How to Become a Mining Engineer

A Mining Engineer’s professional goal is to design, create and manage the making of mineshafts in order to extract materials such as metals, minerals and coal.

These extracted natural resources are necessary in order to create energy sources as well as consumer goods.

The extracted natural resources are typically used in the utilities and manufacturing industries.

Mining Engineers implement their knowledge of science, physics and math in order to excavate these materials but at the same time are responsible for creating the safest environment for miners performing the extractions.

The types of mines they design include open pit and underground mines.

These professionals can work in conjunction with several other experts such as geologists and metallurgical engineers in order to locate potential deposits of natural resources.

Interested students who want to become a Mining Engineer should have a keen interest in science, math and physics in order to prepare themselves for working in this industry.

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Related careers include the following:

  • Computer Engineer
  • Electronics Engineer
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Environmental Engineer
  • Industrial Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Nuclear Engineer

All these professions require a strong knowledge in mathematical and science based concepts.

A student will need to determine the area of expertise they are interested in order to choose the right engineering career for themselves.

Education Requirements to Become a Mining Engineer

In order to become a Mining Engineer, a candidate should have a strong knowledge in math and science.

In addition, future Mining Engineers would benefit from having a strong interest in the extraction of natural resources and determining ways that are efficient and structured with the highest level of safety for the extractors.

All candidates looking into engineering need a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or related track.

Most Engineering programs require students to choose specialty and also have them take important courses such as mathematics, life and physical sciences in order to create a larger scope of knowledge.

Candidates interested in this field need to study a Mining Engineering track.

Someone who wants to learn become a Mining Engineer can also enter a track specializing in Engineering and the earth Sciences.

Other helpful tracks that can help you become a Mining Engineer include Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or a General Engineering Degree.

Mining Engineer Job Description

Mining Engineers are involved in the designing and creation of mines in order to help extract the earth’s natural resources.

Mining Engineers are involved in the mining process from beginning to end.

They complete their duties by creating a mining plan, monitoring the construction of mines and supervising miners during excavation.

In collaboration with other professionals such as Petroleum Engineers, Environmental Engineers or Geological Engineers, they also generate a plan that focuses on the mining operation.

Mining Engineers must create mineshafts that uphold the highest safety standards and the most secure environment for miners going into the depths of the earth.

These professionals are also responsible for managing and supervising the extraction process in order to ensure that the mining is being done in the most efficient and safest way possible.

They may troubleshoot any potential problems that would affect the mining and create resolutions for an efficient process.

Mining Engineers are also responsible for developing mining equipment and techniques.

A recent shift in protecting the environment has challenged these professionals to design and implement mining processes that are both efficient and safe for the environment.

These professionals may work with Environmental Engineers to assure that local, State or Federal laws are implemented and achieved.

While on duty, Mining Engineers split their time at the office preparing the design and processes for excavation and visiting the mining sites in order to supervise and assure the excavating process is being done correctly.

Mining Engineer Salary and Career Path

Engineers are some of the highest paid workers among other professionals with a Bachelor’s Degree.

The national average for those specializing in Mining Engineering is approximately $64,400 per year, according the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The highest paying engineering specialization is in Petroleum which on average pays a yearly salary of $83,000 per year.

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