How to Become a Robotics Engineer

The majority of people have merely grown up with fantasies about the possibility of robots doing humanity’s bidding.

With the creativity and engineering concepts from Robotics Engineers, this fantasy has become a reality in a handful of industries such as in the manufacturing sector.

Robotics development is a specialty in engineering that focuses on designing and creating androids that are used to replace functions typically performed by humans.

Robots are created for different purposes; Robotics Engineers use their skills to plan and develop androids for specific functions related to the industry they will be used in.

Robotics Engineers use a combination of engineering concepts to design, create and maintain robotic machines.

Candidates who want to become a Robotics Engineer must understand and be able to apply principles on engineering, technology, electronics and computer systems in order to create these special machines.

Education Requirements to Become a Robotics Engineer

Students who have strong skills in mathematics and the sciences and wish to become a Robotics Engineer need a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in order to find employment in this niche.

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There are only a handful of colleges and universities that offer a specialized Robotics engineering program.

Therefore candidates can choose a school that will provide them with this specific degree.
For candidates who want to become a Robotics Engineer but want to join a program that doesn’t offer this specialized degree will need to join a program that provides them with the necessary skills and knowledge that fulfills the educational requirement for this profession.

This profession draws from a handful of engineering specialties.

Therefore students can choose from many engineering subspecialties.

If a student wants to attend an educational institution that doesn’t provide a Robotics Engineer degree, they can choose from the following engineering specialties in order to become a Robotics Engineer:

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electronic Engineering
  • Mechanical Manufacturing
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Civil Engineering

Candidates need to grasp a variety of skills during their undergraduate career and be able to apply and use them in order to be competitive in this field.

Students will learn how to apply engineering principles, techniques and procedures.

Students must also know how to use circuit boards, electronic equipment, hydraulics, microprocessors as well as computer applications and programming techniques.

Students who do not enter a specialized Robotics Engineering program will benefit from taking classes in laboratory and design, science, math and computers.

Robotics Engineer Job Description

Robotics Engineers use their expertise in mathematics, science and engineering in order to plan, develop and maintain robots.

Robotics Engineers must be able to create these machines with a lot in mind during the planning phase.

They must be able to consider and follow safety protocol.

They are responsible for planning a machine that is able to perform their work efficiently but that is also safe to use.

In addition, Robotics Engineers have to plan an android with a budget in mind.

Robotics Engineers must also be able to create a layout that would lead to an android that is affordable for consumers and easy to maintain.

Because robotic machines need to be created for a variety of purposes, Robotics Engineers must be able to determine the type of characteristics an android must have during the planning phase.

These professionals plan and develop robotics for many industries.

Some typical industries that Robotics Engineers plan and develop include the following list

  • Aerospace
  • Nuclear
  • Auto
  • Mining
  • Agriculture
  • Space
  • Power plant maintenance
  • Medicine
  • Military

Robotics Engineer Salary and Career Path

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that Engineers make some of the highest wages amongst professionals with a Bachelor’s degree.

The BLS groups Robotics Engineers under a general engineering category and estimates a national starting salary at approximately $60,000 per year.

The salary range for these professionals is approximately $49,000 to $132,000 per year depending on location and specialty.

The projected growth for this specialty is expected to be 7% to 13% through the year 2018.

The top hiring industries that seek Robotics Engineers include the manufacturing, scientific and technical sectors although there are many industries that require robotic machines in order to run their business more efficiently.

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