9 Public Relation Careers for Good Communicators

Public Relation Career

When you think of public relations, what comes to mind?

Most often, people think of the spokesperson for a corporation or government entity.

While this can be true, there are so many roles that someone in public relations can play.

Whatever role you play in public relations, you can guarantee a fast-paced work environment that puts your networking and communication skills to the test.

Read on to find out why you should consider one of these public relations careers.

1. Public Relations Manager

Public Relations Manager

Why Become a Public Relations Manager?

As a public relations manager, you’ll lead a team that shapes the public image of an organization.

Your team will communicate your organization’s mission, values, and programs.

Organization leaders will seek your advice on internal and external communication.

Because of this, you should expect an average annual salary of $132,630.

Finally, it provides a chance to network with the media.

Public Relations Manager Key Stats
Avg. Salary / year$132,800
Avg. Pay / hour$63.85
Education4+ Years

2. Publicist


Why Become a Publicist?

A publicist represents their client to the public through the media.

Basically, a publicist generates press about a public figure, either in traditional or online media.

Of course, you’ll want to highlight good press and downplay bad press.

Being a publicist provides many opportunities to put your writing skills to work.

Also, it creates the opportunity to influence company branding.

Publicist Key Stats
Avg. Salary / year$132,800
Avg. Pay / hour$63.85
Education4+ Years

3. Medical Researcher

Medical Researcher

Why Become a Medical Researcher?

Medical researchers study diseases and other health issues.

The research they conduct provides better treatment and possibly a cure.

To become a medical researcher, you need an advanced degree, which is usually a doctoral degree.

You become a specialist in a particular field of medicine or science.

In addition to conducting research, a medical researcher also publishes articles describing their findings.

Medical researchers earn an average of $82,760 a year.

Medical Researcher Key Stats
Avg. Salary / year$87,820
Avg. Pay / hour$42.22
Education4+ Years

4. Politician


Why Become a Politician?

While most people become politicians because they want to help people, there are other great reasons, as well.

For one thing, politicians make on average $120,260 a year.

This is because politicians bear a heavy responsibility for those they lead.

Because of their public position, politicians stand out in society.

Therefore, people turn to them for guidance.

As a result, they set an example for citizens.

Politician Key Stats
Avg. Salary / year$120,430
Avg. Pay / hour$57.90
Education3-4 Years

5. Publisher


Why Become a Publisher?

A publisher oversees the process of publishing a book.

They select which books get published.

Also, a publisher promotes the book and the author.

Finally, the publisher distributes books to booksellers.

As you can see, a publisher must communicate with many different people within the industry.

In fact, a publisher visibly represents the publishing company.

Because of this, the average yearly salary for a publisher is $48,740.

Publisher Key Stats
Avg. Salary / year$50,930
Avg. Pay / hour$24.49
Education4+ Years

6. Motivational Speaker

Motivational Speaker

Why Become a Motivational Speaker?

As a motivational speaker, you’ll probably be working as an independent contractor.

You get to determine when and where you speak.

During your speaking events, you will influence people and help them become better versions of themselves.

In addition to an average annual salary of $48,740, motivational speakers also get to travel to beautiful locations for speaking engagements.

Also, you can also host online speaking events and work from home if you choose.

Motivational Speaker Key Stats
Avg. Salary / year$50,930
Avg. Pay / hour$24.49
Education1-2 Years

7. News Anchor

News Anchor

Why Become a News Anchor?

News anchors are the recognized faces of a news network.

If you’re a news anchor, people will recognize you wherever you go.

More importantly, they’ll look to you to keep them informed of what’s happening.

When there is an emergency, news anchors need to remain calm and relay accurate information.

As a news anchor, you can expect an average salary of $62,400.

News Anchor Key Stats
Avg. Salary / year$63,230
Avg. Pay / hour$30.40
Education4+ Years

8. News Reporter

News Reporter

Why Become a News Reporter?

As a news reporter, you’ll be on the scene in an emergency.

You’ll get information that you’ll need to share with viewers.

Moreover, you’ll be interviewing interesting people.

If you’re a great reporter, you can win awards.

This will lead to job opportunities in larger markets.

Ultimately, you could find yourself working for a national news program.

As a news reporter, you can expect an average salary of $62,400.

News Reporter Key Stats
Avg. Salary / year$63,230
Avg. Pay / hour$30.40
Education1-2 Years

9. Journalist


Why Become a Journalist?

As a journalist, you have the option of working in various media.

For example, you can work in television, print, or online journalism.

Whatever medium you work in, you’ll be writing news reports.

You’ll be seen as a knowledgeable person.

Therefore, people will turn to you for information.

As a journalist, you can average a yearly salary of $62,400.

Journalist Key Stats
Avg. Salary / year$63,230
Avg. Pay / hour$30.40
Education4+ Years

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