18 Pros and Cons of Working for Jimmy John’s

Jimmy John’s is a sub shop that has created an international reputation due to its fast delivery and high-quality ingredients.

They’re something of the anti-Subway and focus on providing great meals at reasonable prices.

But is it a great place for you to start a career in food service?

Let’s take a deep look at the pros and cons of working at this restaurant to help you make a choice when starting your career in food preparation.

Pros of Working for Jimmy John’s

Jimmy John’s has a strong reputation for high-quality food, a clean interior, and friendly employees.

Is it a great place to work, or is it not worth your time and consideration?

It’s important to fully understand the pros and cons of working at Jimmy John’s to ensure that you make a smart employment decision.

Doing so can ensure that you get the best job possible.

Work Can Be Very Fun 

Most people who wrote reviews for Jimmy John’s stated that working there was more fun than other fast food restaurants.

Management tried to keep employees happy by encouraging a light-hearted and silly environment.

Even though you’ll likely be working hard making sandwiches, you’ll likely enjoy it more than you would be working at other fast food locations.

Very Clean Environment 

Jimmy John’s typically prides itself on a clean and simple environment.

Most locations are rather clean and comfortable and feature open and airy designs.

That makes them a more comfortable place to work than other fast food places that may feel smokey and uncomfortable.

This factor may vary by location, but most people report clean and comfortable working environments.

Flexible Hours 

Like most fast food restaurants, Jimmy John’s typically provides flexible schedules for their employees.

For example, you may work early preparing breakfast subs for customers or later during the dinner rush.

That means it’s usually easy for you to work around your personal needs, including taking care of children and parents or even attending classes if you’re still in school.

Strong Support for Employees

Many Jimmy John’s employees felt like they were well-supported in their job.

For example, it was usually easy to request time off, and most managers would step in and help when there was a crisis.

Jimmy John’s may also offer scholarships for some young employees, particularly those with a lot of promise.

The availability of these scholarships varies depending on the location.

Many Job Opportunities

Jimmy John’s is unique compared to other sub shops because there are many jobs beyond simply making subs.

While you can work in food prep, you can also work as a manager or even a driver.

Jimmy John’s drivers often make good tips if they deliver quickly enough: in fact, it’s that fast delivery that has given Jimmy John’s its unique reputation in the fast food realm.

Great First-Job Option

Have you ever walked into a Jimmy John’s and noticed it was mostly young people?

That’s because it’s often designed as a first-job opportunity rather than a long-term job.

As a result, they have strong training opportunities and will carefully pair you with a job that makes sense for you.

That ensures that you get the best experience possible when working at Jimmy John’s.

Often Hires Very Young People 

As mentioned previously, Jimmy John’s often hires a lot of young people.

As a result, it’s a great opportunity if you’ve never worked or want to mostly work with people your age.

You’ll be likely to meet interesting and fun people with similar interests.

Even better, managers are often young as well, meaning you’ll likely get a better job if you want it.

As a result, you can potentially make more money and move on to new careers as well. 

Fast-Paced Work May Appeal to Many 

There aren’t a lot of “down” periods when you work at Jimmy John’s.

Though customer demand will vary throughout the day, when there are people in the store, you’ll be making a lot of subs, cleaning the workstation, and doing much more.

If you’re someone who likes to stay busy at work and doesn’t mind extra duties, you may appreciate the environment at a typical Jimmy John’s location. 

Simple Work 

Like most fast food restaurants, Jimmy John’s isn’t exactly challenging work mentally.

In fact, there are typically guides for making each sandwich that make it simpler to produce your customers’ orders.

As a result, it might be a rewarding job for someone who wants a simple job that doesn’t require a lot of mental work or challenging decision-making skills.

Cons of Working for Jimmy John’s

While Jimmy John’s does provide many advantages for people interested in a career here, there are downsides that you need to consider before applying.

These concerning issues can affect whether or not you want to work here: most of them are variants of what facility you work at because many locations will be better than others, depending on ownership and managers.

May Feel Overworked 

Jimmy John’s prides itself on fast service, which often forces employees to work very hard.

You’ll often be making multiple sandwiches at once, which can be very hard to keep track of properly.

Unless you’re someone who likes this kind of environment, Jimmy John’s might not be for you.

You may feel overworked and overwhelmed and unable to keep up with the work demands.

Job May Be Too Simple 

Do you find menial work unsatisfying and need a job that challenges you more?

Don’t work at Jimmy John’s.

While it’s definitely a fast-paced environment that will keep you engaged, you’ll likely get bored making sandwiches over and over.

The same problem is true of fast food in general: if you’re not ready for a little potential boredom or simplistic job tasks, look elsewhere for your next job.

Pay is Only Okay 

Though Jimmy John’s pays a little more than average for fast food restaurants, it’s still not a well-paying job.

While drivers can make decent money delivering subs, they’ll be very busy and will likely feel overworked at times.

As a result, it’s important to know what you’re getting into when applying for this job.

You’re likely not going to retire from working at Jimmy John’s.

Weak Family Support 

Do you have a family that you need to support by working at Jimmy John’s?

Don’t expect a lot of support.

There’s minimal maternity or paternity leave for new parents and not much sympathy for parents.

You typically get minimal to no insurance options, as well, which is concerning if you want to take care of your young ones and ensure that they’re healthy.

Struggles With Female Employees

Examining male versus female satisfaction at Jimmy John’s is very alarming.

Men are far happier at Jimmy John’s (nearly double) than women.

Most women report that Jimmy John’s is below average for pregnant women or mothers and offer little to no help.

There’s also some concern about lower pay for female employees who do the same jobs as men.

Very Challenging for Drivers 

Though many people want to join Jimmy John’s to become a driver due to the high potential for tips, they go through a lot of challenges.

They can get in trouble for not delivering quickly enough and are constantly under pressure to drive faster.

As a result, they may be pushed to drive unsafely and could get into an accident that Jimmy John’s won’t cover for them.

Managers Vary in Quality 

Though management isn’t universally questionable, many people reported that they were unhappy with their managers and their abilities.

Some claimed that they weren’t skilled at explaining the job or simply didn’t prepare them for their job appropriately enough.

That’s concerning if you’re interested in a job at Jimmy John’s and want to do a great job.

Can Be Very Unorganized 

Some people reported that Jimmy John’s location was very unorganized.

This problem extended to things like poor scheduling, bad ingredient upgrades, and inaccurate delivery times.

Though these complaints were far from universal among Jimmy John’s employees, they often occurred enough to make it important to take them very seriously if you want to work here.

Company Culture is Poor

Jimmy John’s has the appearance of a friendly and welcoming company, but there are problems with its diversity.

These issues start at the top, as the owner is known as a big game hunter who has killed rare and endangered animals.

While that shouldn’t affect the quality of your employment, this culture is something to consider if you want to work at Jimmy John’s.

18 Pros and Cons of Working for Jimmy John’s – Summary Table

Pros of Working for Jimmy John'sCons of Working for Jimmy John's
Work Can Be Very FunMay Feel Overworked
Very Clean EnvironmentJob May Be Too Simple
Flexible HoursPay is Only Okay
Strong Support for EmployeesWeak Family Support
Many Job OpportunitiesStruggles With Female Employees
Great First-Job OptionVery Challenging for Drivers
Often Hires Very Young PeopleManagers Vary in Quality
Fast-Paced Work May Appeal to ManyCan Be Very Unorganized
Simple WorkCompany Culture is Poor

Should You Work for Jimmy John’s?

Jimmy John’s is above average for sub shops and fast food restaurants in pay and work quality.

The company tries to create a worker-friendly atmosphere and provides a clean environment in which to work.

That said, unpredictability in individual locations can affect the quality of your job.

While Jimmy John’s is good in general, make sure you research where you apply when trying out for this employer.

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