How Long Is An Apprenticeship?

Before we get started here, it is really important to note that every apprenticeship is different. What this means for us is that it is especially difficult to pinpoint exactly how long an apprenticeship will be.

Every apprenticeship program will vary in length, they can take anywhere from just one year to as long as four whole years to complete. 

There are a lot of factors that influence the duration of an apprenticeship program, but the key factor that comes into play here is the level of the apprenticeship program along with the apprentice’s ability.

The industry sector also plays a huge role in determining exactly how long an apprenticeship program will last.

Additionally, whether or not you undertake an apprenticeship on a full-time or on a part-time basis will also have an effect on the duration of the apprenticeship program.

If you undertake an apprenticeship on a part-time basis then this will inevitably take much longer to complete than if you were to take on an apprenticeship full-time.

What Is An Apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship works to combine practical training within a job, and then you also have time to study too.

When you become an apprentice, you will be an employee who is earning a wage, and you will also have the opportunity to be able to work alongside staff who are experienced in the particular field that you have been selected for an apprenticeship in. 

An apprenticeship allows you to learn as you go along, so you will really be able to gain those specific job skills, and not only that, but you will have time for training and also for studying in relation to your role. 

As we said before, apprenticeships can vary in the length of time that they take to complete and this is all to do with the level of the apprenticeship program.

What Is A Full-Time Apprenticeship?

So, a full-time apprenticeship is the equivalent of taking a full-time job that also has a study element and it also includes a training element too. You should be expecting to work full-time hours of employment, but you will also have a day of study.

This day of study could take place at your workplace, or it could take place in college, or you might even find that it takes place virtually so you can complete the study element of the apprenticeship at home. 

Let’s think about the typical week in the life of an apprentice. So, you will most likely be spending four full days at work, and then you will be required to spend one day at your college or wherever you are expected to take your study day.

The specific details of this can be worked out between you and your employer within your contract of employment, so your apprenticeship will really feel like any job situation.

What Is A Part-Time Apprenticeship?

So, if you decide to do an apprenticeship part-time then you will be expected to work for fewer hours, but you will have to do this for a much longer period of time. Especially in comparison to a full-time apprenticeship.

You might even find that a part-time apprenticeship can last for over four years, but this is something that will be worked out between you and the employer.

The majority of part-time apprenticeship employers will offer you sufficient flexibility in order to be able to balance your apprenticeship with your other life commitments and responsibilities.

This will be more of a gradual process into the field of work that you are interested in, but, if this kind of apprenticeship will suit you then you should go for it.

You should not let a part-time apprenticeship put you off in any way. If this is something that will suit your lifestyle, then you can still explore your industry of interest just in a way that works for you.

You will still be valued and you will still be respected by the company or organization that takes you on, but you will be given support within an extended time frame that ultimately suits you the best.

How Is Working And Studying Time Split?

So, there are some different ways that you can split your working time and also your studying time. But, this generally is something that you will work out with your employer.

You will either study for one day each week – this might be referred to as day release. This will be the same day every week.

Or, you might find that you work for a block period of time and then you will be released for a week to be able to do all of your studying. This will be referred to as block release.

We would recommend working out an arrangement with your employer, but you really need to be sensible and think about what method will suit you the best.

If you will be better off having that one day off per week, opposed to studying all at once, then you need to make sure that this is something that you make clear to your employer. 

In Conclusion

Deciding to go for an apprenticeship is the ideal way to determine the correct career path for you. An apprenticeship really gives you hands-on experience and it really helps you to see what you want to do in the future.

You might find that the idea of a certain career sounds better in your head than the reality of doing it. An apprenticeship gives you that practical experience which can help you to see whether or not you are keen to work in a certain industry.

It is an immersive way of learning on the job, and this will be especially great for you if you are not someone who enjoys a passive approach to learning.

If you are a ‘hands on’ person, and are better at learning kinesthetically then the apprenticeship approach will be perfect for you. And, it will really help you to shape your future career path – and work out exactly what you want to do.
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