14 Pros and Cons of Working for Honda

Finding the perfect job in the modern world is a combination of guesswork and research.

You need to carefully research to know the company values, benefits, and other essential aspects before deciding.

 It’s also important to speak or interact with people who have worked there before, preferably in the position you’re looking to fill.

After thoroughly reviewing the company and employee insights, we’ve listed the pros and cons of working for this company to help you make an informed decision.

About Honda

Honda is an automotive company founded in 1948.

With over 10,000 employees, yearly revenue of $10 billion and a rise in sales everyday, the company has its main headquarters in Japan.

The founder of Honda, Soichiro Honda, has an excellent employee of 82%, which is an impressive and encouraging score for those eyeing a position in the company.

There are currently 178 job openings, according to Indeed.

Pros of Working for Honda

 From giving many employee benefits to making some of the most excellent cars, Honda is a great place to work, especially if you want to grow your career.

Here are some of the pros to prove it.

1. Great employer branding

Most people know Honda through its cars, as they’re all over the world.

The company keeps its customers excited about new cars with exciting features and designs.

This keeps the company on its toes in the competitive automotive industry.

This massive company is a great place to work as it provides plenty of opportunities to grow and build your portfolio.

Honda is more than just wheels. 

It is known for its innovative products like the latest Honda sensing, driver-assistance technologies and an exclusive intelligent suite of safety features designed to keep drivers alert.

2. Plenty of employee benefits

The best thing about working for Honda is the benefits you’ll likely enjoy as an employee.

Most employees are happy to work for Honda and rank the perks and benefits as one of the main reasons for choosing to work at Honda.

When it comes to statistics, Honda ranks among the top 50% of companies with 10,000+ employees with excellent perks and benefits in comparison.

Apart from the tremendous work-from-home policy that allows you to work from home, if you choose to work in the office, you have plenty of space to work efficiently and effectively.

Health and wellness benefits include dental, vision, and life insurance.

Employees also enjoy paid time off, including paid holidays, paternity/maternity leave and PTO or vacation policies.

Financial benefits include an employee stock purchase plan, 401K/ retirement plan and tuition reimbursement.

3. Ample growth opportunities

Apart from continuous learning programs for personal development, Honda provides you with an opportunity to work overseas.

The company has been working on various programs to help manage employee talent.

For instance, there are:

  • The Honda JUKU program (MDP, EDP, LDP) is a development program designed to improve job performance sensitivity while developing employees to maximize their potential.
  • Life-long learning course that deals with developing ideal Honda Associates.
  • The Asia &Oceania, Assessment and Development program is designed to help develop the next generation of talents.

4. Diversity and inclusivity

Like most global companies, Honda has taken massive steps in implementing diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

The company boasts its commitment to fairness, equality, and justice.

From the CEO and president Noriya Kaihara, Honda believes that diversity is critical to the success of the company and to the development of ideas that turn into innovative approaches to their products and business activities.

Honda claims that it was founded with respect for humanity, which naturally includes diversity.

Therefore, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation or cultural background, you can work for Honda without feeling discriminated against.

5. Great culture

Even though Honda was founded in Japan, the company values every employee’s culture.

Honda understands the importance of respecting employees’ needs and values.

The Three Joys: the joy of selling, the joy of buying and the joy of creating means the automaker believes that everyone who comes into contact with the company through work, client, or products should share a sense of joy in the experience.

Honda employees strive to develop creative ideas through this motivation without worrying about getting turned down.

Working at Honda would be a great idea if you’re a creative employee.

This is partly due to equality practiced at all levels, evident in everyone wearing the same uniform.

6. Good working experience with employees in mind

Honda understands that employees are an asset.

Therefore, the company is focused on providing good employee experience through various engagement programs.

Many employees reported that they doubt working overtime on Fridays.

The working hours are flexible, and a work-from-home option is also available, and there are reward systems for exceptional employees.

7. Promotes a clear sense of purpose

If you have always wanted to work in a diverse automotive industry, Honda provides everything you need, including learning opportunities to help you grow.

Most employees working for Honda say they have a clear sense of purpose, and most feel privileged to work in a field they have always been passionate about.

With so many benefits, work flexibility and good salary, the majority of the employees said they enjoy working for Honda.

8. Plenty to explore and learn

The automotive industry is competitive.

Automakers like Honda must use the latest technology to remain competitive in their products.

For that reason, there’s plenty to learn and explore every day as a Honda employee.

According to Indeed’s Work Happiness Survey, 75% of respondents responded positively when asked if they often learn something at work.

Regardless of your position, you’ll likely be one of the first ones to know about the latest car safety technology, Honda tires, and other things.

People can look up to you for recommendations for the best Honda cars, parts and other things, even if you don’t work in the sales and marketing team.

Cons of working for Honda

Like any other big company with plenty of jobs to offer, Honda has a few areas that it needs to improve.

During our research, we noticed a couple of complaints about specific things.

The cons of working for Honda include the following:

1. Demanding hours

We already mentioned that you will learn a lot while working for Honda, but that comes at a cost.

Generally, most people report barely having to work less than six days a week and almost always more than 10 hours a day.

Low-income earners often feel as though they’re being pushed to work more.

Employees also reported short breaks and strict policies on attendance and workplace arrival times.

2. Fast-paced

As you would expect, the automotive industry is fast-paced, with plenty of monotonous work to be done.

Therefore, Honda has to keep up with industry requirements and competition to remain relevant in the market.

For this reason, there’s so much to do with little time to do it.

That’s why employees work long hours, have few breaks, and have many expectations.

Some employees say they enjoy working on innovative projects.

It’s important to note that this kind of pressure is more common in employees working in specific positions that involve running reports, reviewing project activities and analyzing data.

3. Poor employee management

The high expectations mean employees must work under little or no supervision.

Employees also note that average days are generally stressful, as some reported being micromanaged.

4. Stressful work environment

Employees working for Honda are not allowed to use their cell phones or carry drinks other than water.

You also can’t play music at the workplace.

While these rules may appear normal to some employees in big companies, new and young employees may need help to keep up with them.

There are two 15-minute breaks and one 30-minute break, which many people feel is insufficient to rest and refresh.

People have also reported strict policies on work attendance and arrival times.

5. Poor employee training

Some employees feel they’re undertrained for the tasks they perform.

Others note that there’s minimal supervision of the tasks they perform, which can make work more stressful.

In an industry like this, managers are busier than usual.

The demanding hours and overtime make it difficult for those in lower positions to grow and advance their skills.

Without adequate training, it’s almost impossible to perform in a fast-paced industry.

6. No job security

Many employees say losing a job at Honda is relatively easy.

While getting fired for underperforming is nearly impossible, you can get fired for superficial reasons, including not adhering to strict rules.

People who have worked in the marketing and sales department get paid purely by the commission and also say they struggle to sell a single car every day, forcing most to quit.

14 Pros and Cons of Working for Honda – Summary Table

Pros of Working for HondaCons of working for Honda
1. Great employer branding1. Demanding hours
2. Plenty of employee benefits2. Fast-paced
3. Ample growth opportunities3. Poor employee management
4. Diversity and inclusivity4. Stressful work environment
5. Great culture5. Poor employee training
6. Good working experience with employees in mind6. No job security
7. Promotes a clear sense of purpose
8. Plenty to explore and learn

Should You Work for Honda?

Honda is a great automotive company to work for.

However, like many other big companies, it has its shortcomings.

That’s why the decision to work for Honda depends on your career needs.

It’s crucial to conduct your own research to know what your position entails, your responsibilities and details of your benefits before making a decision.

It’s also essential to go through the pros and cons of working for this company we have listed before making a decision.

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