14 Pros and Cons of Working for Albertsons

In 1939, former Safeway supermarket manager, Joe Albertson, took his $5,000 life savings and opened up the first Albertsons supermarket in Boise, Idaho.

Albertson knew the formula to success was hard work, fair prices, and customer satisfaction.

His store was one of the first to offer a from-scratch bakery, a magazine rack, and homemade ice cream.

The stores went on to add pharmacies, seafood, and liquor departments.

 While many grocery stores have come and gone,

Albertsons is still going strong with over 2,253 locations across the United States.

Though you may not have an Albertsons near you, chances are you have one of their subsidiaries near by.

The company owns over 20 of them, including Acme, Kings, Safeway, and Von’s.

But what’s it like to work at one of the Albertson company stores?

Well, according to Glassdoor, 53% of workers that left reviews would recommend getting a job there.

Some folks had good things to say, while others did not.

Read on about the pros and cons of working at Albertsons.

Pros Of Working For Albertsons

1. Benefits

Benefits are never a bad thing, and the employees at Albertsons agree.

Anyone that works 30 or more hours a week is entitled to medical, dental, and vision benefits.

Additionally, the company also offers a prescription plan, matched 401K, paid time off, paid sick days, disability insurance, and life insurance.

All benefits kick in after 30 days of employment.

2. Positive Relationships

Many workers report that their fellow floor workers are very friendly and supportive.

They also state that it’s enjoyable working with most of the customers and they have regulars that come to their checkout station whenever they are shopping.

The customers share stories with employees and vice versa, making for a pleasant experience for everyone.

Some workers have said the best part of the job is the friendships they’ve made that continue outside of the workplace.

3. Scheduling

Most employees are happy with the way scheduling is done.

They report that it’s pretty flexible and management will work with the times you say you’re available.

All schedules are posted in advance on the employee website, and changes can usually be made for emergencies.

This is great for high school and college students that need the afternoon and evening hours.

It’s also a good fit for parents that don’t want to give up time with their children, or even folks looking for a second job.

4. Employee Discounts/Perks

All Albertson company employees enjoy a 10% discount on all house brands, and a 5% discount on all other brands.

There are also random freebies and giveaways for workers.

Many employees also state that there is often free lunch in the form of pizza, sub-sandwiches, and other catering.

The employee discount can really add up and help employees save on groceries.

The free lunch is always a nice touch to make everyone feel appreciated.

5. Holiday Pay/Overtime

When you work for the Albertsons family of grocery stores, you are entitled to New Years Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas as paid holidays if you’ve worked there for at least 18 months.

If you are required to work one of these holidays, the pay will be 3 times your normal rate.

Not too shabby.

Workers also state that there’s plenty of overtime available if you don’t mind being called in at the last minute.

6. Family First

The majority of employees report that corporate is very caring and cooperative when they experience a family emergency.

They are more than willing to ensure you get the time off you need to handle your family business.

Often, depending on the circumstances, employees and their families receive cards, flowers, and other tokens to reassure them they are being thought of.

7. Fun Environment

More than one employee reported on Glassdoor that the stores, though fast paced, were fun to work at, almost like being in high school.

Workers are allowed to chat, joke around, and be friendly, so long as it’s work appropriate and does not interfere with their duties.

Being able to work in a lighthearted environment always makes the day go faster.

It also keeps up employee morale.

Cons Of Working For Albertsons

1. Salary

A large percentage of employees complain that the salary is not comparable to other grocery and retail stores.

The average pay for store workers ranges from $10.41 to 20.73 per hour.

The lower-end salary is for stockers and cashiers, while the higher-end is for assistant managers.

They feel this is not a livable wage, especially considering it’s difficult for many employees to get more than 30 hours a week.

One good thing is that everyone is paid weekly.

2. Uniforms/Dress Code

The uniform policy is often a point of contention for many employees.

Typically, a polo shirt with the store’s logo, dress pants, and black shoes are required.

Many workers feel this is too rigid.

Also, if you want to work for the Albertson company, you cannot have any brightly colored or neon hair.

Facial piercings are also a big no.

3. Management 

One of the biggest complaints workers at Albertsons have is that the store managers aren’t very good at their jobs.

The workers say that managers will side with customers no matter what, they sit on problems that are brought to their attention, and there’s a general lack of care and consideration for those working below them.

Poor management can lead to low morale, poor retention rates, and an overall subpar store.

No one expects managers to be their best friends, but they should be fair and compassionate.

4. Outdated Equipment

Another complaint that is voiced quite often, is that in many stores, equipment like scanners, registers, and price guns are outdated and slow.

This can be frustrating for workers, especially when they are expected to keep up with the demands of managers and serve customers quickly.

Poor equipment can also cause customers dissatisfaction when they have to wait longer for things to get done.

Sadly, when customers aren’t happy, it’s the floor workers, like cashiers, that are the ones that have to hear it.

5. Cut Backs/Layoffs

Cutting back on hours is always a concern for the grocery giant’s workers.

Not only because it results in fewer hours and less pay, but also more work and a hectic environment for those that are working.

Presently, there’s a deal in the works to combine Krogers grocery stores and Albertsons.

In order to do this, both stores would have to shut down a certain number of their facilities.

This would result in massive layoffs.

Nobody wants to start a job only to get laid off a few months later.

6. Customers 

When working in retail, it’s inevitable that you will occasionally get a terrible customer.

While most are not a problem, and many are quite pleasant, there’s always that one that can ruin your entire day.

7. Physically Demanding

Another drawback to working at Albertsons is that it can be, according to employees, simply exhausting.

Cashiers, stock people, and warehouse workers are on their feet for most of their shifts.

There is a lot of lifting, pushing, and pulling involved.

Workers must also run around the store looking for items, returning them, and price checking.

This can make for a tiring day.

The risk of injury also increased in these positions.

Employees must take care of themselves and know their limits. 

14 Pros and Cons of Working for Albertsons – Summary Table

Pros Of Working For AlbertsonsCons Of Working For Albertsons
1. Benefits1. Salary
2. Positive Relationships2. Uniforms/Dress Code
3. Scheduling3. Management
4. Employee Discounts/Perks4. Outdated Equipment
5. Holiday Pay/Overtime5. Cut Backs/Layoffs
6. Family First6. Customers
7. Fun Environment7. Physically Demanding

Should You Work For Albertsons?

For the most part, working at Albertsons seems like a fairly average retail job.

It’s got some good perks, like benefits and a discount.

This is great if you need medical coverage for you and your family.

You can make your own schedule which helps if you are in school or a parent.

There’s also the opportunity to make some great friends along the way.

However, you’ll need to be able to bite your tongue and deal with difficult customers and unsupportive managers.

Then there’s the salary to consider.

Will you make enough to support yourself and your family?

While it’s great for high school and college students to make some spending money, or even single people looking for a starting point, chances are it will be difficult to support a family of 3 or 4 on an Albertsons salary.

At the end of the day, the decision is yours. Just make sure to weigh the pros and cons carefully. 

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