How Much Does a School Uniform Cost?

The beginning of the school year and the return to school for many parents and students means preparing and buying shoes and clothes for school.

This is one of the topics that is widely discussed to determine what is best for students and schools.

Some argue that school uniforms promote equality learning, that children do not differ based on the cost of clothing.

On the other hand, others claim that uniforms destroy individuality and violate the rights of students and parents.

Regardless of the discussions, the concern of most parents is the cost of school uniforms.

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Average Costs

Most schools in the U.S. do not require school uniforms, but only enforce dress codes and suggest what type of clothing is appropriate for students in the school.

Private schools and other specialized institutions generally require school uniforms of the school administration’s choice.

The price for a standard school uniform is $25 to $200 per outfit, while the price for a school uniform that includes 4-5 combined outfits is $100-$600.

Of course, the price depends on the seller, the quality, and the number of outfits.

According to the National Retail Federation, the average cost of Clothing in 2020 is $234.48, and in 2021 is $253.46.

The average cost of Shoes in 2020 is $149.20, and in 2021 is $161.04.

The basic school uniform includes a jacket, shirt, and pants or skirt, depending on gender.

School uniform pants cost anywhere from $8-$25, depending on the size and brand.

For example:

  • French Toast Boy’s Big Pull-On Relaxed Fit School Uniform Pant costs $12,99,
  • French Toast Girls’ Stretch Contrast Elastic Waist Pull-on Pant costs $16,

Uniform shorts, skirts, or capris, as well as shorts and pants for boys, will be in about the same price range.

The price of the school uniform shirts is in range from $7 to $20.

For example:

  • French Toast Girls’ Short Sleeve Stretch Pique Polo costs $18,80,
  • French Toast Boys’ Long-Sleeve Pique Polo Shirt costs $19,67.

The minimum price of shoes is about $30, although the price can be drastically higher depending on the type of shoes required by the school.

The price of the shoes is added to the total price of the uniform.

School uniforms include certain shoes that vary depending on school standards.

The only requirement is usually that they be plain color dress shoes.

According to StatisticBrain, the annual cost for school uniforms is, on average, $250.

  • Prices for girls:
    • $25 to $50 – Jumper with a short-sleeved blouse,
    • $25 to $50 – Sweater with the jumper,
    • $15 to $35 – Solid Skirt,
    • $15 to $35 – Long-Sleeved Blouse,
    • $15 to $35 – Short-Sleeved Polo.
  • Prices for boys:
    • $33 to $50 – Double-Knee Pants,
    • $35 to $50 – Vest or Sweater,
    • $19 to $30 – Short-Sleeved Polo,
    • $23 to $33 – Long-Sleeved Dress Shirt.

Additional Costs

Additional costs include other items such as socks, hats, coats, and the like.

Prices vary widely by location, ranging from $5 to several hundred dollars, depending on climate, school requirements, and other factors.

For example, a school may require white socks that will cost $5 for 4-6 pairs, while another school requires black socks that are sold individually and each pair costs $2-$3.

If you order online, you need to pay a shipping or handling fee.

Some schools require a specific symbol on their shirts and there is usually an extra charge for this although some companies even include it in the price.

If the clothes don’t fit perfectly, all modifications will be an extra charge.

Plus size clothes cost usually a few dollars extra per item.


Most school uniforms can be found on Amazon for a discounted price.

Some of the stores offer discounts and coupons for frequent customers or you can find some exchange program that is going to allow your child to swap with friends.

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