How to Become a Video Game Tester

Video Game Testers are professionals who are experienced in testing and critiquing a variety of video games.

Video games these professionals are involved in critiquing include web based video games as well as games specifically made for gaming consoles.

Their work revolves around testing, noting and fixing errors present in a video game.

This step is necessary before the mass production of a video game; these professionals follow standards that allows for a product to have the highest quality.

Individuals who want to become a Video Game Tester will need a strong background in video gaming including knowing a variety of gaming consoles and game genres.

In addition, individuals must fulfill educational requirements and have some strong personal skills in order to succeed in this profession.

Some recommended skills to gain before entering this profession include: technical skills and understanding of video game console and operating systems as well as attention to detail to pinpoint minor flaws in games and strong writing skills to complete reports.

Education Requirements to Become a Video Game Tester

Exact educational requirements to become a Video Game Tester will depend on what an employer is seeking.

Individuals with a bachelor’s degree have the strongest job prospects especially when seeking a job at a larger organization.

Experience and a voluntary certification are also some recommended steps to take to enter this field.

Some recommended bachelor’s degrees to become a Video Game Tester include computer programming, computer science, software development or a closely related technical degree.

Completing a bachelor’s degree will give individuals the technical knowledge to test video games.

Through these degrees, individuals will learn basic computer programming and codes that will help them test video games on a technical level.

Individuals are also encouraged to gain experience to familiarize themselves with different gaming consoles and game genres.

Experience will also prepare individuals to learn how to troubleshoot programs and the technical steps or coding needed to fix such errors.

Experience will also give individuals the opportunity to familiarize themselves with games and how they are played to provide feedback in this area.

Individuals who pursue a voluntary certification will be able to present that when applying for possible job openings.

Completing the requirements for a Certified Computing Professional (CCP) is an example of such certification.

Individuals may visit the Institute for the Certification of Computing Professionals to learn more information about this certification.

Video Game Tester Job Description

Video Game Testers are responsible for detecting any flaws or errors occurring in a video game that is in development.

This step is crucial to determine any possible kinks before a game is mass produced and sold to consumers.

Video Game Testers may be responsible for the following tasks:

  • Test many aspects of games including: characters, graphics and special effects
  • Present a report of findings and any errors that need fixing
  • Suggest any improvements to game developers and designers
  • Game developers and designers will make adjustments according to reports

Video Game Tester Salary and Career Path

There are no exact salary figures for Video Game Testers because it is a niche profession and the frequent changes in technology.

The income figures can range drastically beginning at $15,000 to over $100,000 per year.

As with other professions, exact wages will depend on a variety of factors including company size and the years of experience an individual has.

Many Video Game Testers may also work on a freelance basis meaning they only get paid based on contracts they manage and the number of projects an individual completes per year.

Freelance Video Game Testers must also rely on their networking skills in order to improve their professional income that results in more jobs.

Job prospects will heavily depend on the level of experience an individual has in game testing and the amount of networking one does to break into the business.

Another factor is competition; because this profession can also be a personal hobby, competition for jobs in this profession is stiff because of novice game players attempting to enter this profession.

Individuals with a strong history, several years of experience or a different outlook to game testing have the best job prospects.

Video Game Testers use a combination of technical skills and their knowledge of video games in order to identify and fix any errors occurring in a video game.

This career is a perfect fit for individuals with the technical background and a love of video games.

Job opportunities in this field are good for those who work on their background and network.

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