14 Pros and Cons of Working for Longhorn Steakhouse

Longhorn Steakhouse is a casual Texas-themed steak and potato eatery.

George W. McKerrow founded his dream restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1981.

From its first sizzling ribeye, this traditional steakhouse, with a jeans-and-boots-atmosphere, quickly became a Southern icon.

Longhorn Steakhouse is an integral brand for Darden Restaurants, Inc., And it is headquartered in the central Florida city of Orlando.

The Capital Grille, Seasons52, and the Olive Garden are other familiar restaurants under this famous moniker.

The southeastern conglomerate has grown steadily since its inception and currently operates over 579 company-based restaurants throughout the United States, generating nearly $2.5 billion annually.

According to the job site Indeed, this best-in-class steak joint rates 3.9 out of 5, based on over 36,000 anonymous employee reviews.

And over half would recommend the Longhorn Steakhouse as a diverse place to work.

Pros of Working for Longhorn Steakhouse

As a family and celebratory restaurant, opportunities at Longhorn Steakhouse range from entry-level servers to location managers.

For those looking for a more corporate atmosphere, almost 184,000 women and men work in Orlando.

So, whether you think of yourself as a budding chef, quintessential server, or next chairperson, there are many Pros to working for Longhorn Steakhouse. 

Easy money

According to Zippia’s business site, pay at Longhorn Steakhouse is higher than some of its other brands.

Its starting salary is also higher than comparably-sized chain restaurants.

A customer service host’s average hourly pay is $11.84, while a line cook rakes in $16 hourly.

A restaurant manager’s salary hovers around $49,700 annually.

And a surprising 56% of employees, with over 8,099 ratings, think the beef giant’s pay rates are fair.

Also, something to note. Most restaurant locations include a form of tip sharing, roughly 2% of shift sales.

And geography affects pay rates.

Interview process

 Getting hired at your favorite chophouse is relatively simple.

Over 75% of current employees labeled the interview process as plain; easy to navigate.

Restaurant managers will peruse your resume for some restaurant experience.

But they will also be impressed by your military background or other activities that indicate a dependable employee.

Luckily, they value a willingness to learn.


 Over 58% of the steak giant’s workforce is female.

Unfortunately, only 38% of corporate positions have women at the helm.

Worker diversity hovers around 37%.

This focus on inclusivity is a core factor in the Tex-western giant’s corporate success.

Surprisingly, Longhorn Steakhouse employees remain in their positions for approximately 3.8 years. 

Global citizenship

 Darden Restaurants support sustainable food sourcing and farming.

There are over one million meals served daily at more than 1,850 locations.

So the restaurant group recognizes the need to reduce climate volatility.

Food stability is paramount for all restaurants, depending on abundant natural resources, clean, renewable water, land conservation, and waste management.

It has fueled local charities with more than $100 million.

Unsurprisingly, its primary focus is the alleviation of hunger.

Starting at the top

 Darden Restaurants are first in the multi-brand restaurant wars – beating out Yum!

Brands and Wendy’s Company.

If you are looking to apply, there are a few age restrictions.

Applicants must be at least 16 years old for host/hostess and buser positions.

If you want to be a manager or bartender, you must be 18 or 21.

But after your 18th birthday, raises, bonuses, and promotions are fair game.  

Flexible Schedules

 Restaurants are prized positions because they offer schedule flexibility.

Longhorn Steakhouse is no different.

Employees value their ability to craft flexible work schedules.

And most Longhorn Steakhouses offer mid-morning to late evening shifts.

This is a great help when you must juggle caregiving duties, school, or even a second job.

Fantastic perks

 Free food rules according to employee comments on the Zippia site.

But besides the daily ribeye and cheesecake, staff perks focus on well-being, beginning with impressive health, life, and dental policies.

Stock options and 401k matching are available, as is bonus pay for certain positions. 

When job hunting, take every application and interview seriously.

Yes, combing the job sites is challenging.

And a good resume doesn’t write itself while you stream the newest season of Survivor.

But a little bit of effort will keep you from applying to a company that is incompatible with your career goals, personal values, or financial needs. 

So while Longhorn Steakhouse may be the perfect entry-level position for keto lovers, some shortcomings exist.

But if you crave sizzling filets and loaded baked potatoes, start your job journey with some research.

Cons of Working for Longhorn Steakhouse

Longhorn Steakhouse is undeniably the king of cutlets.

But not all companies suit all people.


 Most employees last three and a half years.

And depending on location, a restaurant’s turnover can reach epic proportions.

Most skilled cocktail artists or superior entree devotees will agree that even the best restaurant conditions are highly stressful.

Workers are asked to enthusiastically combine stellar customer service with pitch-perfect memory.

But team members burn out, contributing to a corporate-wide 68% turnover rate and a 13% changing of the guard for management.

So, if you prefer a more unfettered environment, then ten hours of slinging steak will not be your gig.

Lack of Promotion

Longhorn Steakhouse is obviously part of a large corporate conglomerate with numerous policies.

Unfortunately, this managerial environment leads to promotional roadblocks.

Comments imply that employees who have demonstrated skills beyond entry-level positions are kept firm due to a restaurant’s inability to replace top-notch workers when promoted. 

Hard work

 Working at Longhorn Steakhouse is a daily grind.

But for most, it happens early in a career.

Many team members value these flexible positions.

They admit that the skills learned in a chaotic industry cultivate discipline and dependability.

But day-to-day service is grueling with unpredictable clientele

Not your cup of tea? 

Unfortunately, shifts are always available if your finances are strained, but your work-life balance will suffer.

So, if your personal life is your number-one priority, then food service may not be your preferred industry.


Longhorn Steakhouse is a favorite hangout in over 40 states.

Surprisingly, Florida is home to more locations than any other state.

Quality aged beef, cooked to perfection, provides an enticing atmosphere for business casual lunches or celebrating Grandpa’s birthday.

In fact, Longhorn Steakhouse’s reputation for upscale casual jacketless dining is well known.

Managerial Style

 Many team members list organizational concerns.

Ratings discuss the tendency of managers or tenured employees to “quiet quitting.”

This lack of involvement in daily operations frustrates those in customer-centric positions.

Unsurprisingly, many employees find the lack of leadership an unpleasant environment.

Rules are rules

 In any company, rules are important.

However, corporate guidelines are imperative for a national behemoth of 184,000 team members spread across 40 states.

Rules are also the foundation of quality control – especially when serving food.

And following rules is mandatory when seeking corporate compliance with safety agencies.

Not a “follow the rules” person?

Then food service may not be your first choice for a job.

Minimal teamwork

Unsurprisingly, making lifelong friends in a fast-paced food service industry is difficult.

Constantly changing shifts and schedules, family demands, work-life balance, and a driven environment leave little time at work to stop and chat.

Additionally, most restaurants have a standing policy preventing employees from staying on-site after their shifts.

And honestly, who wants to hang around after work?

But getting to know your co-workers builds trust.

And trust is vital to successful teamwork.

So, if you are the chatty type and want to dish daily, there may be better options for summer employment.

14 Pros and Cons of Working for Longhorn Steakhouse – Summary Table

Pros of Working for Longhorn SteakhouseCons of Working for Longhorn Steakhouse
Easy moneyTurnover
Interview processLack of Promotion
DiversityHard work
Global citizenshipReputation
Starting at the topManagerial Style
Flexible SchedulesRules are rules
Fantastic perksMinimal teamwork

Should You Work for Longhorn Steakhouse?

For many, who they work for is as important as the work they do.

If this sounds familiar, then Longhorn Steakhouse, one of the largest private employers in the country, is a viable first-choice option.

Yes, it is a well-known brand, but Longhorn Steakhouse doesn’t trade on any stock exchanges.

However, the conglomerate Darden Restaurants, Inc., is a tradable New York Stock Exchange security.

The ticker symbol is DRI.

At last estimates, the multi-brand conglomerate was valued at over $2.4 billion.

But even with thousands of positive employee reviews, Longhorn Steakhouse may not be the perfect career choice.

It’s a mega-restaurant company.

And it is plagued with many corporate issues.

Try a little research.

It shouldn’t be too hard to expose the details of the global culture, confirm there is no hidden agenda, and that Darden Restaurants upholds core values.

Try a few online searches.

You can check company pages and job reviews on CareerBliss or Indeed.

The information listed will give you an idea of overall employee satisfaction.

These job application sites are also good at ferreting the best benefits and verifying reported pay scales. 

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