of wine.

These individuals are typically hired by wineries or wine companies with some of these individuals owning and running their own winery.

Individuals who want to become a Vintner will need a combination of experience in the field, a strong sense of smell and taste and some personal characteristics in order to succeed in this profession.

Some helpful personal characteristics can include: business acumen to assist in the wholesale trade of wine, knowledge of the harvesting seasons to pick grapes and some technical background to mass produce wines.

Education Requirements to Become a Vintner

There are no specific educational requirements an individual needs in order to become a Vintner.

However, individuals are encouraged to gain mastery in the technical aspects of winemaking, strengthen their acumen to distinguish wines and gain experience in merchant training to become successful in this field.

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Individuals pursuing a bachelor’s degree to help them become a Vintner have the option to study enology, viticulture or a closely related field for better job prospects in this industry.

A degree in one of these programs will prepare individuals behind the science of wine making, the variations of grapes and the different tastes they create.

Because mass production is becoming commonplace with winemaking, the technical aspects behind creating this drink are highly important.

Individuals may also pursue an additional two years of school at the master’s level in order to pursue a career as a Vintner; individuals can study viticulture at the master’s level.

Vintner Job Description

Vintners are experienced in the production and the wholesale trade of wine.

These individuals may work for a vineyard or winery and can be involved starting with the harvesting of grapes, the production and fermentation of wines and the wholesale trade of this globally popular drink.

Exact duties will heavily depend on the size of a winery or vineyard.

With smaller wineries, these professionals will have more duties.

Harvesting grapes begins with a Vintner’s vast knowledge of the harvesting season; deciding the point at which grape bunches are ripe for the production of wine.

The following is a list of the steps winemakers and vintners take in order to create wine.

  • Harvesting ripe grapes
  • Crushing grapes to produce liquid
  • Fermenting grapes to produce an alcoholic element
  • Aging grapes to help with the drink’s alcoholic elements
  • Blending and bottling a variety of wines

Vintners are widely known as professionals behind the science and art of winemaking.

Their skills include knowing the many variations of wines from dark reds to sparkling whites as well as thorough knowledge of the specific grapes and the amount of aging needed to create a variety of wines.

Vintner Salary and Career Path

There are no exact salary figures for Vintners because the profession is comparatively small when compared to other professions.

However, this profession falls under the larger occupational group of food scientists and technicians.

In 2012, the median salary for food scientists and technologists was approximately $59,630 per year.

Exact wages will depend on the size of the vineyard or winery one is employed by, geographical location and whether an individual works full time throughout the year.

The job outlook for Vintners is also categorized alongside food scientists and technologists.

The job outlook for food scientists and technologists is expected to grow at an average rate when compared to other professions.

Job opportunities for all food scientists and technologists, including Vintners, are projected to grow by 11 percent through the year 2022.

Factors contributing to this growth include an increase in demand due to a growing population and the popularity of wine throughout the globe.

Individuals with a technical background, that is, those who have the scientific background needed in the mass production of wine, have better job opportunities.

With their knowledge in the production of wine and experience as wine merchants, Vintners have a strong background in the business of wine.

This profession can be a great fit with individuals with business acumen, a strong passion for the wine industry and a great sense of taste.

Vintners use a variety of skills that help with the worldwide consumption of this popular alcoholic drink

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