14 Pros and Cons of Working for Raytheon Technologies

From North Carolina to Great Britain, Raytheon Technologies is a multinational defense and aerospace conglomerate that provides advanced technologies and intelligence services worldwide.

Arlington, Virginia, just outside Washington, D.C., is Raytheon Technologies’ primary headquarters and incorporates divisions of aircraft manufacturer Pratt & Whitney and Collins Aerospace.

These three companies together manufacture aircraft engines and aerostructures and design cybersecurity technology. 

Part of the aerospace landscape for over 100 years, Raytheon Technologies is an innovator.

Among its numerous successes is artificial intelligence that aids the military and long-range navigation.

Further away from Earth’s atmosphere, advanced propulsion (rockets), electric research, and thermal management may one day be used on the Moon or Mars.

Much of the company’s current research involves sustainability in the form of zero-carbon-emission aircraft engines for commercial and military applications.

Raytheon Technologies also researches and manufactures guided missiles, comprehensive air defense systems, communications satellites, and drones at one of its nine locations.

Working for Raytheon Technologies can signal the start of a strong career.

Proud of its talented and dedicated workforce, the company offers many opportunities, resources, and the training needed to succeed.

Pros of Working for Raytheon Technologies

1. Job Security

Initially named the American Appliance Company, it was founded by engineer Laurance Marshall in 1922 as part of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology campus.

Today, Raytheon Technologies is a large company with a stable business, affording its roughly 185,000 employees, positioned in over five countries, job security, and stability. 

2. Competitive Compensation

To attract the best and the most passionate workforce, a company must offer exceptional compensation and benefits.

Raytheon Technologies offers competitive salaries (some of the highest in the industry) and benefits.

Depending on position and experience, there may also be education stipends, common stock, generous healthcare packages, comprehensive retirement plans, and employee development programs.

3. Career Advancement Opportunities

Raytheon Technologies has campuses in six states in the USA:

Arizona, Virginia, North Carolina, Connecticut, California, and Iowa, and four international sites, including Australia, Canada, Great Britain, and Saudi Arabia.

At any of these locations and divisions, there are also many training programs and mentorships to help expand an individual’s skills and knowledge.

With so many options, numerous opportunities for employees to advance their careers through internal transfers and promotions are created.

4. Challenging Work

Raytheon Technologies is involved in cutting-edge projects that require innovative thinking and technical expertise.

Passion rules the day at this global corporation.

Most employees find comradery and enjoyment surrounded by talented colleagues dedicated to solving Earth’s problems and finding solutions that affect people personally and globally.

5. Meaningful Work 

Raytheon Technologies is a leader in aerospace and defense technology.

It is celebrated for designing projects that make the world safer.

Some unique designs emerging from Raytheon Technologies include one of the astronaut space suits used in over 200 spacewalks, also known as Extravehicular Activities (EVAs).

The company is also responsible for more accurate weather prediction by designing advanced climatological and global monitoring satellites.

Understanding and predicting the weather can mean saving lives, helping farmers, and understanding climate change.

Raytheon is also a competitor in the growing industry of laser mapping satellites, commonly known as LIDAR.

This unique technology has been used to map ancient rivers and discover lost pyramids.

Another group at Raytheon Technologies works on GPS-OCX standards and rockets for spaceflight.

Working on such projects for the safety and advancement of humankind can be very rewarding.

6. Positive Work Environment 

Raytheon Technologies has a culture of collaboration.

This teamwork made the creative accomplishments of the 20th and 21st centuries possible.

One of the most cited benefits of working for Raytheon Technologies is the comprehensive training opportunities.

It is offered to all employees as a career development program.

According to employee surveys, the company is a positive and inclusive workplace. 

7. Diverse Workforce 

According to its website, Raytheon Technologies values diversity and inclusion and encourages a culture of collaboration.

The 100-year-old company believes strongly in ongoing training and education.

It provides internships in all departments, from marketing to engineering.

And it offers a variety of opportunities from test pilots to aerospace engineers.

This dedication to the Raytheon family makes it an excellent workplace for people from diverse backgrounds.

But, working for an established aerospace and defense company with a global footprint has some drawbacks despite the countless positives.

And many aspects of corporate life may alter an individual’s predetermined career goals.

Here are some potential downsides of working for Raytheon Technologies or one of its partners.

Cons of Working for Raytheon Technologies

1. High Pressure

 Working in the aerospace and defense industry can be intense.

Raytheon Technologies employees and its partners often work on critical projects with tight deadlines.

Employees may be expected to be on-call during a project in case of errors or emergencies.

Another downside may be the push to succeed.

The stakes are high when dealing with commercial and military engines or aerospace design, and many lives could be counting on the design.

2. Bureaucracy 

Raytheon Technologies can sometimes be bureaucratic as a large corporation, causing decision-making and project execution to be slower than smaller, more agile companies.

As a major supplier of goods and services to the United States government, Ratheon Technologies is often hindered by Federal, State, and contractual obligations.

Another aspect of a large publicly traded company is the concern about shareholder involvement.

Raytheon Technologies (RTX) joined the New York Stock Exchange in 1952, exposing itself and its counterparts to economic, political, and business forces.

3. Unpredictable Daily Schedules

The aerospace industry is a demanding profession.

Employees work long hours, including weekends and holidays, and forego vacations until a project is complete.

This competitive environment results in innovative designs and unique discoveries.

However, it can drastically and negatively impact work-life balance.

4. Ethical Considerations 

Raytheon Technologies is a defense contractor, meaning some employees may have ethical concerns about the company’s involvement in specific projects or collaborations.

Sustainability on Earth and in space is a significant part of Raytheon Technologies’ portfolio.

However, the company also designs and manufactures electronic propulsion and zero-carbon emission engines for multi-generation fighter jet and commercial airliner applications.

In fact, Raytheon Technologies is committed to a Federal 2050 deadline for fossil-based designs.

5. Security Clearances 

Many positions at Raytheon Technologies require security clearances.

From Publix Trust to Top Sexret. Qualifying for a security clearance is lengthy and expensive.

The average time needed for a basic clearance is six to eight weeks.

And depending on the level sought, these background checks can be invasive for employees, their families, and friends.

The most basic is the generalized background check process, usually begun during the hiring process. 

6. Advanced education and training requirements 

Raytheon Technologies, Pratt & Whitney, and Collins Aerospace are staffed with talented individuals.

Most of its designers and engineers have advanced degrees and specialized training.

Other public-facing departments may not require a graduate degree, but these companies have high standards and higher expectations.

And as technology and policy evolve, everyone is encouraged to embrace skill development and advanced training.

7. Strict Security Protocols 

Raytheon Technologies has strict security protocols to protect sensitive information as a defense contractor.

These include initial and ongoing background checks, personnel control, data encryption, and highly visible physical security.

But a high level of security and access to control sections and systems can be frustrating when employees forget their passwords, badges, or encryption keys.

14 Pros and Cons of Working for Raytheon Technologies – Summary Table

Pros of Working for Raytheon TechnologiesCons of Working for Raytheon Technologies
1. Job Security1. High Pressure
2. Competitive Compensation2. Bureaucracy
3. Career Advancement Opportunities3. Unpredictable Daily Schedules
4. Challenging Work4. Ethical Considerations
5. Meaningful Work5. Security Clearances
6. Positive Work Environment6. Advanced education and training requirements
7. Diverse Workforce7. Strict Security Protocols

Should You Work for Raytheon Technologies?

Humans have dreamed of flying long before the industrial revolution.

And to many, a challenging and rewarding career in aerospace and defense at a company like Raytheon Technologies may be the perfect fit.

But to others, the company’s defensive applications may be a deterrent, even though this massive company is also developing ways to colonize space and provide sustainable energy.

Whether or not you should work for Raytheon Technologies depends on what you want – your unique circumstances and career goals.

When researching Raytheon Technologies, weigh the position’s pros and cons before deciding.

You may want to consider other options if long hours or a secretive environment proves less than appealing.

But if you want guaranteed time off to hike the Grand Canyon or ski the slopes of Whistler, high-pressure positions may not be a good fit.

Ultimately, a career at a large global company is an excellent first step toward an aerospace, engineering, and defense career.

Whether it’s for a short-term project or a lifelong career, Raytheon Technologies’ strong reputation, generous compensation, innovative culture, and commitment to its employees can help you build a successful future.

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