How to Become an Information Security Analyst

Information Security Analysts play an important part in the modern company’s structure.

The need for these professionals has increased dramatically due to the surge in cyber-attacks and threats from outside entities.

Their work is extremely important in protecting not only a company’s finances and data, but also the information of consumers and even the general public.

Individuals who want to become an Information Security Analyst must have a strong understanding of not only computers, but also a strong understanding of computer networks and systems.

Information Security Analysts are more likely to be hired by financial institutions such as banks, as well as government agencies.

Education Requirements to Become Information Security Analyst

Because this profession is in charge of managing a company’s network and protecting it from cyber-attacks, individuals who want to become an Information Security Analyst need advanced education and experience to prepare themselves for this career.

Individuals must first secure a bachelor’s degree, then pursue a graduate degree at the Master’s level.

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Finally, individuals who would like to become an Information Security Analyst will need several years of job experience to qualify for job opportunities in this profession.

Individuals who want to become an Information Security Analyst must seek an undergraduate degree in computer programming, computer science or a closely related field.

Because this field and profession continues to evolve, higher education institutions are still working towards creating a curriculum and coursework.

Many institutions are creating Information Security programs.

Individuals pursuing an advanced degree should apply for a program that focuses on a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) in information systems.

These programs typically take a minimum of two years and prepare individuals by requiring classes in Business and computer related curriculum.

Although not a specific requirement, individuals can seek an Information Security certificate to become more appealing to potential employers.

Please visit ISC2 for more information on certification requirements and testing.

Information Security Analyst Job Description

Modern technology has made the lives of many Americans easier.

However, the advancements in technology has also made it easier for hackers privy to all the new methods.

This has also made it possible for them access vital information secured in a company’s network or computer system.

Even from across the world, savvy hackers can pose a threat to our information and this is why the job of an Information Security Analyst is of utmost importance.

Because of the surge in cyber-attacks, the duties assigned to an Information Security Analyst continually change.

However, an Information Security Analyst’s main job is to design and implement advanced security measures to protect a company’s computer network and security.

An Information Security Analyst continually monitors their company’s networks to watch for any security breaches and immediately investigate a breach if one occurs.

These professionals will also install programs, such as firewalls and data encryption software to guard important and confidential information.

To test whether the protection, firewalls and encryptions are dependable, Information Security Analysts will fake attacks to determine whether there are any weaknesses or vulnerabilities in their systems and will look for solutions to fix them before information can be exploited.

To stay current with any technological advancements, Information Security Analysts will also research the latest developments in information technology to learn about the latest security measures.

These professionals will also meet with management and other Information Technology professionals at the company to discuss and advocate for the best security enhancements available.

Information Security Analyst Salary and Career Path

The median annual income for Information Security Analysts was approximately $86,170 in 2012.

Exact wages will depend on the amount of experience an individual has as well as the industry a professional works in.

For example, individuals who work in the Finance and Insurance industry earned a median income of $92,080 in 2012.

This high income can be related to the financial information banks and insurance companies keep on file on behalf of their consumers.

The projected job growth for Information Analysts is expected to increase by 37 percent through the year 2012.

This growth is attributed to the increase in cyber-attacks, especially for the collection of private and critical individual information or to attack an organization’s networks.

Cyber-attacks have recently become more common, especially for financial and government institutions.

The more hackers and cyber criminals advance their technologies and methods, the higher the need is for individuals who want to become Information Security Analysts.

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