How to Become a Teacher

The educational field would not be complete without the daily work that teachers provide in the classroom.

From planning lessons to teaching curriculum, grading school work and administering tests, teachers play an important role in teaching the younger generations.

Individuals who want to become a Teacher will need to complete a variety of steps in order to enter this profession.

Individuals will need to fulfill educational requirements, become licensed according to their state requirements and have personal characteristics and skills in order to succeed in this profession.

Some helpful innate personal characteristics include: working with groups of students, patience to be able to work with students at different levels and communication skills to be able to work with other school staff.

Education Requirements to Become a Teacher

Individuals who want to become a Teacher will need to fulfill several requirements in order to enter this profession.

Individuals will need to complete a postsecondary degree, fulfill state requirements by passing a background test and becoming certified and gaining on the job training in order to work in the classroom.

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The minimum educational requirement to become a Teacher is a bachelor’s degree.

Individuals can also complete a master’s degree in education to enter this profession.

Individuals have the option of studying elementary education for teaching positions in elementary schools.

Individuals who want to teach middle school or high school students will focus on the content area they would like to teach in.

Biology, mathematics and English are some common focus areas for individual to major in when preparing to become a Teacher in middle or high school.

An individual who doesn’t major in education but a specialized field such as mathematics or English can enter an educational program after attaining their bachelor’s degree.

These programs are focused on training individuals to build curriculum and lesson plans and then teach them to students in a classroom setting.

You may learn more information about teaching programs in your state by visiting TEACH or Teach for America.

Teachers who work for public schools are required to become licensed in order to enter this profession.

Requirements will vary by state; individuals are encouraged to contact their state for specific licensing requirements.

Candidates with an advanced degree have better job prospects.

Teacher Job Description

Teachers are responsible for preparing lessons, creating curriculum, giving lessons, create and hand out assignments related to a lesson, grade and prepare students for state tests.

Teachers are also responsible for providing classroom management to ensure students are in environment where they are able to learn.

Teachers are experienced in determining students’ strength, skills and abilities and structuring the lesson plans and assignments to accommodate how students are progressing.

They must follow state regulations to make sure that topics are taught at the required educational level.

They must also prepare their students to take state tests that assess students in a variety of topics at their grade level.

Teacher Salary and Career Path

Wages for Teachers will depend on a variety of factors including location, educational background and educational level they are teaching.

Elementary, middle school and high school teachers all earn different amounts.

In 2012, the median wage for Kindergarten and Elementary school teachers was approximately $53,090 per year.

That same year, Middle school Teachers earned a median salary of $53,430 per year while High School Teachers earned an annual median wage of approximately $55,050.

The job outlook for Teachers will also depend on the level that they teach.

High school teachers can expect a job growth of approximately 6 percent through the year 2022 which is considered a slower than average growth.

Kindergarten, Elementary and Middle school Teachers can expect a job growth of 12 percent through the year 2022.

This growth is considered as fast as average when compared to other professions.

Teachers play a vital role in the classroom providing instruction and guidance to a group of students.

So vital in fact, that the majority of people have memories of their favorite teacher and the life lessons and influence that is created.

Individuals who are preparing for this career have many incentives in entering this field.

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