How to Become a Music Teacher

Music Teachers are professionals who work with school aged individuals to teach them about music, how to play instruments and the appreciation of music.

Music Teachers may teach a variety of academic levels including: kindergarten, elementary, middle school and high school students.

These professionals may also teach different curriculum depending on the level they teach.

Individuals who want to become a Music Teacher will have a passion for teaching, enjoy working with kids and have experience playing musical instruments.

Individuals pursuing this career track will need a combination of personal characteristics, education and a passion for working with kids in order to succeed in this profession.

Education Requirements to Become a Music Teacher

A minimum of bachelor’s degree, state certification and knowledge in music are some common requirements needed to become a Music Teacher.

Individuals who pursue a master’s degree will have better job prospects and will also have the ability find advancement opportunities in teaching or the educational field as a whole.

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Individuals who want to become a Music Teacher will need to have an in depth understanding of music including how to read music and how to play instruments.

Music programs at the postsecondary level are available at the bachelor’s, at the master’s and the doctoral levels.

Individuals have the option to complete a music program at the bachelor’s or the master’s levels and then complete a teacher certification program in order to teach in a public school system.

Typical postsecondary programs include coursework in music theory, musical training and music history.

Individuals also have the option to study a music program at the undergraduate level and then attend a master’s program focusing on education.

A graduate program in education will give individuals the understanding of preparing curriculum and how children learn as well as childhood development and early childhood education.

Individuals can choose either of the previous educational routes in order to become a Music Teacher.

However, all candidates must become certified in their state in order to enter this profession in a public school system.

Certification will vary by state; individuals are encouraged to contact their state for more information.

Music Teacher Job Description

Music Teachers teach school aged children enrolled in kindergarten through the 12th grade the art of music and music appreciation.

Music Teachers will prepare curriculum to help them prepare lessons ahead of time.

Creating a curriculum will also give Music Teachers the general concepts their students need to learn as recommended by their state.

Lessons will be created on a daily or weekly basis depending on the advancement a class is making during the school year.

Music Teachers will make adjustments based on each class’s learning curve.

Music Teachers will also create assessments and tests in order to determine how a class is progressing.

They will grade tests to see how their students are progressing in the musical curriculum.

Music Teachers will also prepare their students for any tests required by their state.

Music Teacher Salary and Career Path

Salary and wages for Music Teachers will depend on a variety of factors including years of experience and the academic level a teacher instructs.

The median wage for kindergarten teachers in 2012 was approximately $50,120 while elementary teachers made a median salary of approximately $53,400 the same year.

While Music Teachers who taught high school students earned a median salary of approximately $55,050 in 2012.

The job outlook for Music Teachers will also depend on the academic level an individual instructs.

Music Teachers pursuing a career in public schools at the kindergarten, elementary and middle school levels can expect a job growth of 12 percent through the year 2022.

This growth is considered average when compared to other professions.

Music Teachers focusing on instructing high school students can expect a job growth of 6 percent through the year 2022, which is considered a slower than average growth when compared to other professions.

A career as a Music Teacher gives individuals the opportunity to use their passion in music and expose the younger generation to a variety of musical genres, instruments and styles.

Individuals with the ability to read and compose music and who love working with children are a perfect fit for this profession.

In addition, individuals who have a career in teaching may also experience high levels of satisfaction because of the growth that children experience during the school year.

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