12 Highest-Paying Troubleshooting Jobs

Troubleshooting Jobs

Troubleshooting Jobs are a good fit for those who like finding issues – and tackling them.


What if a customer is asking you to help fix their printer?

Fix their boat steering wheel?

You can specialize in a field and help troubleshoot issues other people are having.

These jobs usually require you to have the know-how!

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1. Electrician


Why Become an Electrician?

An electrician is a key job in the trade industry.

Electricians help provide various services and actions to help businesses and individuals alike.

An electrician can help wire a home or provide maintenance services to contractors or any other business entity.

Those who study to become electricians have a higher level of job security and can find a lucrative career almost anywhere across the country.

Those who decide to become electricians can earn $60k or more per year.

Electrician Key Stats
Avg. Salary / year$63,310
Avg. Pay / hour$30.44
Education4+ Years

2. Aircraft Mechanic

Aircraft Mechanic

Why Become an Aircraft Mechanic?

An aircraft mechanic is responsible for keeping planes in tiptop shape to fly and land safely.

Individuals who choose to become aircraft mechanics can work with their hands to help solve problems and provide an essential service for airliners, government facilities, or even individuals who own airplanes.

People who complete their training and education to become aircraft mechanics expect to make more than $65,000 per year.

Aircraft Mechanic Key Stats
Avg. Salary / year$69,470
Avg. Pay / hour$33.40
Education4+ Years

3. Avionics Technician

Avionics Technician

Why Become an Avionics Technician?

Those who want to work in the technical side of the avionics industry might choose to become an avionics technicians.

They work with all of the electronic components aboard an aircraft.

This is a highly satisfying job because this professional helps keep pilots, crew, and passengers safe while they fly and ensure the reliability of each aircraft.

Additionally, this is a highly-demanded job that can earn these professionals on average $67k per year.

Avionics Technician Key Stats
Avg. Salary / year$69,860
Avg. Pay / hour$33.59
Education4+ Years

4. Cable Technician

Cable Technician

Why Become a Cable Technician?

A cable technician is a job that requires the individual to work both in an office and outside of an office.

It’s an excellent job for people who like to work with their hands and interact with the public.

Cable technicians are essential for helping individuals get the cable services they need and providing them with additional satisfaction.

A cable technician is a career that pays upwards of $58k per year and has a short training time.

Cable Technician Key Stats
Avg. Salary / year$60,350
Avg. Pay / hour$29.02
Education1-2 Years

5. Computer Technician

Computer Technician

Why Become a Computer Technician?

A computer technician has a job that allows the individual to work with electronics and use scientific principles and electronic knowledge to help them create solutions and maintain computer components.

There are many benefits to this job, and it offers a higher degree of work/life balance.

This career offers a flexible schedule, and those who complete their training and find employment with a larger company can expect to have retirement benefits, insurance, and other perks.

This job pays, on average, $56k per year.

Computer Technician Key Stats
Avg. Salary / year$57,650
Avg. Pay / hour$27.72
Education1-2 Years

6. Clinical Laboratory Technician

Clinical Laboratory Technician

Why Become a Clinical Laboratory Technician?

A clinical laboratory technician it’s a job that provides valuable services to other medical professionals, such as doctors and primary caregivers.

This job entails observing samples and other similar substances to gain more information or insight about them.

These individuals help diagnose or discover details about specific cases and allow the medical profession to gain more insight into each case.

On average, a clinical laboratory technician can expect to make over $45,000 per year.

This is a high-demand job that allows anyone to find work in most cities across the country.

Clinical Laboratory Technician Key Stats
Avg. Salary / year$56,910
Avg. Pay / hour$27.36
Education1-2 Years

7. Boat Mechanic

Boat Mechanic

Why Become a Boat Mechanic?

Anyone who owns a boat or any entity that has an operational boat fleet will need a boat mechanic at some point.

These are experts to help maintain and repair the components of a boat.

Those who like to work with their hands and solve problems would be the perfect candidates to become boat mechanics.

The average time to train successfully for this career is anywhere from three to four years, and the average salary is $43k per year.

Boat Mechanic Key Stats
Avg. Salary / year$46,660
Avg. Pay / hour$22.43
Education4+ Years

8. Automotive Engineer

Automotive Engineer

Why Become an Automotive Engineer?

People with an analytical nature who want to provide an essential service to people who purchase vehicles should consider working as an automotive engineer.

This job offers daily challenges to help perfect designs and correct issues that pose safety issues or design flaws.

On average, this career earns over $90k per year, making it a lucrative job choice.

Automotive Engineer Key Stats
Avg. Salary / year$97,000
Avg. Pay / hour$46.64
Education4+ Years

9. Electrical Engineer

Electrical Engineer

Why Become an Electrical Engineer?

Electrical engineers are at the forefront of design to create and improve various electrical systems.

There are several areas an electrical engineer can work within; in the same demand, the job can offer long-term security and other perks.

Anyone interested in becoming an electrical engineer can expect to make upwards of $93,000 per year.

Electrical Engineer Key Stats
Avg. Salary / year$107,890
Avg. Pay / hour$51.87
Education4+ Years

10. Wind Turbine Technician

Wind Turbine Technician

Why Become a Wind Turbine Technician?

A wind turbine technician is responsible for overseeing the maintenance and repair of wind turbine systems.

This highly specialized job requires intensive training and offers various challenges to individuals interested in working with their hands and solving problems.

This job is in demand right now, but there are still limited areas with wind turbine technology.

The average wind turbine technician can expect to earn over $56k per year.

Wind Turbine Technician Key Stats
Avg. Salary / year$58,580
Avg. Pay / hour$28.16
Education1-2 Years

11. Robotics Engineer

Robotics Engineer

Why Become a Robotics Engineer?

Many scientific and engineering-minded people love to work with robotic principles and design.

These engineers help create new robotics and provide new robotic designs.

This is a great job for someone who would like to work in a lab setting and help create new robot technology.

The average pay for a robotics engineer is over $103k per year, making it a highly lucrative job that offers an outstanding work/life balance.

Robotics Engineer Key Stats
Avg. Salary / year$107,890
Avg. Pay / hour$51.87
Education4+ Years

12. Computer Systems Analyst

Computer Systems Analyst

Why Become a Computer Systems Analyst?

Now more than ever, the world relies on the power of computers and their systems to propel business processes and help individuals carry out operations.

A computer systems analyst is responsible for maintaining a smooth flow between components and discovering where issues or attention are required.

A computer systems analyst is a high-demand job that allows those professionals to find work anywhere in the country while earning considerable pay.

The average yearly income for a computer systems analyst is over $95k per year.

Computer Systems Analyst Key Stats
Avg. Salary / year$102,210
Avg. Pay / hour$49.14
Education4+ Years

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