17 Pros and Cons of Being a Veterinary Technician

If you’re passionate about taking care of animals, a career as a veterinary tech may be ideal for you.

Vet techs have a job to better the health of animals that come into their facility.

However, before you choose a career as a vet tech, this guide will provide you with some pros and cons of this career.

This will help you decide if this is the perfect job for you.

Pros of Being a Veterinary Technician

Vet techs assist veterinarians.

They also have many other duties, including collecting blood and maintaining patient records.

Here is a list of pros related to becoming a vet tech:

1. Work is Appealing

The job of a vet tech is extremely physical and involves a hands-on approach.

As a vet tech, you will be working directly with pet owners and their animals.

One of your jobs may entail executing assessments and distributing medicine.

There may be instances that call for you to physically restrain an animal as they don’t always cooperate.

If you are up for the challenge and are hands-on when it comes to animals, this could be an ideal career for you.

2. Rewarding Career

Vet techs have a very rewarding and fulfilling job.

You have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of both pet owners and animals on a daily basis.

Your job is to avert injury and illness in animals.

You will utilize your skills to ensure that the care you administer is superior.

The care that you deliver ensures that the animals you treat can live healthy and long lives.

3. Never a Dull Moment

Life as a vet tech never gets boring.

If you are up for a challenge and enjoy staying busy, being a vet tech may be right for you.

You will see many different patients in a single work day.

Every patient will have their own unique set of needs and  will require a customized treatment plan.

As a vet tech you could work with house animals such as dogs and cats.

Your job may also require you to travel to care for lab, zoo, or livestock animals.

However, this depends on your qualifications.

4. Many Job Opportunities

Being a vet tech enables you to work in different types of healthcare settings.

You may choose to work in a private clinic, wildlife refuge, or an animal hospital.

There are other positions available for vet techs as well.

If you continue on with your career, you may become successful in the future.

As a result, you would be able to relocate or advance in your career if you choose to.

Your vet technician certificate can show hiring managers that you are well-qualified for the job.

5. Interact With Different People

Even though your primary job as a vet technician is to care for animals, you will also be spending time with a lot of different people.

You will work with pet owners and educate them on the proper way to give your pets medication.

You may also  be responsible for explaining a certain diet plan to a pet owner.

If you work for a rescue organization, you will have the opportunity to meet volunteers.

You can also play a big role in helping with adoptions and much more.

6. Job Security

Vet technicians are in high demand.

If you are pursuing a career as a vet tech, you should not run into any problems finding a job.

No two days are the same as a technician.

You are responsible for performing different procedures, depending on the needs of the animal and the pet owner.

Job security is a huge advantage and is something that most people look for when choosing the right career path.

7. Wear Scrubs

Many people enjoy the fact that they can wear scrubs.

Nothing beats wearing scrubs more than pajamas.

There are other professions that require you to dress up.

This means you would have to wear a suit or dress slacks and heels.

These clothes can be extremely uncomfortable and quite expensive.

With scrubs, you never have to worry or wonder what you will wear to work the next day.

Your work dress code is simple, yet comfortable. 

8. Join a Team of People Just Like You

Being apart of a team of people that are passionate about animals just like you is exciting.

You can rest assured that you are all in this together.

Your co-workers all want the same type of outcome.

Your co-workers will truly understand and share your love of animals.

This is a huge advantage of being a vet tech.

Cons of Being a Veterinary Technician

Here are some cons of becoming a vet technician:

1. Work is Demanding

After becoming a vet tech you will soon learn that the environment you work in is physically strenuous.

Vet techs spend the majority of their day standing on their feet.

Vet techs are also required to position, lift, and even constrain animals.

The best way to prevent risk of injury is by ensuring you are dressed properly for work.

You must also be mindful of taking care of yourself outside of work, such as eating healthily and getting enough sleep.

2. Emotionally Demanding

Vet technicians may find that their job is emotionally demanding.

This is due to the fact that they often work with sick, injured, and distressed animals.

To top it off, pet owners may come in feeling nervous and stressed due to their sick pets.

With that being said, it’s important for vet techs to properly manage their emotions in challenging situations.

They should also come up with ways to cope effectively. 

3. Must Have Patience

Vet techs must have patience on a daily basis.

If you don’t consider yourself a patient person, this may not be the best career for you.

You will encounter plenty of stressful situations, frightened animals, and more.

You must understand that you may not always be able to get animals or pet owners calm.

It takes a lot of consistence to practice patience.

4. Workplace Hazards

Vet techs tend to experience more injuries at the workplace compared to other professions.

Animals that are in distress can scratch, kick and even bite vet techs.

Animals that are heavy may even try to wrestle their way out of receiving treatment while it’s being administered.

This can make it much more challenging for a vet tech to do their job accordingly.

5. Dealing with Pets that Have to be Euthanized

Being exposed to euthanasia can be extremely stressful.

It can result in fatigue and burnout.

If you are an empathetic person, you can easily suffer exhaustion from pets who are suffering.

This may be something that you will have to deal with on a daily basis.

It can lead to a sense of feeling helpless.

6. Dealing with Animals in Pain

Aside from seeing animals that may have to be put under, you will deal with animals who are scared and in pain all the time.

While it may not be easy to see animals stressed and scared, this will become a normal part of your job.

Not to mention, some injuries can be pretty horrifying, especially if you are working in the emergency department.

7. Low Pay

Another downside to being a vet tech is that while you will be working for long hours, your pay as a vet tech is relatively low.

On average, vet techs make anywhere between $25,000 and $35,000.

If you have more experience than others that are just starting out, you may find yourself towards the higher end of this salary.

Vet techs are typically considered to be a stepping stone job.

You can use this job to get to where you’d like to be in the future.

8. You May Lose Ambition

When making the decision to become a vet tech, you must make sure this is truly something you see yourself doing for awhile.

If not, you will quickly find your dream job beginning to fade away.

While this isn’t the worst thing that can happen to you, you can still be grateful for the experience you gained during that time. 

9. Dealing With Bodily Fluids

As a vet tech, be prepared to get hit with different types of bodily fluids including vomit, poop, and more.

While this may not seem to bother most people, it is also a part of the nature of this job.

Word of advice: bring a pair of extra scrubs with you to work.

17 Pros and Cons of Being a Veterinary Technician – Summary Table

Pros of Being a Veterinary TechnicianCons of Being a Veterinary Technician
1. Work is Appealing1. Work is Demanding
2. Rewarding Career2. Emotionally Demanding
3. Never a Dull Moment3. Must Have Patience
4. Many Job Opportunities4. Workplace Hazards
5. Interact With Different People5. Dealing with Pets that Have to be Euthanized
6. Job Security6. Dealing with Animals in Pain
7. Wear Scrubs7. Low Pay
8. Join a Team of People Just Like You8. You May Lose Ambition
9. Dealing With Bodily Fluids

Should You Become a Veterinary Technician?

If you still aren’t sure whether you should pursue a career as a vet tech, you must first decide whether working with animals is your passion.

If you aren’t passionate about animals, this isn’t your field of work.

Working as a vet is a spontaneous job.

Everyday you will encounter different animals with varying degrees of stress and sickness.

You must know how to deal with animals in different types of moods all while keeping your own emotions in check.

If this sounds like something you can get used to and are up for a challenge, a career in veterinary medicine may be for you.

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