13 Pros and Cons of Working for Quest Diagnostics

As the leading worldwide provider of medical diagnostic services, Quest Diagnostics employs nearly 50,000 people, including over 650 MDs and Ph.Ds.

The company offers eleven career areas: phlebotomy, clinical laboratory, specimen processing, transportation/logistics, customer/client services, on-call/per diem positions, sales/marketing, corporate functions, medical/scientific/R&D, and internships.

Moreover, Quest Diagnostics Nichols Institute Worldwide has offices in 50 countries, including Canada, México, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, the Dominican Republic, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, England, France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, Guam, Australia, and New Zealand.

Pros of Working for Quest Diagnostics

1. Remote Positions

Quest Diagnostics offers remote positions for Data Analysts and Leads, Senior 401(k) Analysts, and Regulatory Affairs II Specialists.

There are also openings for Senior Software Engineers, Managers of Genetic Testing Privacy, Business Development Specialists, Senior Product Owners, and Medical Talent Acquisition Partners, among other positions.

In addition, Procurement Category Specialists have a hybrid work option.

2. Easy Application Process

First, register for job alerts from Quest Diagnostics.

Then, when a position interests you, apply online and await your follow-up phone interview.

Next, take a written skills assessment. 

If you pass and they decide you are a good fit for the position, you will undergo a background check, drug test, and reference verification.

The entire process can take thirty days, so exercise patience.

3. Secaucus, New Jersey

If an administrative position suits your ambitions, you might consider working at the worldwide company headquarters in Secaucus, New Jersey.

The town has a walkability score of 83 out of 100.

Secaucus lies in Hudson County, and the Hudson County Office of Cultural and Heritage Affairs/Tourism Development provides information on the amenities in the area.

The 6.5 square-mile town lies one mile from Met-Life Stadium, where you can watch the New York Giants and Jets play football.

In addition, thoroughbred racing and harness racing enthusiasts can watch their favorite horses at the Meadowlands Racetrack.

Families can head to DreamWorks Water ParkNickelodeon Universe Theme ParkBig Snow Indoor Ski and Snow Park, the 285-foot-tall Skyviews of America Dream WheelLego Discovery CenterThe Rink — an NHL-size ice rink, and the Blacklight and Angry Birds 18-hole miniature golf courses.

Secaucus’ average temperature ranges between lows in the 20s in December through February to highs in the 80s in July and August.

In addition to the summer heat, July is the wettest month: averaging 10.7 rainy days.

The Hackensack River borders the town, meandering along more than half the town’s perimeter.

Consequently, 18 percent of all properties have a 26 percent risk of flooding.

4. Borough of Collegeville, Pennsylvania

Quest Diagnostics has a secondary administrative office in the Borough of Collegeville, PA.

Its population of 40,000 in the region includes 5200 people living within the current 1.6 square-mile Borough limits. 

Inside a five-mile radius, however, nearly 100,000 people occupy the area.

Attractions and events include the annual Collegeville Fire Company Annual Main Street Car Show, which takes place in August.

Contact event hosts Lisa Parker Rush or Jeffrey Wentworth for details about upcoming shows.

Collegeville is home to Ursinus College. 

The school offers more than 60 areas of study, including business, entrepreneurship, African American and Africana Studies, medicine, the arts, media, law, teaching, and research.

Author J.D. Salinger, of Catcher in the Rye fame, attended Ursinus in 1938.

5. Salaries

Phlebotomists at Quest Diagnostics can expect an average hourly wage of $18.20, which matches the national average.

However, wages in some regions can run as low as $9.20 or as high as $28.50. 

In addition, as of 02/10/2023, the company offers a sign-on bonus of $1500 for external hires.

Nationally, phlebotomists earn the highest wages in California.

If administrative positions suit your education and experience, Senior Program Managers at Quest Diagnostics can make an average salary of $141,955 annually. 

This generous salary runs 17 percent above the national average.

Moreover, senior program managers also earn the most in California.

Clinical Laboratory Scientists at Quest Diagnostics earn $41.80 per hour, which runs 20 percent higher than the national average.

However, in California, as with other positions, Clinical Laboratory Scientists make up to 56 percent above the national average at other companies.

Consequently, don’t sell yourself short. Your salary offer should reflect the company median at the very least.

6. Blueprint for Wellness and Healthy Minds

The Blueprint for Wellness program allows you and your spouse or domestic partner to have annual screenings to identify health risks and create plans to address them.

In addition, the Healthy Minds program provides in-person, individual, and family therapy, digital mental health tools, and long-term support for acute and chronic mental health problems.

7. Financial Benefits

Quest Diagnostics provides a dollar-for-dollar 401(K) match of up to five percent of your salary. 

Additionally, discounted stock purchases and annual incentive bonuses make the already-generous salaries at Quest Diagnostics even better.

Cons of Working for Quest Diagnostics

Despite all the positives, the company does have a few serious issues.

For example, the disparity between how the Business Development department views the company’s retention efforts contrasts heavily with the fact that 100 percent of employees said they would leave the company if offered a 20 percent raise somewhere else.

In addition, women do not view the company as favorably as men.

1. High Turnover

Customer Service and Admin employees comprise the groups most likely to leave the company, and only 50 percent of Quest Diagnostics employees believe the company does enough to make them want to stay.

In addition, the longer employees have worked for the company, the lower the scores they provide regarding retention efforts.

Twenty-five percent do not believe they have job security, and 100 percent reported receiving constructive feedback regarding job improvement needs once a year.

2. Burnout

Sixty-seven percent of employees reported feeling burned out.

Phlebotomists at Quest Diagnostics reported being chronically short-staffed, for example.

Nevertheless, only 37 percent of Quest Diagnostics employees reported not feeling excited about their jobs.

However, seventy-five percent said they do not feel challenged in their current roles.

The company could remedy this issue by cross-training personnel in leadership roles.

3. Low, Slow Raises

According to employee reviews at Glassdoor and Indeed, raises at Quest Diagnostics do not keep pace with inflation.

Typical annual raises would be three percent, but consumer prices have risen 9.1 percent between June 30, 2021, and 2022, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Consequently, some employees feel their pay has been effectively cut.

More significant or frequent raises would make employees happier and increase retention rates among tenured staff.

4. Work/Life Balance

Despite having PTO accrual, it happens slowly.

Several employee reviews cite that students and parents do not feel supported.

In addition, the company does not provide leave for fathers and adoptive family members.

Finally, although maternity leave is provided, many managers do a poor job of helping pregnant employees feel comfortable taking it.

5. Insufficient Staffing

Numerous employee reviews point to serious staffing issues.

The failure to hire sufficient staff contributes directly to staff burnout ratios.

The company does offer hiring bonuses and provides 17 to 20 percent higher pay, but even these efforts have failed to recruit and retain enough workers.

In addition, insufficient staff lowers customer service ratings.

Poor staffing ratios also lead to employees being berated for situations not under their control, such as wait times to be seen and specimen dropoff procedures that make customers wait in line for extended periods.

6. Unrealistic Expectations for Drivers and Logistics Workers

Numerous drivers reported that they felt pressured to drive faster than they thought was safe and were required to pick up too many lab samples in too little time.

Additionally, many reported not being paid for mileage or wear and tear on their vehicles.

Several drivers left the company due to what they saw as continued unsafe expectations.

Several drivers also cited the use of the Smith driving system, which was invented in 1952.

Since highway speeds, vehicle safety features, body weights, and composition have changed drastically since 1952, the Smith system needs updates.

In addition, although the five rules still apply, distractions such as cell phone use did not exist in 1952.

13 Pros and Cons of Working for Quest Diagnostics – Summary Table

Pros of Working for Quest DiagnosticsCons of Working for Quest Diagnostics
1. Remote Positions1. High Turnover
2. Easy Application Process2. Burnout
3. Secaucus, New Jersey3. Low, Slow Raises
4. Borough of Collegeville, Pennsylvania4. Work/Life Balance
5. Salaries5. Insufficient Staffing
6. Blueprint for Wellness and Healthy Minds6. Unrealistic Expectations for Drivers and Logistics Workers
7. Financial Benefits

Should You Work for Quest Diagnostics?

Quest Diagnostics has a lot to offer with above-average payscales, signing bonuses for new employees, a five-percent 401 (k) match, and annual wellness exams for employees and significant others.

In addition, the potential to work in 50 different nations makes the company very attractive to employees who wish to expand their understanding of other countries and cultures.

Quest Diagnostics offers eleven career areas, with opportunities to work remotely, hybrid, and in-office.

On the downside, the company’s high turnover rate might be a red flag for some potential hires.

In addition, low staffing rates, driver safety issues, and a lack of challenge in some company roles also caused staff members to leave the company.

The application process is simple: 

First, register for job alerts.

Then, when a position interests you, apply online and await your follow-up phone interview.

After that, you will take a written skills assessment.

Finally, if you are a good fit for the position, you will undergo a background check, drug test, and reference verification.

The entire process can take thirty days, so exercise patience.

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