How to Become a Corporate Recruiter

If you’re interested in human resources, have great interpersonal skills, and good salesmanship, you might like to become a corporate recruiter.

A corporate recruiter works for a company to seek out individuals to fill vacant positions within that company.

A corporate recruiter is sometimes called an internal recruiter, or a headhunter.

The most valuable asset a company has is its people.

Good staff can make or break a business, they can see its profits soar or its productivity fail.

As a corporate recruiter, you are the driving force behind those staff, picking out the best and enticing them to work for your company.

Education Requirements to Become a Corporate Recruiter

The first step on the path to become a corporate recruiter is to complete a four year bachelor’s degree with a major in human resources.

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While at college, completing internships whenever you get the opportunity can help later on.

After graduation, you may like to become certified as a professional in human resources.

You could also join an industry group like The Association of Executive Search Consultants.

These certifications aren’t required, but they can look good on a resume and also be a good networking opportunity.

To succeed as a corporate recruiter, you’ll need great networking skills.

These days networking involves more than just rubbing shoulders at industry events.

A good understanding of social media can also go a long way.

While it isn’t necessary, many corporate recruiters gain higher degrees, such as an MBA.

Attaining a master’s degree can give you an edge over your competition, and help you to get those high end jobs.

Corporate Recruiter Job Description

The job of a corporate recruiter is to source the best candidates for internal appointments within their company.

They may do this through a variety of ways.

Keeping an eye on industry news is important.

Recruiters are also good networkers, and will have many contacts in their industry.

When a recruiter finds a talented individual, they will need to attract them.

They may ask the candidate for a meeting, or simply call them.

Discretion is of the utmost importance.

In some companies a corporate recruiter may have other duties within human resources.

For instance, they might handle payroll, salary negotiations, or employee disputes.

A corporate recruiter also looks after job applications for roles within a company.

They will scan resumes, and interview candidates.

Sometimes they may investigate their job history, and speak to references about their past.

You’ll need to have strong interpersonal skills as a corporate recruiter, as much of your time will be spent with prospective employees and staff.

You’ll develop skills in interview technique and how to choose good people while also learning how to keep up with your industry.

When you become a corporate recruiter, you’ll also need to have a good understanding of employment law.

Corporate Recruiter Salary and Career Path

Like with many career paths, you will need to begin in an entry level position within human resources.

When you become a corporate recruiter, chances are you will start off working in human resources as an assistant to someone in a senior position.

This is a good chance to learn the ropes, and start making contacts of your own.

With a bit of experience, you may be promoted to the position of corporate recruiter.

Some corporate recruiters will go on to be department heads, taking up positions like human resources manager.

Some may decide to go on to other areas of human resources.

The median salary of a corporate recruiter is $96,000.

A good recruiter can save a company a lot of money if they have the ability to attract staff members that do great work and stay in their job.

Some similar roles that your might consider include:

If you’ve got great interpersonal skills and a strong work ethic, this career path may be perfect for you.

When you decide to become a corporate recruiter, you open the door to some great career opportunities.

If you think you’d be great at putting the right people into the right job, then you should definitely consider this role.

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