13 Pros and Cons of Working for Jack in the Box

Jack in the Box is a popular West Coast fast food chain that may be a good place for people with little work experience to start a career.

However, is it much better than any other fast-food chain?

Or should you look elsewhere for your first job?

Let’s break down some pros and cons of working at Jack in the Box to help you make a smart decision.

Pros of Working for Jack in the Box 

Flexible Schedule

Do you want to work a job that gives you a flexible environment and easily adaptable schedules?

You may enjoy Jack in the Box!

They typically provide a flexible work schedule that makes it easier for you to pick up days when you want and to take days off when you need them.

That’s a huge advantage if you have a busy life and need to work around its demands. 

For example, if you have children you need to watch during the day, you can work the afternoon shift while someone else watches them as you work.

Furthermore, you can work around your school schedule, taking an early shift if you have afternoon college courses.

Most locations are more than willing to fit you into various swing shifts to ensure you’re happy.

Productive Environment

Jack in the Box is a popular restaurant and often gets hit heavily during lunch and dinner periods.

As a result, you need to be on your feet and ready to work at all times.

If you’re someone who likes staying busy and who doesn’t mind working, this might be a good job for you.

It’ll definitely challenge you to stay active and keep busy during some very big days. 

What’s particularly nice about Jack in the Box is that its management team seems to reward people willing to work hard.

People who overachieve are more likely to get raises and even management jobs.

That makes Jack in the Box a meritocracy or a business where people will rise based mostly on their merits.

That’s a hugely rewarding experience for most.

Good Training

Many people who work for Jack in the Box reported a great training system that helps prepare you for your job.

While working in fast food might not seem challenging at first, it may require more expertise and skills than many people realize.

As a result, Jack in the Box provides a great training program that helps you understand each of the stations necessary for this job. 

For example, you’ll get training for working the cash register, as well as customer-service training that helps you work with difficult customers.

You’ll also get support learning how to cook each of the foods, as well as how to handle the grill.

In this way, you shouldn’t have any difficulty working this job if you’ve never had a fast-food job before. 

Let You Meet Your Personal Goals 

People who are interested in progressing in life will find Jack in the Box a rewarding place to work.

They often provide things like scholarships and support for students who are interested in college careers.

Rather than keeping you there to work indefinitely, they’ll help you with scholarship support that will make it easier to find a better and more rewarding job. 

Note that there are often limited scholarship options from Jack in the Box and that they’re very competitive.

This means that you’ll need to stand out to get the most out of them.

Talk with your manager to learn more about the options available to you.

Often, these scholarships are available for specific universities, though many are good for wherever you want to go.

Coworkers Often Work Very Hard 

Many reviewers stated that their fellow Jack in the Box employees was willing to work hard to meet daily goals, including taking over for people who needed days off.

While this was not at all a universal statement, most people were more or less happy with the quality of workers at Jack in the Box.

They claimed that the company tried to hire a higher quality of employees. 

Though some employees may work harder than others, that’s simply a part of working.

There are always people who aren’t going to work as hard as they should.

Thankfully, most people reviewing Jack in the Box state that it’s about on the same level as most fast food places.

That means you should fit in well if you enjoy working hard and want to make good fast food.

Decent Pay 

Nobody is going to become a millionaire working in Jack in the Box or any fast food restaurant.

However, Jack in the Box does pay a little more than most fast-food restaurants.

The amount varies depending on where you live and what franchising company owns your location.

Some may make a few dollars or even more extra working at Jack in the Box. 

That makes it a good choice for people who are looking to pay off some bills or who struggle to accept working in fast food.

Thankfully, rising minimum wages throughout the nation have started to help people who work in these positions make the money that they deserve.

In this way, you’re more likely to earn a living wage working at Jack in the Box than elsewhere.

Good for Entry Level Work

Are you someone who’s just entering the workforce after either an extended layoff or after graduating high school?

Jack in the Box is a good option for entry-level employees.

In fact, the managers understand that most people who come there are likely individuals with little job experience or with only minimal job training.

In this way, they work to help you get started.

This fact also means that most of the people you work with will also be individuals with minimal work experience.

As a result, you’ll likely have similar interests and enjoy working together, learning about how to meet your work goals.

Most of the time, workers at Jack in the Box said that their coworkers were more than willing to help train them in the early days of their employment.

Cons of Working for Jack in the Box

Low Diversity Score 

Do you want to work in a diverse environment?

Well, Jack in the Box has a 56 out of 100 diversity score on various job rating sites.

That’s a fairly low rating, meaning you’re not likely to see many unique people.

That may even impact your ability to find a job because some places may be less likely to hire minorities.

May Overwork the Managers

Are you interested in a management position at Jack in the Box?

Well, most current and former managers claim that they are overworked by the franchise.

For example, they often work extra hours when employees call in and don’t make extra money for it.

That’s a huge issue for people who have a family that they want to support or college classes they need to attend.

Lack of a Company Culture 

Do you enjoy businesses that create a fun and engaging culture?

You’re unfortunately not likely to get that with Jack in the Box.

They don’t do much to create a company culture for their employees.

You’ll be able to (probably) get your birthday off, but besides that, you don’t get to do much with your employees beyond work.

That makes it much less rewarding.

Complaints About Some Managers 

While many people reported that Jack in the Box managers was mostly respectful and decent about their schedule and life, others were not.

This problem may be tied to the fact that most managers get overworked at Jack in the Box.

Whatever the case, it’s something to take into account if you want to consider a job with this restaurant.

Poor Satisfaction Scores 

Few people working at Jack in the Box report high satisfaction levels.

While they’re not exactly dissatisfied with the quality or intensity of work, they also understand that they’re working in fast food.

Jack in the Box is average to slightly below average in employee satisfaction, meaning it’s a hard place to recommend for anyone who wants a new and rewarding long-term career. 

Not Suitable for Long-Term Careers

Most people who work at Jack in the Box are young people who have no work experience or specialized training.

Other people who may work here include older adults looking for extra money in retirement.

Many people come and go at Jack in the Box: in this way, it’s a lot like most fast food restaurants.

It’s not exactly rewarding or suitable for long-term careers. 

13 Pros and Cons of Working for Jack in the Box – Summary Table

Pros of Working for Jack in the BoxCons of Working for Jack in the Box
Flexible ScheduleLow Diversity Score
Productive EnvironmentMay Overwork the Managers
Good TrainingLack of a Company Culture
Let You Meet Your Personal GoalsComplaints About Some Managers
Coworkers Often Work Very HardPoor Satisfaction Scores
Decent PayNot Suitable for Long-Term Careers
Good for Entry Level Work

Should You Work for Jack in the Box?

Jack in the Box is a decent place to start your career, but you should look elsewhere for a long-term job.

Most employees here feel disposable, and while the pay is better than many other fast food companies, it’s still not great.

That makes Jack in the Box a very average place to work, though it’s about on par with most fast food restaurants: so apply at your own risk.

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