How to Become an Explosives Technician

Explosives Technicians can work in a variety of fields but some can end up specializing in the mining industry.

These workers provide their skills in order to search and find substances such as metal and coal.

These professionals help in facilitating the extraction of the earth’s natural resources in order to make consumer goods or to use as energy resources.

Explosives Technicians are experts in handling explosives or bombs and make sure to use precaution in order to protect other people’s safety.

For people who want to become an Explosives Technician , being able to work well under pressure is a must.

Candidates should be able to feel comfortable working in dangerous situations and be accustomed to handling and being around chemicals and explosives.

Because of its nature, Explosives Technicians also require special equipment and protective gear in order to accomplish their job duties.

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Other industries an Explosive Technician can work in include the following:

  • Construction
  • Fire Departments
  • Military
  • Police Department

Education Requirements to Become an Explosives Technician

Candidates can learn how to become an Explosives Technician in the mining industry by working and gaining experience as an assistant.

Mining Explosives Technicians can enter this field by having a minimum of a high school diploma.

A recent high school graduate will need to work under an experienced mining technician performing other mining operations in order to gain the necessary skills and learn safety precautions that are expected of this job.

Because of the constant advancements in technology, those who want to become an Explosives Technician should take the time to complete a degree specializing in mining in order to be highly competitive in the field.

The advancements in technology require highly skilled applicants who are knowledgeable in using computerized equipment.

Candidates can gain these skills by attending a mining program at a vocational school or by completing a mine technology degree at a technical school.

Mining programs are typically located in a town or city that has a mining area.

For a comprehensive list of schools in North America visit: Mining Schools

One important aspect of this job is the extensive safety precautions employees have to implement.

The nature of the job requires someone who is experienced and trained in safety protocol.

Under the Federal Mine Safety and Health Act of 1977, individual mines have to provide a worker training program focusing on health and safety issues.

New miners must complete a minimum of 24 to 40 hours of safety training in order to work in the field.

To continue working in this field, current employees must complete 8 hours of a safety training program per year.

Explosives Technician Job Description

Mining Explosives Technicians are required to use safety precautions in order to perform their duties.

The nature of this position is to use a variety of explosive materials in order to make way for raw materials.

Their overall objective is to facilitate mining operations by using explosives to move debris or other material to make way for valuable raw materials such as coal, gold or other precious metals.

The type of explosives used will depend on whether the mining is being done underground or on the surface.

In some instances, repeating exploding techniques is required in order to bring as much raw material to the surface as possible.

Explosives Technician Salary and Career Path

Even though the demand for raw materials that mining provides has increased over the years, the job outlook for this industry looks meek for all positions.

The mining industry is expected to lose many jobs due to the advancements in technology.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics wages for all professionals in the mining industry are also expected to decrease by 14% until the year 2018.

Experienced or highly trained Explosives Technicians are the most sought out candidates in this field.

Wages for these professionals depends on the type of mining they perform.

The national average wage for mining professionals ranges from $18 to $27 per hour for all mining positions.

Because Explosives Technicians professionals are highly experienced, they will earn more than the entry wage of $18 per hour.

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