19 Pros and Cons of Working for Taco Bell

Are you thinking about working for Taco Bell?

With more than 7,000 locations across the U.S., Taco Bell is a leading employer in many parts of the country.

Not only does Taco Bell have a wide range of job opportunities, but the company provides its employees with a variety of benefits.

Read on to learn about the benefits and the drawbacks of taking a job at Taco Bell. 

The Pros of Working with Taco Bell 

1. Flexible Hours

Taco Bell restaurants are open late, which allows them to accommodate a wide range of schedules.

Working at Taco Bell is an excellent option for parents and students that aren’t able to work a traditional nine-to-five job.

Employees are able to choose shifts that fit with their schedules and adapt their work hours to meet their changing needs.

Taco Bell even offers benefits like flex-day Friday throughout the year!

2. Paid Holidays

Taco Bell employees receive compensation for up to nine paid holidays per year, along with an additional floating holiday.

This makes it easier for employees to spend holidays with their loved ones.

Taco Bell also offers employees up to two paid volunteer days and the opportunitity to earn time off for milestone events, like anniversaries.

3. Great Benefits

Taco Bell provides medical, vision, and dental benefits, and these benefits begin on the first day of employment.

The company also gives employees access to flexible spending accounts that can be used to cover health care costs or expenses associated with dependant care.

Employees also receive basic life insurance and have the option to purchase additional coverage.

4. Tuition Reimbursement

The Taco Bell Guild program provides students with tuition discounts and reimbursement, allowing workers to pursue higher education without taking on excessive debt.

Guild program participants can consult with an academic advisor that can answer questions and provide valuable guidance.

Not only does the program offer reimbursement for college tuition, but it provides access to free GED certification programs. 

5. Access to Career Development Programs

The Taco Bell Craveable Careers Program helps employees develop valuable skills and work towards their professional goals.

Participants in the program have access to numerous on-site benefits, including childcare and access to laundry facilities.

The program is an excellent opportunity for employees that want to build a long-term career at Taco Bell. 

6. 401(k) with Reimbursement

Taco Bell’s 401(k) program makes it easier for workers to save money for retirement.

The company offers a 6% matching contribution for investments, which helps workers to increase their retirement savings.

Preparing for retirement can be difficult, but the convenient 401(k) program at Taco Bell helps to ensure that workers are prepared for the future.

7. Free Food and Drinks

Most Taco Bell locations provide employees with free food and beverages during their shift.

This benefit helps workers reduce meal costs and gives them the energy they need when they’re on the job.

While policies vary between restaurants, many locations also provide workers with free snacks during their shift.

Some locations also offer employees discounts on food when they’re not working. 

8. Recognition Programs

Taco Bell strives to provide recognition to employees that do exceptional work.

The company has a number of awards programs and gives employees opportunities to earn additional benefits, like bonuses and additional paid time off.

Employees that have received awards are more likely to be considered for career development programs that can increase their earning potential. 

9. Valuable Skill-Building

While it’s common for employees to receive training when they start a new job, Taco Bell provides ongoing training for its employees, giving them the opportunity to build and develop essential skills.

Working at Taco Bell is a way to gain customer service and teamwork experience, which are qualities that many employers look for.

In addition to building skills on the job, some employees may be invited to participate in advanced training programs. 

10. Inclusive Workforce

Taco Bell has a highly diverse workforce and employs workers from many backgrounds.

The company provides opportunities for workers that may have limited job opportunities, such as people that don’t have work experience and people that aren’t fluent in English.

Working at Taco Bell gives employees a chance to build experience so that they can move on to other opportunities. 

The Cons of Working for Taco Bell

1. Low Pay

One of the biggest disadvantages of working at Taco Bell is the compensation.

While pay varies based on many factors, including the position and restaurant location, the average wages at Taco Bell are below the national average.

Taco Bell doesn’t offer annual raises to its employees, which means experienced workers could earn less than new employees. 

2. Workers Don’t Receive Paid Breaks 

Taco Bell employees are required to clock out when they take a meal break, which means that workers aren’t compensated for their entire shift.

The lack of paid breaks is a source of stress for many employees, and some workers are reluctant to take the breaks they’re entitled to.

In some locations, workers may have to work longer shifts so that they can maintain full-time employee status.

3. High-Stress Work Environment

Working at Taco Bell can be extremely stressful, especially during busier hours.

Taco Bell is a fast-paced work environment, and long lines are common at many locations.

During late night shifts, employees may be asked to work alone.

Since employees have to stay on their feet for their entire shift, working at this fast food restaurant can also be physically demanding.

4. Limited Opportunities for Advancement

While Taco Bell does have a career advancement program, opportunities are limited, and many workers are unable to take advantage of the program.

Experienced workers may have to transfer to a new location in to pursue management opportunities.

Some workers are able to build a satisfiying career at Taco Bell, but others may be shut out of opportunities for growth.

5. Strict Employee Metrics

Taco Bell expects employees to serve customers quickly and tracks the amount of time it takes to serve each customer.

Workers report that these metrics are extremely demanding, and it can be difficult to meet them when a store is understaffed.

It can be difficult for workers to consistently serve customers at a high speed, and many employees report that the internal metrics are a source of on-the-job stress.

6. Workers Have to Wear a Uniform

All Taco Bell crew members are required to wear a uniform when on the job.

According to the Taco Bell employee handbook, the uniform must be clean and wrinkle-free during shifts.

Workers often get their uniforms dirty when they’re on the job, and some employees may have to do laundry more frequently so that they can meet the restaurant’s standards.

7. Popular Products Sell Out Quickly

Taco Bell is known for offering limited-time menu items, like the Enchirito or the Volcano Taco.

These items are extremely popular, and many restaurants run out of them quickly.

Taco Bell employees report that many customers are upset or irate when they’re unable to order a limited item.

Workers must also learn how to prepare any new items that Taco Bell adds to the menu, which can make the job more stressful. 

8. High Turnover Rate

Like many fast food eateries, Taco Bell restaurants have a high turnover rate.

As a result, many restaurants are understaffed, and workers may be expected to work longer hours to make up for staffing shortages.

In addition to their normal job duties, workers may be expected to provide training for new employees while they’re working. 

9. Some Restaurants Have Poor Management

Since Taco Bell is a franchisor, the experiences that workers have can vary greatly from one restaurant to the next.

Employees that work at a well-managed restaurant usually have a positive experience, but working at a restaurant with poor management can be very difficult.

Some workers report issues like chronic understaffing or inconsistent scheduling. 

19 Pros and Cons of Working for Taco Bell – Summary Table

The Pros of Working with Taco BellThe Cons of Working for Taco Bell
1. Flexible Hours1. Low Pay
2. Paid Holidays2. Workers Don't Receive Paid Breaks
3. Great Benefits3. High-Stress Work Environment
4. Tuition Reimbursement4. Limited Opportunities for Advancement
5. Access to Career Development Programs5. Strict Employee Metrics
6. 401(k) with Reimbursement6. Workers Have to Wear a Uniform
7. Free Food and Drinks7. Popular Products Sell Out Quickly
8. Recognition Programs8. High Turnover Rate
9. Valuable Skill-Building9. Some Restaurants Have Poor Management
10. Inclusive Workforce

Should You Work for Taco Bell?

It’s important to consider your needs and expecations if you’re interested in working at Taco Bell.

Taco Bell has an impressive benefits package and is a fantastic option for people with demanding schedules.

However, some employees may struggle to deal with the low pay and the stresses of the job.

If you’re looking for flexibility, and you don’t mind working in a fast-paced environment, a job at Taco Bell could be an excellent option for you.

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