10 Benefits Of Doing An Apprenticeship

It can be challenging, in today’s world, to decide which path to choose once you have graduated from high school. 

There are so many alternatives to pick from that deciding which is best for you might be tricky.

In this post, we’ll look at a variety of reasons why an apprenticeship might be a good fit for you. There are numerous advantages to be gained, and it may present you with more possibilities as you progress further into, or closer to, your desired career.

So, why should you become an apprentice? Let’s find out.

You Will Learn Specific Skills And Gain Experience That You Will Need For The Future

An apprenticeship allows you to gain significant skills and experience in your desired field, which will help you enhance your resume once you have completed your course.

Employers generally prefer individuals who possess the necessary qualifications, as well as experience in the field. An apprenticeship will make you a better contender for full time work.

Your current company that you are doing your apprenticeship with may even be willing to extend a permanent position to you once you have completed the course.

An apprenticeship allows you to learn while working in a professional setting, while you simultaneously build the practical skills and understanding you’ll need to succeed in your chosen career.

You Will Gain Useful, Professional Qualifications

A level of an apprenticeship lasts a year duration, and upon completion, you will receive a certificate that you can exhibit to prospective employers. This is a far faster approach than spending at least four years at college.

In addition to earning a highly acclaimed credential, an apprenticeship allows you to form relations with community companies and gain the expertise deemed necessary to move your career forward.

As you proceed through your apprenticeship, you will receive numerous possibilities to advance to the next phase.

The experience you obtain via the apprenticeship program may even allow you to start your own future business, allowing you to be your own employer.

You Will Receive Individualized Guidance And Support Throughout Your Apprenticeship

During your apprenticeship, you’ll be working alongside several professionals who can help you advance in your chosen field.

When you start your apprenticeship, you will be allocated an assessor who will be leading you through the entire process.

It is t heir duty is to answer any questions you may have at any time, and to give you specific advice targeted to your specific needs. These people will be there for you anytime you require them.

You will also receive encouragement and assistance from your colleagues throughout the apprenticeship program.

Additionally, you will be receiving  access to extensive training and support to provide you with the immediate support and resources you will need to improve your skills and effectively complete the study.

You Will Be Gaining ‘Real’ Experiences Compared To Students

Work experience is vastly dissimilar to studying at school or college.  While students are gradually entering the ‘real world,’ they will not have the full ‘working’ experience until later in life, and will likely miss out on the financial rewards of a full-time employment until after they graduate.

An apprenticeship is the faster way of introducing you to a professional work setting, while having trained individuals around to help you along the process.

Your coworkers will be able to show you the procedures of your chosen job so that you can easily get used to the environment.

While there’s nothing wrong with getting a degree from a university, an apprenticeship is definitely the more convenient way to branch out into the real world (while getting paid!)

You Can Enjoy Paid Vacation Days

Apprentices are eligible to take a set number of paid vacation days, which do not include public holidays. This means you may spend some time away from work to recharge your batteries without having to worry about losing money.

Taking a vacation from time to time is something that everyone should do, as constant labor can have a negative impact on one’s mental health.

Vacation days are a vital component of establishing that balance between work and other aspects of life, and it’s critical that a person rests in between all of their hard work.

Students are only given days off during public holidays, and they are not compensated for such days. This is just one of the numerous benefits of being an apprentice.

You Will Be Making Money While You Are Learning New Skills

Making Money While You Are Learning New Skills

It is crucial for a young person (or of any age) to be able to embrace the benefits of a social life whilst also earning an adequate amount of money to cover their basic needs.  By joining an apprenticeship, you will be able to earn a living while learning on the job!

The pay for an apprenticeship typically begins at a minimum income, but after working for a year or so, opportunities will arise to increase that wage.

Statistics show that up to 90% of employers continue to employ their apprentices after their courses have ended. Additionally, near a quarter of apprentices receive a promotion the year following the completion of their course.

You Will Be Earning Money Instead Of Getting In Debt

You may have been told as a child that the best thing you can do is work hard in school in order to attend the university of your choice. 

It is not until later that you understand that, while obtaining a degree is beneficial, your education may cause you to become in debt. 

Many people around the country are currently struggling financially due to past tuition costs. Depending on which degree they received, several of them are unable to repay their debts due to a lack of income.

There are no tuition expenses with an apprenticeship. Your employer, on the contrary, will pay for you to obtain the certification. You will begin a professional career in the industry of your choice, with the opportunity to advance and receive additional training.

You Will Meet Amazing People And Great Contacts

Networking and engaging with people is one of the most valuable attributes throughout any profession.

In college and schools, you will undoubtedly encounter a number of impressive personalities, but in an apprenticeship, you will be working alongside them rather than merely meeting them a few times a week at seminars.

With an apprenticeship, you’ll encounter significant people in the business on a regular basis who could have a huge influence on your future career. Based on your job, you may build close bonds with these individuals during the course of your studies.

An apprenticeship can also provide you with the chance to make lifelong friends, which is always a bonus. You don’t need to sleep in a dorm to meet people that you will bond with for life!

You Will Gain Insight From Some Of The Greatest Workers In Your Field

Interacting with the specialists in your chosen field is only one of the many significant advantages of an apprenticeship, but it is one of the most crucial.

During your apprenticeship, you’ll be collaborating with people who know everything there is to know about the job and the industry.

You’ll be able to ask these professionals questions and get first-hand information. Compared to  an academic setting, this will give you a hands-on understanding of the industry.

Communication and firsthand observation are sometimes required to really comprehend a job, and who better to learn from than the professionals?

You Will Gain Independence And Respect From Those Around You

Physically operating in a business will educate you how to accept responsibility for your actions, how to perform in a professional setting, and how to be self-sufficient in your duties.

As a result, both your colleagues and supervisors will respect you, providing you with the assurance and security you require to perform your job to the greatest standards.

Despite having the intellectual understanding, university graduates often struggle in the professional world due to the absence of their practical experience.

By completing an apprenticeship, you will have years of work experience, and will appear more qualified, even though your qualifications are equal to those of college graduates.

Many businesses will openly attest to the fact that candidates with prior work experience are far more desirable when searching for new employees.

Final Thoughts

If any of these benefits seem appealing to you, you should definitely consider your options and think about pursuing this line of study. If you think you would prefer to learn through working, this may be the best option for you!

We wish you the best of luck with your future, whatever you decide.


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