14 Pros and Cons of Working for AdventHealth

In 1866, a group of medical professionals, who were also Seventh Day Adventists, founded what is today known as AdventHeath.

The missionary doctors and nurses started in Battle Creek, Michigan with the idea of not only treating disease but preventing it.

They knew that proactive and preventive care was vital to stopping the spread of germs, as well as chronic conditions.

Their mission was not only to heal the body but the mind and spirit as well.

The missionaries traveled the Midwest treating ailments and spreading the word of their religious faith.

In 1973, it was decided to formally organize a nonprofit group of hospitals and clinics that could continue the original mission on a grand scale.

Currently, AdventHealth is headquartered in Altamonte, Florida.

They employ over 83,000 healthcare professionals in 51 hospitals and 73 medical facilities across 9 states.

AdventHealth serves an average of 7.4 million patients each year.

In 2022, the organization was named one of the best employers for new graduates by Forbes magazine.

So, what’s it really like to work at AdventHealth?

We scoured employee reviews from several sites, including Indeed and Glassdoor, to bring you this list of pros and cons of working for this medical network.

Pros Of Working For AdventHealth

1. Great People

Employees at Advent say that their co-workers are one of the best parts of the company.

Not only are they smart, dedicated, and hardworking, but most people are kind and friendly.

You are surrounded by folks that have a common goal and understand the rigors of working in the medical profession.

Co-workers are there for each other in times of need, whether it’s to help out with a patient, offer advice, or just be a shoulder to lean on.

Many people report forging outside friendships with their fellow employees.

2. Job Security

There is always a need for qualified healthcare providers.

Since the pandemic, that need has increased even more.

Large networks, like AdventHealth, are no exception.

Nurses and home health aides are especially needed.

As long as you are good at your job, responsible, and dedicated, you’re guaranteed a job at Advent for as long as you care to stay. 

3. Benefits

AdventHealth offers all its employee’s major medical benefits from the first day of employment.

Basic dental and vision are also included.

Most prescriptions are covered with a co-pay.

Advent offers employees the opportunity to take part in a 401K retirement plan, as well as a 529 college savings plan.

Workers can also sign up for disability and life insurance plans with the company.

Advent will pay for up to $21,000 in tuition for courses taken related to your job.

Working at AdventHealth will also allow you to take advantage of discounts at restaurants, pet insurance, and even cell phones and new cars.

4. Educational Opportunities

AdventHealth offers its employees many ways to learn new skills and be the best in the field.

There are tons of on-the-job training and mentoring for new hires.

Technology training workshops are presented monthly to brush up on skills and learn new ones.

Professional development is offered both in person and online by some of the top professionals in the field.

More formal options for degrees and certifications are also available.

5. Helping People

If helping others is your top priority, then AdventHealth is a great place to be.

Being a medical provider at AdventHealth allows for plenty of opportunities to care for people in need.

Because Advent is a nonprofit, they take patients that are sometimes in desperate need of medical care and have nowhere else to turn.

Knowing that they have kind and caring professionals looking after them is definitely appreciated.

It’s a great feeling to know that you’re comforting others and getting them on the road to recovery.

There’s also a great sense of pride in knowing that you’re making a positive difference in the community.

6. Meet New People

At AdventHealth, you are never at a loss to meet new people.

Whether they’re patients, family members, visiting clergy, or traveling nurses, there are always new and interesting folks to forge relationships and learn from.

It definitely keeps things from getting stale.

7. Can Be Yourself

Employees state that they are able to speak freely about their spiritual beliefs and are even encouraged to share the strength they receive from it.

They feel a sense of comfort knowing that they work for a company that emphasizes the importance of spiritual growth and dedication.

Spirituality aside, employees say that individuality and diversity is also welcomed. 

Cons Of Working At AdventHealth

1. Management

Several workers at Advent say that one thing in need of improvement is the management.

Employees state that they don’t always feel supported or appreciated.

Those managers will turn a blind eye to staffing needs and allow people to become overwhelmed and overworked.

Some nurses have stated that managers will attempt to cover up mistakes and even bully staff members that question their motives.

Words like “unpredictable” and “hostile” have also been used to describe managers.

2. Understaffed

AdventHealth, like many other medical facilities, often find themselves understaffed.

Employees complain that this leads to being overworked, stressed to the point of burnout, feelings of frustration, and being undervalued.

They are left to work longer hours and extra shifts, which leads to exhaustion and increases the risk of mistakes being made.

3. Workplace Culture

Many workers in some of the Advent sites say that the culture and atmosphere could use improvement.

There’s very little appreciation shown.

The small things like doughnuts in the break room, celebrating birthdays, or holiday parties.

Management and corporate don’t really go out of their way to show staff members how important they are.

4. No Room For Advancement

Even though there’s plenty of opportunity for education and learning, there seems to be little room to move up the ladder at AdventHealth.

Once you are in a position, that’s normally where you’ll stay.

Managers and upper-level positions are usually hired from outside the company.

5. Salary

Many employees complain that the salary at Advent is not on par with similar companies.  

The average nurse’s salary is $32-$40 an hour, which is about $10-$15 below the national average.

Workers also say it’s tough trying to get a raise.

So, if top pay is what you’re after, this may not be your dream job. 

6. Not Enough Time Off

Many employees complain that the paid time off policy does not work well.

There are no built-in company holidays or personal illness days.

You must earn your paid time off and use it for any holidays, sick time, or emergencies you may have.

Earning time can take a while, while Advent will automatically give you 1 day in your “bank” on the day you’re hired, you will usually only earn 1 day for every 2 weeks you’ve worked.

Many people say this is simply not enough time if they have a sick child or are sick themselves.

Also, there seems to be an issue with getting the time off approved.

Employees that save their time for holidays are often denied a day off because of staffing shortages.

If you need to take off and don’t have days in your bank, you don’t get paid.

7. Physically Demanding

Healthcare workers in general should be in reasonably good health and physical condition.

Typically, the shifts are long and you’re on your feet for most of it.

If you’re not standing, you’re running back and forth to patients’ rooms.

There’s also a lot of lifting, pushing, pulling, carrying heavy equipment, and transferring patients to and from bed, wheelchairs, etc.

This opens up the possibility of injury.

AdventHealth employees have reported being exhausted after their shifts and often suffering from muscle aches and pulls and sprains.

14 Pros and Cons of Working for AdventHealth – Summary Table

Pros Of Working For AdventHealthCons Of Working At AdventHealth
1. Great People1. Management
2. Job Security2. Understaffed
3. Benefits3. Workplace Culture
4. Educational Opportunities4. No Room For Advancement
5. Helping People5. Salary
6. Meet New People6. Not Enough Time Off
7. Can Be Yourself7. Physically Demanding

Should You Work For AdventHealth?

AdventHealth is a great place to work because you enjoy a friendly team atmosphere, a steady paycheck, and, of course, helping people.

It’s also a company that will embrace and support your spiritual beliefs and allow you to express them.

However, the work is very fast-paced and requires a lot of stamina.

There’s not always an opportunity for a good work-life balance, so if you have a family, especially children, you may want to weigh your options.

The salary is not on par with other health providers of its size.

So, if making top dollar for your skills is important to you, you may want to look elsewhere.

Whether or not you should take a job with AdventHealth is really a matter of what you want out of your career and what you personally can handle. 

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