15 Pros and Cons of Working at an Apple Store

Apple is one of the largest retail and technology stores in the world.

They have individuals employed globally, and there are many jobs available for individuals interested in selling and servicing their products.

While there are many benefits or pros involved with working at the Apple Store, some cons are to be aware of before applying.

Anyone currently considering working for an Apple Store, keep reading to learn more about these pros and cons to help decide whether it’s the right career move. 

Pros of Working at an Apple Store

Those who choose to work for Apple, particularly at an Apple Store, can obtain several benefits and many perks.

Consider the following pros to help learn more about why it is a top job in retail and sales for those working in the industry. 

1. Benefits

One of the most attractive attributes of working at an Apple store is the great employee benefits they provide.

They offer a comprehensive healthcare package that pays for medical-related expenses and preventative care.

The healthcare plan Apple utilizes is one of the best in the industry and allows employees to get medical attention to prevent certain conditions and maintain those chronic conditions.

Apple also offers its employees other benefits such as financial perks and savings options to help pay for retirement, future expenses, and plan for any major purchases.

2. Rewarding

Working at an Apple Store can be rewarding for many employees.

Various duties include helping individuals solve problems or purchasing the right products for their particular needs.

It can be a very positive experience to cultivate customer relationships over time and ensure that each person gets the best service and assistance.

Some instances can include retrieving lost information, transferring phones, and electronic details, assisting with purchases, etc. 

3. Challenging

Unlike many other technology and retail-related jobs, Apple store jobs can be challenging and provide an environment that encourages growth and learning.

Many retail jobs can become tedious and monotonous for workers and pose little to no challenge.

However, working at an Apple Store, there is always a new challenge to assist customers and something new to learn almost daily.

It is a great way to stay engaged with work and look forward to solving issues for customers along the way. 

4. Diversity

The Apple Store is a business that prides itself on diversity.

They hire from various backgrounds and cultures to ensure a complete representation of society and actively select the best candidates based on their previous education and experience in the industry.

That means that truly qualified people usually land the job.

Anyone who values diversity in hiring and working in a multicultural environment will enjoy working at one of the Apple Store locations worldwide. 

5. Education

People who work at the Apple Store can get continuous education related to the latest products and technological applications for Apple-related devices.

Additionally, Apple ensures their employees at the Apple store stay up-to-date on the latest techniques and information related to sales, service, and maintenance.

Individuals who like to learn and stay on the cutting edge of technology will get great satisfaction working in an environment where continuous education related to Apple products is promoted and expected. 

6. Resume

Whether an Apple Store employee decides to stay in their position permanently, having a job with an Apple store always looks great on a résumé.

This is especially true for individuals who want to keep in a technology-related field.

Employees of the Apple store are required to learn many different skills, and other employers know that individuals selected to work with Apple are likely to have a wide and varied skill set that is an asset to just about any company.

7. Upward Mobility

Those who choose to take a position with an Apple store at an entry level can look forward to the possibility of promotion in management and a relatively short time.

One of the great perks of working at an Apple Store is moving into management after a certain timeframe.

Management positions offer competitive salaries and the ability to create stability.

There are usually plenty of management positions available within an area.

Apple does not solely hire from within, so there may be the opportunity to work beginning at the management level if the applicant has adequate credentials and experience. 

8. Work in Any City

There are Apple Stores in almost every city across the country.

That means that individuals can work at an Apple Store in just about any place they choose.

If you start at a particular Apple Store and want to move, there is always the opportunity to transfer to a store near the new location.

That offers greater flexibility and the ability to travel to other locations if desired.

Employees may also want to transfer to another location for management opportunities. 

Cons of Working at the Apple Store

There are many benefits and pros to working at an Apple Store.

However, there are also some downsides to be aware of before working there.

These cons are reported to be the biggest stumbling blocks for employees and should merit some consideration in advance. 

1. Long Hours

Many Apple store employees have reported that the Apple store expects them to work long hours.

Many employees at Apple stores report excessive overtime hours and issues with time off during certain holidays.

Unlike many other technology companies, the Apple store tends its employees to wear clothes that require them to work long hours to complete.

While this may mean significant pay for workers, it can also be the source of employee burnout after a time. 

2. No Work/Life Balance

Employees of the Apple Store have consistently argued that it is difficult to maintain a good work/life balance at the Apple Store.

The long hours and fluctuating schedule may mean working the majority of days off at times and dealing with erratic schedules at times.

There is no guarantee of time requests being granted for family events, vacation, or sick leave.

That means employees must be prepared to work more than the average industry employee, especially during the busy times of the year. 

3. Challenging to Stand Out

It can be very difficult to stand out from other employees at the Apple Store.

The work is fairly standard and does not leave much room for employees to really shine.

In order to get a promotion to management, the employee must adhere to all the company’s standards and perform consistently rather than stand out on their own merits.

This can be a negative point for some who wish to stand out via their outstanding performances.

4. Too Many Managers

The possibility of promotion of management is a benefit of working at the Apple Store, but the excessive number of managers at any one location can also be a downside.

Many Apple store employees report they felt too many management positions were available within the company and specific locations.

Individuals hoping to manage a store may find fewer opportunities and less prominent than standard management positions at any Apple Store location. 

5. Too Much Work 

There is a great deal of work for employees who work at an Apple Store.

Since Apple is one of the most popular electronic brands on the market, there are always many customer issues to address.

That can mean longer than average hours and having to go the extra mile. 

6. Not Enough Time Off

Along with the potentially excessive workloads and long hours comes limited time off.

This is especially true for those employees who fill management roles.

Managers are expected to work when needed and may not always get the standard two days off per week.

Additionally, workloads vary according to season and need. 

7. Difficult Customers

Working with difficult customers is always a con of any retail job.

However, working with electronics in a major electronics retailer may mean putting up with more than the average number of difficult customers.

Having a cool demeanor and level head is extremely important for those working at an Apple Store. 

Pros and Cons of Working at an Apple Store – Summary Table

Pros of Working at an Apple StoreCons of Working at the Apple Store
1. Benefits1. Long Hours
2. Rewarding2. No Work/Life Balance
3. Challenging3. Challenging to Stand Out
4. Diversity4. Too Many Managers
5. Education5. Too Much Work 
6. Resume6. Not Enough Time Off
7. Upward Mobility7. Difficult Customers
8. Work in Any City

Should You Work at an Apple Store? 

If you love a challenge and enjoy working with the public, the Apple Store may be a great fit.

Keep in mind that the job is a challenge and can be quite demanding at times.

However, many Apple Store employees love working for a company that provides them with a competitive salary, excellent benefits, and stability.

Keep in mind that this position can be stressful, especially for management, so excellent customer service skills and patience with workers are a must.

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  1. Albert Dean says:

    Working at Apple has been an incredible experience for me! The vibrant atmosphere, passionate customers (not all the time), and innovative products make every day exciting. Plus, the benefits are really good.

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