Top 8 College Majors That Require Very Little Mathematics, Practically Nothing!

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Here are 8 college majors that don’t require math.

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8 College Majors That Don’t Require Math

Social Work

Social work is a profession based on practice and an academic discipline that promotes change, development, and social cohesion, through the empowerment and liberation of people.

The principles of social justice, human rights, collective responsibility, and respect for diversity are fundamental to social work; It is supported by theories of social work and these are Social Sciences, Humanities, and Indigenous Knowledge.

Social work engages people and structures to meet life challenges and increase well-being in today’s society; It is an excellent career where; without a doubt, mathematics is almost nil.

Except, for social work, there if you are going to be able to find yourself relating to statistics; However, with this university degree, do not stress about learning or practicing numbers, formulas.

College Majors that Don’t Require Math – Law

If you prefer to continue in the field of social sciences, but with another look, you can choose a career in law.

Studying the law degree, you will have the possibility of knowing the laws; if you are wondering what the law is about, it is about the rights and obligations of citizens.

The main subjects that you will have to address are civil law, criminal law, and constitutional law.

It is possible that you can see tax law once, there you will have to learn to handle taxes and fees where you handle mathematics; But, they are really very few compared to engineering, because it is very basic mathematics.

As you can see, studying law does not have an approach related to mathematics; however, you are going to have to use your logic, your memory and constantly update yourself.

Art and Culture

In addition to the artists we admire on television, you can also dedicate yourself to education, to teach how to play an instrument, to give theater classes, or you can even study audiovisual communication to be a great film director.

Finally, this is worth two, since studying the world of art may be the best option if you want to avoid mathematics.

Whether through music, cinema, or theater; you will have the possibility to train professionally without the need to live with the numbers.

Communication Sciences or Journalism

The field of communication, mainly, is the one that offers the most careers without the intervention of numbers.

Some of the subjects that are carried out during the career of communication sciences are digital communication, oral expression, history, languages, literature, writing, and semiology.

As you can see, social communication or journalism do not have mathematical subjects, but they are inclined to those related to social sciences.

You will only study communication subjects, in which you will understand topics such as advertising, radio, television, and with greater emphasis, if you are studying journalism, you will be delving into audiovisual media, fine arts, history, and theater.

Psychology – College Majors That Don’t Require Math

Psychology is a science and academic discipline that deals with the study and analysis of the behavior and mental processes of individuals and human groups in different situations; whose field of study encompasses all aspects of the human experience.

It prepares graduates to apply its advances and guidelines in order to benefit society throughout the world; in terms of health promotion, education, and human well-being since it brings uniqueness to the practice of the psychologist.

It is true that some of its branches of mathematics are carried out; however, the main subjects of this discipline do not have to do with numbers, formulas, and anything related.


The study of history deepens the branch of Social Sciences and Humanities and offers theoretical concepts, contents, and investigation of the events that marked a before and after.

It focuses on analyzing reality through the study of past phenomena, of cultures, of their outstanding manifestations.

Knowing data from the past, learning to select them, analyze them, interpret them and make sense of other times and the present time.

There you would dedicate yourself to archaeological studies, historical research, and management of historical and cultural heritage.

Among them: geographical research, art history, historiographies analysis, comparative methods, and hypothesis constructions of the past.

This career does not require mathematics, it requires mastering the imagination, creativity, understanding, and assimilation of written texts; their respective analysis, research, having a critical sense in the face of giving realities and phenomena.

Establish comparisons, deductions, critical reasoning, and conclusions about problems and concepts of a historical nature; having a broad perspective, but does not have to do with numbers.


The career of tourism and hospitality belongs to the branch of social sciences; it is an excellent career for lovers of travel and languages; This career does not include mathematics courses, but only basic ones.

Foreign Languages, Philosophy, and Literature

The career of philosophy, as well as the career of letters, literature, and language teaching, do not require mathematics.

The most important course hours, foreign language students are frequently required to take courses in linguistics (the scientific study of language), history, religion, social science, sociology, and anthropology, it will never be mathematics.

While philosophy, guides students through the study of reality, existence, knowledge, values, and reason.

However, both or related careers can be useful in business; they are very complete and ideal if you want to study an advantageous career, knowing that numbers are not your thing.

Recommendation Before Your Studying Choice

It is necessary to understand that mathematics is the basic one since it will allow us to understand or solve problems from different perspectives; develop our analytical thinking that depends on numbers, and solve efficiently.

In any career or throughout your life, you will need to apply basic math; however, you do not have to study it in depth to know a little about it and apply it where it is required.

The most important thing is that you enjoy the career you study; do not lean towards the ones that pay the best or the ones that everyone chooses.

It is a very significant decision in your life, and you must be sure when choosing.

That is why we created this article, and we hope that it has been of great use to you so that you can decide with greater security.

If numbers aren’t your thing; then these college majors that don’t require math will be your ideal career.

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