What Can You Do with a Minor in History: Are There Any Jobs for You?

The purpose of the minor in history is to present a general overview of historical processes from prehistory to the present world, of controversies and debates on the limits of historical knowledge.

A minor in history is intended to introduce students to the basic tools and procedures;that historians use to question the past.

With this, it handles historiographical analysis, comparative methods, hypothesis constructions, conceptual works, and the development of time and change in a historical sense.

Through the techniques offered by the new information and communication technologies, future professionals can be prepared to carry out research and teaching history with safety and excellence and show them to the world.

What Is a Minor in History?

The study of history offers theoretical concepts and content to investigate events that marked a before and after;  analyzing reality through the study of past phenomena, of cultures, of their outstanding manifestations.

It is used through techniques based on the social sciences and sources to access the information that allows having the tools to understand the actions of man in society over time.

A minor in history offers the world professionals with general training in teaching; prospecting, excavations and archaeological studies, historical research, management of historical heritage, and culture and historical documentation.

What makes the study of history so important is that it allows us to look at the events of the past and helps us to know in which direction it is going towards our present and why.

The role of a minor in history is to collect information, investigate the events that marked the history, use objects such as letters, ancient sculptures, and sacred spaces.

You must also show proper respect for each event and give critical judgment to all types of testimony found.

Find out if the minor degree in history is for you.

How Do you Know If you Apply? This Is What You Need To Know!

Get ready to recognize if the history career is right for you; whoever aspires to obtain a minor degree in history should know the following, without exception!

  • Knowing how to do writing work as practical work and finally the thesis of the degree; for that reason improving in essay writing is the initial key.
  • Have adequate preparation in social studies, especially in history and geography.
  • Combine multi-causal elements in the handling of explanations of historical processes.
  • Understand and integrate historiographic and epistemological debates into their work.
  • Communicate history and humanities content with rigor, clarity and amenity.
  • Appreciate the historical artistic heritage and identify the cultural bases of our time and its specificity.
  • Feeling attracted to know the historical evolution of human societies, both in the past and present.
  • Evaluate and analyze the micro and meso changes of the great historical processes.
  • Knowing how to handle current computer tools, for the creation of resources on the internet and other media.
  • For better organization and planning, you should know how to quickly familiarize yourself with diverse sites of historical interest, such as museums and exhibitions.
  • Have the ability to handle and manage information, with respect, interest, and knowledge of various cultures.
  • Be able to conceptually understand the life of human beings in time and space.
  • Do not stop learning regularly from archives and historical documents, books from documentation centers and libraries, the press, and the media, and historical novels.
  • Good ability to understand and assimilate written texts, their respective analysis.

The Easiest

Mastering the basics, how to write an essay correctly, that is, write with good spelling and grammar, In addition to having imagination and creativity.

The Most Difficult thing About This type of Study

Have a critical sense in the face of the given realities and the phenomena that have preceded; so that it allows to establish comparisons, deductions, critical reasoning, and conclusions about problems and concepts of a historical nature.

Do you Think You Can Candle All these Challenges and Commitments?

Are you passionate about dedicating yourself to it? If your answer is yes, this career will be the best thing in your life, since, in addition to being your hobby, you will love your job.

Because the challenge of being part of the relevant discipline in the construction of the future of Humanity is to demonstrate a necessary and fruitful knowledge in shaping creative, open, and critical thinking of history.

That you are able to dialogue with other related disciplines such as political science, anthropology, international studies, law, and sociology.

History is not knowing data from the past, but learning to select them, analyze them, interpret them and make sense of other times and the present time.

Student and Professional Profiles that Apply to this area

The following are profiles of students to whom the degree is specially directed:

  • High school students without professional experience who want to dedicate themselves to the field of History and Humanities.
  • Students who have already completed university studies in any field of knowledge of Social Sciences and who seek greater professional development and obtaining the Bachelor’s Degree.
  • Students without a previous university degree who take the University Access course for people over 25 and 45 years old.
  • Professionals in the exercise of teaching, who want to deepen in the branch of Social Sciences and Humanities.

What Would Your Job Sector Be with a Minor in History?

What does a professional in history work on? History graduates exhibit inherent competences to their training.

Many are demanded by different labor sectors, which makes a worker capable of occupying jobs with good results.

History professionals who are trained have various career options and are able to perform various major career opportunities.

For example, a graduate in the history of art, geography, and world history will have as a professional career the teaching of history; dedicate themselves to archaeological studies, historical research, and management of historical and cultural heritage.

In the student and business sector

Professional activity such as teaching in student entities as a university professor or dedicating yourself to the analysis of information within companies and public, official or private institutions, and cultural interpretation centers.

Going further would be a cultural consultancy in institutions, companies, and the media and the social, political, and economic evolution of humanity and the events that occurred in one or more stages of the life of society.

Art and History Museums

An unconventional, but ideal labor sector would be a museum in cultural management, advising social institutions, the media, non-governmental organizations, museums, and libraries.

There you would dedicate yourself to geographical-historical research and art history and conservation; the exhibition of works of art, and in the elaboration and preparation of teaching and dissemination texts in history.

You can also work on the recovery, restoration and preservation of historical heritage, which is the cultural legacy of our ancestors.

Virtual and Technology Companies

Technology companies, since they are beginning to give a new value to graduates of careers like this since it is considered that they can contribute critical and fundamental global thinking to their industries.

The performance or position in this area will focus on the organization, cataloging, and management of archives, management of historical, natural, cultural heritage in the institutional and business environment.

You can do a postgraduate degree; such as high school and intermediate and higher-level training cycles related to the specialty of history, geography, and art history; even apply for master’s degrees and doctorates in the area.

You can have your minor in history and make your dream come true; Even so, you will also advance your studies and specialize in order to generate a better job and salary.

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