How to Become a Jail Warden

Jail Wardens are responsible for overseeing and managing a variety of aspects in a state run correctional facility.

Jail Wardens perform a similar role to that of a Prison Warden, with one major difference.

Jails are run by state funds while prisons can be financed through private funds or the federal government.

Jail Wardens manage a variety of tasks to ensure that long term and daily goals are met.

In addition, their management skills help operate and run their correctional facility.

Some of their responsibilities include training and managing Correctional Officers in order to ensure the public safety.

They are also responsible for handling finances, funding programs offered to inmates and provide food and clothing.

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If you are interested in becoming a Jail Warden, read the following information below to learn about the education requirements, a general job description, salary and wage information as well as the future employment outlook.

Education Requirements to Become a Jail Warden

In order to become a Jail Warden, you will need a combination of experience and education.

If you want to make the steps to become a Jail Warden, you may consider training as a Correctional Officer beforehand to fulfill the necessary experience.

Requirements to become a Correctional Officer will depend on the jurisdiction you are seeking to work in.

Some employers located in larger jurisdictions may require candidates to complete a college education to attain a Bachelor’s degree.

A candidate should join a program that focuses on Correctional Management, Criminal Justice, Public Administration, Counseling, Criminology or Psychology.

After completing a program at an accredited college or university, candidates need several years of experience.

Employers look for candidates who have completed this requirement at a correctional facility, jail, prison, corrections or related field.

In addition, at least five years working in a mid management position at a correctional facility or related field is necessary to be a competitive candidate.

Jail Warden Job Description

A Jail Warden is responsible for managing a state run correctional facility.

They oversee all employees, establish and run programs established for inmates and make sure all state and federal regulations are being met by employees.

A Jail Warden sets policies, rules and trains employees in order to provide a safe environment for both employees and inmates.

Some day to day activities Jail Wardens oversee include supervising employees, coordinating meals and activities for inmates.

Administrative tasks Jail Wardens are responsible include creating budgets, hiring and training employees such as Corrections Officers, implementing policies and managing all operations.

Jail Wardens directs other correctional facility employees involved in programs including first line supervisors, mental health professionals, medical staff and educational staff.

A Jail Warden will also examine the facility in order to determine whether it needs new, updated or repaired equipment in order to have a safe environment.

Safety equipment includes monitoring systems and security gear.

Types of policies and procedures a Jail Warden would need to create and implement including intake protocol, treatment programs, education and job training programs and recreation and discipline procedures.

Jail Warden Salary and Career Path

The Bureau of Labor Statistics doesn’t have information regarding income and salary for Jail Wardens.

However, they report wages for a similar profession, Correctional Officer Managers.

The median wage in 2008 for Correctional Officer Managers was approximately $57,380.

The salary range for these professionals during the same year was approximately $32,000 to $87,000 per year. states that the national average income for Jail Wardens is approximately $55,000 per year.

Exact wages will depend on the size of the prison, years of experience and the jurisdiction the Jail Warden finds employment in.

The job growth for this profession is expected to grow by about average at 9% through the year 2018.

This growth is attributed to a growing population and an increase in crime and criminals being incarcerated.

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