How to Become a Human Resources Manager

A human resources manager works to find the best and most suitable employees for a company, and also to ensure that employees are happy, healthy, and well looked after.

The role of a human resources manager is integral in a company running smoothly.

They can make a big difference to staff morale and productivity.

It’s also their responsibility to make sure that safe practices are being followed by staff and employees.

Human resources managers have very high levels of interpersonal skills.

Being able to communicate with and understand people from all walks of life is of the utmost importance.

They also need to be very organized and be able to pay attention to the fine details.

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If you enjoy problem solving, find it easy to speak with and relate to people, and excel in the humanities, then working in human resources is likely an excellent career choice.

Education Requirements to Become a Human Resources Manager

If you’re still in high school you can start working towards a career in human resources right away.

Taking subjects in English, psychology, and business is a good start.

Any work experience you can get will also be helpful.

The minimum educational requirement to become a human resources manager is a four year bachelors degree with a major in human resources administration and management.

During your time at college you’ll learn HR laws, recruitment techniques, and other HR methodology.

It’s also possible to complete a more rounded degree in the humanities, then go on to complete masters degree in human resources.

Many people in the field have a postgraduate degree.

Employers will look well upon applicants who have a strong background in a diverse range of areas such as business and humanities.

While this isn’t really necessary to get your start, it may be helpful to gain extra qualifications later on when you are looking for advancement.

Taking a HR internship while you are in college is really important.

When you are looking for your first job, this will really stand out on your resume and get you noticed.

Being able to write a great resume is also essential, since resume’s and recruitment are such a big part of human resources.

Human Resources Manager Job Description

A human resources manager works to meet the employment needs of a company or organization.

This means hiring and firing employees, maintaining employee occupational health and safety, settling disputes, and assisting with other inquiries.

In smaller companies, a human resources manager may also be responsible for payroll.

Here are some of the tasks of a human resources manager:

  • Recruiting new employees
  • Giving warning and counseling to current employees
  • Writing position descriptions
  • Placing ads for jobs
  • Assisting with employee inquiries
  • Keeping up to date with employment law
  • Ensuring safety standards are met
  • Educating employees about safety

Human Resources Manager Salary and Career Path

Most people begin their HR career as an assistant to a HR manager.

Here you will be given simple tasks to complete to gain experience.

You’ll learn a lot about people, different employee signals, the way people work, and you’ll become accustomed to turnovers and salaries.

With a few years of experience under your belt, you can expect to move into the position of HR manager.

Taking a role with a larger company may mean more opportunities, but in some cases more competition.

Some people in human resources go on to become managers at a higher level within companies, some move into similar roles in recruitment, or payroll.

Some start their own recruitment agencies.

Others move into roles with a focus on training and education.

Here are a few similar roles you might be interested in.

The median wage for HR manager is $95,000 a year.

A HR assistant starting out their career could expect to earn close to $35,000 a year.

Beginning HR managers earn around $65,000 a year.

The top 10% in this field earn over $150,000 a year.

If you look forward to a work day filled with challenges, and plenty of time speaking with people, then you might like to become a human resources manager.

While some education is needed, employment is secure and has an excellent salary.

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