Is Recruitment A Good Job?

A career in recruitment can be a great path to go down and for people with the right skills, knowledge and experience – they can find themselves going up the career ladder very quickly and earn lots of money. 

The thing is, no career is without its disadvantages and the career path of recruitment is not for everyone. 

So, is recruitment a good job?

In this guide, we’re going to explore the main points surrounding a career in recruitment with the good points, the bad points and what person might be suited to the role. 

What Is Recruitment?

Recruitment involves liaising between prospective candidates and employers. The aim is to get as many people employed in roles for as long as possible. 

The better the pay of the role, the better the candidate will need to be – and as a result, the greater the pay is for the recruiter. If a candidate is perfect for the role and is on your books, you’ll need to get them signed up before they’re snapped up by somebody else!

A recruiter will get a call from a prospective employer with a job vacancy. It is then the recruiter’s job to try and fill that role in a certain time and with the right candidate – although the person that will be hired will always be down to the employer ultimately. 

A recruiter will use various methods to try and advertise the role including sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, job boards etc. They will also contact people on their books (prospective candidates who have given their resume and details in) if they feel they are right for the role. 

The recruiter will also try and prepare the prospective candidates for interviews, application writing and certain skills that they can help with. 

In between this, a recruiter will understand that the employer has their own schedules which are often incredibly busy – meaning they will need to discuss plans for potential interviews etc. way in advance. 

If the recruiter feels the prospective candidate is right for the role, ready for interview etc – they will “sell” the candidate to the employer before they meet them. 

What Type Of Person Is Right For A Job In Recruitment?

Recruitment roles suit people who have a target based mindset. So, those with experience in sales are normally a good fit. 

Recruiters will have set targets they will need to meet in order to continue working for the agency. Of course, experience will help them every month and they will know who to look for when it comes to a great candidate. 

It’s often a recruiter’s responsibility to try and get new clients (prospective employers) and they will need to have very good customer service, sales skills and marketing skills. 

Generally, a recruiter should have a friendly personality with a “can-do” attitude and be prepared to work long hours. Recruiters tend to start work earlier than most other roles because they are preparing first thing in the morning and getting in contact with certain clients that start earlier. 

The same applies for the end of the day as they will tend to work later to accommodate other people and other client’s lives and schedules. 

What Are The Pros Of Recruitment Jobs?

Like with many jobs, there are pros and cons. Some of the pros of recruitment include: 

The Cash 

Recruiters have the ability to earn a lot of money. It’s possible to meet your on target earnings (OTE) and earn bonuses from this with one client. Some clients can earn a recruiter thousands of dollars on their own, let alone the others they will have completed that month. 

In fact, it’s possible for a recruiter to earn more in one month than some other jobs will take home in a year. So, if you’re money-driven – recruitment is for you!

Some Offers/Perks 

Some agencies can offer recruiters perks and bonuses for their work such as trips to Vegas or Hawaii. This will differ depending on who the recruiter is working for, but it’s not uncommon to see. 


Recruitment is a career path that can see you going from the bottom of the pile to management and above in a matter of months. It simply depends on how driven you are and how hard you’re willing to work. 

There’s also an element of luck with it too, but the basics start with you. If you’re looking for a job title that you can be proud of – recruitment can see you go into senior positions very quickly. You just gotta work for it!

You’re Helping Others 

Although a recruiter will mainly be focussed towards their clients, they can sometimes forget that filling the roles can save a person’s life. 

The unemployed need jobs and jobs can mean the difference between existing and living – it can also mean the difference between life and death in some respects. 

Helping a candidate to get a job can totally change their life and they can go on to be a big name in the industry with just that little bit of luck and an opportunity. 

In addition to that, you can be helping your client for a long time with a filled role, and this can be hugely beneficial to them and save them time and money! 

What Are The Cons To Working In Recruitment?

And of course, there are cons to the world of recruitment such as:

Poor Work/Life Balance 

Due to such long hours, it is almost impossible to have a social life during working days. It’s always worth checking out if you can handle it before you sign up. 

Cut-Throat Industry 

If you fail to meet the requirements, your agency can get rid of you very quickly. Not just that, it’s so competitive with thousands of agencies in the US. Candidates might decide to go with someone else if they’ve had a better experience. 

Progression Might Seem Hollow

If you’re climbing the ladder very quickly, you might start to view the advancement as hollow and the title’s might end up being meaningless to you. 


Recruitment can be a good job to get into but it’s always a case of weighing up the pros and cons and deciding if you are right for this type of role. Ultimately – it’s down to you. Good luck!

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