How to Become a Party Planner

Party Planners are experienced in planning events for a variety of purposes including meetings, private parties, conventions or fundraisers.

Individuals in this profession can work in one of these specialized areas or be experienced in planning all types of events.

Individuals who want to become a Party Planner will need a combination of skills and education.

Some helpful personal characteristics include: being detail oriented and organized, negotiation and interpersonal skill as well as being able to remain composed on the day of the event.

Education Requirements to Become a Party Planner

Individuals who want to become a Party Planner are not required to have a postsecondary degree; however, many employers seek candidates who have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree.

In addition, individuals who want to enter this field will have better opportunities if they become certified and have several years of experience in the field.

Individuals who want to become a Party Planner are encouraged to complete a bachelor’s in hospitality or tourism to enter this profession.

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Other helpful degrees include: business, communications, marketing or public relations.

Individuals who complete a different degree still have the opportunity to enter this field; however, they are encouraged to gain on the job experience in the field to add onto their resume.

Individuals who complete a hospitality management degree will have more responsibilities when they first enter the field when compared to individuals who completed a different degree.

This is due to the fact that they gained the skills and knowledge necessary when completing their bachelor’s degree.

Although not required, a certification in event planning will improve job prospects for some individuals.

Many certifications are offered for meeting and convention planners.

Individuals can visit CMP to learn more information on how to secure a certification as a Certified Meeting Professional.

Party Planner Job Description

Party Planners may work as a sole proprietor or for a company that specializes in events.

Their main goal is to plan and create events for their clients keeping in mind a theme and a set budget.

These professionals may specialize in planning different types of events such as personal parties, company parties, nonprofit fundraisers or company meetings.

Party Planners will first meet with their clients to determine the purpose of the event and their expectations.

Other details will also be discussed including the budget that has been allocated towards the event, the theme and the type of attendee expected at the event.

Party Planners are responsible for all aspects of an event including planning logistics, finding a venue that fits within the price range and within the date ranges expected by their client.

Party Planners will work on writing request for proposals (RFPs) to find the best venue, catering service and other providers such as rental companies for things such as linens or flowers.

Every consideration and bid takes into mind how much money has been used according to the budget and the expectations set forth by the client.

Party Planner Salary and Career Path

In 2012, the median salary for Meeting, Convention and Event Planners was approximately $45,810 per year with some individuals earning up to $79,270.

Exact wages will depend on a variety of factors including area of specialization, whether an individual works as a sole proprietor and size of their organization.

Many of these professionals work full time with increased hours of work as an event approaches; in addition, hours may also be irregular as an event approaches.

The job outlook for Meeting, Convention and Event Planners is expected to grow at a faster than average rate when compared to other professions.

There will be an increase in job opportunities for individuals entering this field with a job growth of 33 percent through the year 2022.

Individuals with a bachelor’s degree in hospitality or tourism have the best job prospects.

Individuals who are detailed oriented, like to plan in advance and like a fast paced environment will be a great fit as a Party Planner.

These professionals go through phases of planning that culminate in a fast paced event lasting only a few hours.

With an expected fast job growth and competitive wages, individuals pursuing a trade in this field can find a variety of opportunities planning different types of events.

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