What Jobs Can You Get Without a High School Diploma? Consider These 10 Options

It is becoming more and more common for people to submit a resume that literally has only one page; if this is your case, you probably think that you do not have the necessary skills to start working.

Nowadays; it is common to observe adolescent students who, driven by various reasons, seek some type of work even when they study.

However, they face some drawbacks, such as not having any work experience; the truth is that most people who want to work start from scratch.

In fact, most students who leave high school look for work without having skills, then develop them.

If you do not have money to invest and do not have degrees or experience, but you need to become financially independent, keep reading this article.

These job options can be done =without investment, without studies, and without needing prior experience.

10 Jobs Without a High School Diploma and No Experience!

Next, you will know 11 jobs that you can do and that does not necessarily require any type of studies or experience.

Senior Helper

Older people are known to limit themselves somewhat to the use of new technologies because they don’t understand each other or because they think they can be misled.

Here is your opportunity without going any further; there are young people who teach adults to use Facebook and are satisfied since they can interact with family members through the internet.

The best part is that you can earn extra money every week by teaching basic apps to adults; also, more elderly people living alone may have some type of disability or limitation.

This is your opportunity to offer your assistance services; for example, asking if you need help with small daily tasks.

It can be throwing out the garbage, shopping at the market, mowing the lawn, cleaning their house, washing their clothes, or simply going to the doctor, if you know how to drive you can become a driver.

We do not include the job of a driver on the list; because to be a specific driver in a company you must have experience, but not to help a person with their errands.

Pet Care

If you like animals, this type of work will be very interesting for you; it is about caring for and walking all types of pets, usually dogs for a few hours when the owners are away from home for work or vacations.

This type of job is very easy to find in big cities; there is a great demand due to the lifestyle that takes place in a city.

Restaurant or Fast Food Staff

Your role in fast food places will be to learn the order and the foods in which a meal is prepared from the menu of that franchise or fast food truck.

In general, all kitchen helpers have a function, one prepares, the other cooks and another assembles.

As for restaurants, you can apply as a kitchen assistant or waiter, take notes of the orders, take the food to each table, clean the tables when the guests leave and the best of all is the tips.

Delivery Man or Delivery Woman

Any delivery company will be good for you, it is practical, you only need a bicycle, if not the company offers it to you during service hours, also a cell phone.

It is an option that you can consider to work with advantages, and that you exercise while you work, which is good for your health in addition to the extra tips that they leave you.

Give Private Lessons And Homework

If you are good in a particular subject you can monetize this knowledge, it is about helping students with difficulties to pass their exams in that subject and helping students with their homework by charging by the hour.

You can give a few hours a week of private classes, and you can use social networks to attract your potential clients, even to update yourself on the subject.

Tour Guide

You can apply for this job even if your city has a lot of people and mainly if it is a tourist site; you can start, make some articles you can in a small blog where you can group those interested and make a calendar.

Also take charge of the tour guide of this city, group these people and take a tour of your city.

Call Center

The only thing you have to know how to do is speak, and possibly sell, but you must know how to communicate with the client because generally the company or agency trains the workers.

It is a job that you can do without experience and the best thing is that some of these companies, corporations, or agencies, after spending time with them, having been trained and measured up, let you work at home.

Coach or Referee

In schools or colleges, primary or secondary, being a coach of a sport is something simple; if you like basketball, baseball, soccer, tennis or any sport ¡This job is for you!

You do not need to master the position, if you like a sport, you no longer need to learn, the experience will be given as you are in practice with your players; more than a job, it will be a good hobby.


A babysitter takes care of a third party’s child, this is the domestic employee whose functions, tasks, and responsibilities consist of taking care of babies, infants, children, even the elderly, within the home and on a regular basis with a fixed schedule.

Babysitters provide assistance in the care of children, helping parents to meet physical, emotional, intellectual, and vigilance needs, to create an environment of safety, understanding, good treatment, and stimulation for children.

Cleaning Worker

Carry out cleaning and maintenance tasks for surfaces and furniture; it can be in buildings and premises, even in other people’s houses, products and machines must be used to guarantee the sanitation, conservation, and maintenance of spaces.

It is responsible for keeping all the areas in which must do work clean; also, do the replacement of materials, such as toilet paper or napkins, emptying bins, or waste disposal.

Moreover, to work as a glass cleaner for buildings; the person in charge must clean exterior glass throughout the building; such a person has been hired in case the building is very tall and requires a lot of effort for the janitor.


Knowing the area of work would provide a plus and ease to perform them, however, it is not mandatory, these are jobs without a high school diploma;  Anyway, working you acquire the basic and necessary knowledge to adapt to the world of work.

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