14 Pros and Cons of Working for Buffalo Wild Wings

If you’re considering Buffalo Wild Wings for a job or career, you’ll probably appreciate an inside scoop on the positives and negatives of working there.

Founded in 1982, and a successful franchise chain since the early 90s, BW3 can offer quite a lot to its employees, as well as customers.

Available positions can range from entry-level kitchen staff all the way up to higher-level management positions.

With over 1,000 locations across the US, as well as numerous international locations, Buffalo Wild Wings shows no signs of fading popularity, either. 

Pros of Working for Buffalo Wild Wings

Working for a successful company such as Buffalo Wild Wings can often help employees to learn more about the restaurant and service industry.

Employees will also receive valuable training through BW3, which can benefit their restaurant careers or employment in other related fields. 

1. Diverse and Inclusive Workforce

One of the most consistently positive attributes mentioned of BW3 is the company’s culture and its desire for a diverse and energetic workforce.

Countless past and present employees sing the praises of their co-workers.

They also describe how BW3 encourages camaraderie and teamwork. 

Focusing on training and support for employees is also an important tenant of the company.

When employees are properly prepared and encouraged to work as a team, instead of just as individuals, there is a sense of family which is cultivated. 

2. Extensive Training and Skill-Building Opportunities

At Buffalo Wild Wings, employees are encouraged to learn as much as they can about all of the positions and operations around the restaurant.

In theory, the more the employees know, the better prepared they’ll become for their shifts. 

Increased training and knowledge about the company also help to build a sense of belonging and ownership.

With BW3, training, and advanced company knowledge are key components for successful employees, from top to bottom. 

3. Great Company and Restaurant Organization 

Buffalo Wild Wings also receives many positive accolades for their organizational and operational principles for both the company and the individual restaurants.

Employees have stated they felt as if the company spent a substantial amount of its time considering the numerous scenarios a successful restaurant will need to navigate.

The company policies and training are then designed to give employees the tools and answers they need to successfully tackle their jobs, too. 

Additionally, many of the decisions made company-wide are based on past restaurant experiences or developed knowledge of the restaurant industry.

Avoiding common mistakes and well-known problems is critical for long-term success and BW3 seems to have a well-defined vision for success. 

4. Free or Discounted Food

From an employee standpoint, free or reduced-cost food is important for both a financial budget and time management.

Many employees find eating at work will save them both time and money. 

Being able to eat at work at a discount also gives employees more incentive to try all the food and develop opinions of their own, too.

Recommendations from a server can prove a deciding factor for a customer’s decision. 

5. Supportive Management 

Numerous employees of BW3 have also given glowing reviews of their managers, with particular note to the laid-back attitude of much of the company.

Managers have been noted as flexible and sympathetic to employee needs, both short and long-term.

They have also been described as approachable and available at work.

Many have also been described as willing to help out during especially stressful or busy times. 

6. Fast-paced with Great Earning Potential

Buffalo Wild Wings is a consistently busy restaurant, known for its delicious food and easy-going atmosphere.

As a server, it helps to be outgoing and energetic, as well as personable with customers.

Many customers are there for food and to watch a favorite sports team, so employees may find themselves interacting with a group of customers for a couple of hours.

These extended interactions can work well to help build rapport and generate some extra tip money. 

7. Fun and Exciting Work Environment

With numerous sports contests on the TVs and lively music playing over the speakers, BW3 is a lot like a non-stop tailgate party.

As a result, most customers headed to the restaurant are prepared to eat, drink, and be merry. 

At least as long as their team is winning. 

For employees, the crowd’s excitement and energy become their own stimulant.

Plus, most employees are encouraged to cheer on teams as part of successfully interacting with the customers.

All totaled, working for Buffalo Wild Wings can be an energetic and rewarding position for more than one reason. 

Cons of Working for Buffalo Wild Wings

Of course, for every positive, there can be a negative.

Fortunately, the positives seem to outweigh most negatives at BW3.

Just the same, there are some conditions or situations which can make the job more challenging or potentially untenable for some. 

1. Lots to Learn and Remember

Initial training and learning the ropes of the job can seem extensive and difficult to manage for some.

In truth, there is lots to learn and master to become successful, no matter the position. 

Just the same, most of the management understands that learning is continual and additional training sessions can be required to get all employees up to speed. 

2. Hard Work and Long Hours

Anyone who has ever worked in the service industry, particularly in a busy restaurant, will tell you how physically exhausting some work can be.

Long hours carrying heavy trays and being on your feet can take its toll.

Employees at Buffalo Wild Wings will be expected to be able to keep up and maintain great customer relations in the process. 

Workers at BW3 will also experience some late-night closing shifts.

Many locations don’t close their doors to customers until midnight.

Employees will often be finishing closing duties in the wee hours of the morning.

Of course, employees are duly compensated for their time on the clock, and more hours means more potential tips, too. 

3. Customers Can Get Rowdy

BW3 often focuses on sports, which can be an excellent catalyst for maintaining an upbeat and energetic mood.

For some fans, though, alcohol and a losing team can sour a mood to the point of annoyance to others.

Bar and wait staff have to successfully manage people and personalities as well as remember orders and customer requests.

Finding the right balance of engagement and service can be a tricky tightrope at times. 

4. Corporate Attitudes Influence Management

Buffalo Wild Wings has grown to become an incredibly successful company, both in size and reputation.

Many employees, especially in the management sector, are working hard to continue to build off of previous successes. 

As a result, numerous policies, procedures, and expectations from upper management can heavily influence the actions of store-level management.

This can lead to some decisions which may seem less about individual needs and more about the company’s needs. 

5. Servers and Bar Staff Often Rely On Tips

Most restaurant workers understand that tips from customers are how most employees really earn a living.

Of course, the hourly pay is there, but the potential to earn real money usually lies in how well customers feel they’ve been treated. 

If an employee is inexperienced or in a position in which tips aren’t as readily received, the bi-weekly paychecks might not be robust enough.

Working for and earning a good tip isn’t guaranteed, either.

If you’re looking for guaranteed money, a restaurant job may not be the right fit. 

6. Employee Turn-Over Can Be High

As we’ve noted, restaurant work is tough and demanding at times.

Many hopeful employees may realize after a few weeks that the work is too hard for them or the pay isn’t consistent enough.

Since BW3 can be a physically and mentally demanding workplace, employee turnover is relatively common. 

Referred to as a churn rate, most industries measure how often they lose current employees and add new ones.

In the restaurant industry, the churn rate averages around 75%.

For comparison, most private sector jobs experience less than 50% churn. 

7. Not Enough Opportunities for Advancement

Although this complaint may be rooted in personal feelings, some past employees have mentioned difficulty advancing with the company.

Especially from the viewpoints of some long-term workers, ladder climbing often seems to stall at a certain point. 

Unfortunately, this is a common refrain among many larger corporate employers; unless you’ve worked in management previously, you won’t have the experience to get a job in management.

The employee ends up trapped in a catch-22. 

14 Pros and Cons of Working for Buffalo Wild Wings – Summary Table

Pros of Working for Buffalo Wild WingsCons of Working for Buffalo Wild Wings
1. Diverse and Inclusive Workforce1. Lots to Learn and Remember
2. Extensive Training and Skill-Building Opportunities2. Hard Work and Long Hours
3. Great Company and Restaurant Organization3. Customers Can Get Rowdy
4. Free or Discounted Food4. Corporate Attitudes Influence Management
5. Supportive Management5. Servers and Bar Staff Often Rely On Tips
6. Fast-paced with Great Earning Potential6. Employee Turn-Over Can Be High
7. Fun and Exciting Work Environment7. Not Enough Opportunities for Advancement

Should You Work For Buffalo Wild Wings? 

As a large restaurant chain, Buffalo Wild Wings is able to offer stability, consistent work schedules, and a well-organized corporate structure that knows how to cultivate success.

They are a popular restaurant with customers and offer a good mix of entertainment, food, and drinks. 

Although the atmosphere is lively and servers will often be working at a fast pace, there is also a relaxed management style in place that values a flexible attitude and customer service.

If you’re ready to join a motivated and capable team, poised to give customers a top-notch experience, Buffalo Wild Wings is the place for you.

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