14 Pros and Cons of Working for Netflix

What started as an innovative alternative to trips to the video rental store, Netflix has turned into a worldwide cultural phenomenon.

Recently, the streaming giant announced it was ending its DVD rental by mail service.

Many people had no idea this was even an option.

But this is where Netflix got its foot in the door.

In 1997, they made it easier, cheaper, and less stressful to rent movies.

You simply put your order in and soon after your viewing choices will arrive in the mail.

Soon after, kiosks called “Red Boxes” began popping up all over the country in supermarkets and strip malls.

Now you could just get a movie as easily as you could a Snickers out of a vending machine.

In 2006, they launched the Netflix we all know today.

An online streaming service, where subscribers could watch whatever they like, from movies to documentaries, commercial-free, at a fraction of the price of cable.

Over the years, it’s grown into a media powerhouse that includes original smash hit series like Stranger Things and The Crown.

They’ve made deals with top talent like Adam Sandler and Dave Chapelle to produce original content.

As of 2023, Netflix has 232.5 million subscribers worldwide.

Through the years, they’ve given us award-winning shows, helped us get through a pandemic lockdown, and helped with many a date night.

This is all great for customers, but what’s it like to work for Netflix?

Below we explore the pros and cons of working for this mega company.

Pros of Working for Netflix

1. Salary

The bottom line is, Netflix pays its employees very well.

The average salaries range from $72,400 (for a benefits analyst) to $380,000 (for a regional manager), while other positions pay even more.

This far exceeds their industry competitors.

They offer an excellent base salary to new employees in order to attract the best talent.

Raises are given to the majority of workers each year to retain their talent and keep motivation high.

2. Benefits

Netflix offers some pretty nifty benefits aside from the usual medical insurance, (which includes dental, vision, and mental health).

The company offers financial assistance for employees looking to start families.

They help with the cost of adoption, fertility treatments, and surrogacy.

On-site daycare is available on most campuses, and help with childcare costs is also given.

Employees also get 10 days of paid backup/emergency care for children, elderly parents, and even pets!

If you work at the streaming service, you are also given primary and non-primary caregiver leave, as well as a year of maternity leave.

As for retirement, the company will match your 401K plan.

3. Free Food

Who doesn’t like free food?

Netflix knows the answer is everyone and comes through with free breakfast and lunch for all employees, 5 days a week, and we’re not talking coffee and donuts.

According to employees, there’s a wide variety of choices for all lifestyles.

From vegan to heart healthy to delicious fresh baked goods, you’ll never go hungry working at Netflix.

Unlimited snacks and drinks are also free throughout the day.

4. Flexibility

Netflix gives many of its employees the option to work remotely and hybrid.

There’s also no rigid schedule or set hours for many positions.

The thinking is, as long as the work is completed, there’s no sense in sitting around twiddling your thumbs.

This is great for people with families or folks who may be working on their own creative endeavors outside of work.

5. Unlimited Paid Time Off

Part of Netflix’s appeal is that they give their employees autonomy.

Workers are expected to take initiative and be self-starters.

There’s not much micro managing going on.

Therefore, the company allows for unlimited paid time off whether you’re ill, going on vacation, or need some mental health days.

Of course, you are expected to have projects completed and are responsible for finding coverage while you’re away.

This is a great perk for everyone to help maintain a good work/life balance.

6. Work Climate

Most employees say they appreciate the positive climate Netflix tries to maintain.

They have a strict transparency and communication policy.

This means that everyone knows what everyone else is up to (professionally) and all employees are kept updated on any company issues.

It’s encouraged that everyone provides feedback and report any negative behaviors they see or experience.

The company is also often applauded for its policy of inclusion, ensuring a balanced workforce that can contribute to a constant flow of new ideas.

Most employees have stated they feel safe and heard at the company, and any complaints are taken seriously.

7. Other Perks

While they no longer offer free subscriptions to employees, Netflix does offer some other perks that make it a great place to work.

Employees get company phones and discounts on other phone plans.

Uber and Lyft are fully paid for going to and from work.

Gym discounts are available to everyone.

On site you’ll find a medical clinic, a mother’s room, fitness classes, and even an employee mall.

Cons of Working at Netflix

1. Culture Of Fear

Some employees have reported that they live in fear of being fired for things that have nothing to do with job performance.

While some say it’s because of fickle managers that simply stopped liking them, others accuse the company of firing them because their politics don’t align with the company.

There have been employees that have stated they were let go because they disagreed with certain programs or because they openly protested certain shows.

This type of culture can lead to stress and burnout.

2. Onboarding And Transition

While the ability to work without constant constraints and managers on your every move, some employees wish there was a bit more support and direction from management.

This comes especially from new hires that say there’s not much training given or specific job requirements.

This can make life stressful and challenging, leaving people to guess at their job.

3. Threatening Job Security

One of the positives of Netflix is their level of transparency and taking feedback seriously.

But there is a flip side to that.

Employees can expect to get feedback, often publicly, in what are called “feedback meetings”.

Some workers have said these are intense gatherings where employees are berated for their performance and jobs are regularly threatened.

This leads to feelings of embarrassment, inadequacy, and walking on eggshells.

4. No Pension

While this is fairly common at most companies these days, Netflix does not offer a pension plan for their employees.

They will match a 401K plan, but nothing quite compares to the good old-fashioned security of a pension.

5. Emotionally And Mentally Draining

Working at Netflix is without a doubt exciting.

It’s fast paced, expectations are super high, everyone is competing to deliver the next great idea.

While this is great for the company and the customers, it can take its toll on the employees.

Some employees report that they feel they can never do well enough or be creative enough.

Because they hire only top level talent, some people say they often lose confidence when compared to their coworkers. 

6. Lack Of Promotion

Netflix typically hires people for specific roles, so there’s not really much room for promotion unless you’re in a management position.

To make matters worse, if your position is no longer needed, there are no transfers or reorganization of your duties.

You will be given a nice severance package and let go.

This may not be a great option for folks who like to move up the ladder or who want to stay in a job for the long term. 

7. Layoffs Based On The Platforms Performance

In 2022, Netflix laid off over 300 employees due to a decline in subscriptions.

Though layoffs are common in many industries, it seems more fragile in the streaming world, as it’s all based on customer satisfaction.

It’s difficult, in this day and age, to keep everyone happy all the time.

One false move, or in this case, an unpopular show can cause cancelations, complaints, even boycotts and protests.

That makes it all the more important for employees to create content that appeals to everyone.

Netflix is currently making some unpopular decisions with their subscription plans.

This will likely lead to more cancellations and, in turn, more layoffs. 

14 Pros and Cons of Working for Netflix – Summary Table

Pros Of Working For NetflixCons Of Working For Netflix
1. Salary1. Culture Of Fear
2. Benefits2. Onboarding And Transition
3. Free Food3. Threatening Job Security
4. Flexibility4. No Pension
5. Unlimited Paid Time Off5. Emotionally And Mentally Draining
6. Work Climate6. Lack Of Promotion
7. Other Perks7. Layoffs Based On The Platforms Performance

Should You Work For Netflix?

Overall, Netflix is a good place to work, provided you are the right fit.

Qualities a good employee will have include, a strong work ethic, ability to think outside the box, creativity, flexibility, and the ability to be a team player.

You should also be able to take constructive criticism and not take things personally.

If you can do this, you’ll be rewarded with a top tier salary, great benefits, and terrific perks like fresh, delicious food.

The competition is stiff for employment at Netflix.

But if you think you have what it takes, definitely throw your hat in the ring. 

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