How to Become an Auto Technician

Most vehicles on the road today have probably been serviced by a certified Auto Technician.

Auto Technicians are professionals that provide routine maintenance and repairs to vehicles making sure they are ready for the road and people’s busy lives.

These professionals are familiar with several different auto makers and models and can service many vehicles a day.

In today’s auto industry, Auto Technicians must also be familiar with different technologies and energy consumption familiar with newer car models.

Familiarity with cars running on different energy sources such as ethanol, gas, electricity or hybrid cars is extremely important in the current auto industry.

Auto Technicians can also provide services beyond simple routine maintenance.

They help car owners determine any problems their vehicles may have using a variety of methods to determine the root cause of any malfunctions.

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After determining a cause, Auto Technicians can suggest remedies that help fix any major problems.

An Auto Technician’s work is necessary in order to lengthen a vehicle’s longevity, improve gas mileage, and can even help lower vehicle emissions and improve an engine’s performance.

Those who are passionate about cars and want to become an Auto Technician can gain skills in order to work in the auto service industry.

Education Requirements to Become an Auto Technician

Someone who wants to become an Auto Technician needs to learn the in and outs of vehicles: how they function, the major parts that make a car run and how to service them so they run smoothly and properly.

If a person knows that they want to become an Auto Technician while still in high school, they can join a school that offers the Automotive Youth Education Service (AYES) program.

The AYES program is certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) and provides a curriculum that teaches automotive repair, chemistry and electronics.

After graduating from this program, a candidate can search for an entry level position or can choose to continue their education.

Employers are looking for candidates that have formal training.

Candidates can gain formal training by continuing their education at a trade school or community college and earn an Associate’s Degree or certification.

Through a trade school, a candidate will take a variety of courses that prepare them to work as an Auto Technician as well as provide hands on training in the field.

For positions in large city areas, a candidate should seek certification from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) to be competitive in the field.

Visit their homepage to learn more about their certification exams and study materials.

Auto Technician Job Description

An Auto Technician is responsible for performing maintenance work on a variety of make and models.

They can also look for any problems a vehicle is having and can diagnose the problem and give suggestions to fix the problem.

They use a variety of tools and technology in order to provide maintenance and diagnostics for a malfunctioning vehicle.

They have to be able to work under pressure in case there are several autos to provide maintenance work for.

The following list includes some common daily tasks that Auto Technicians perform:

  • Be able to provide maintenance and diagnostics for a variety of vehicles
  • Provide oil changes, tire rotations, change spark plugs and oil filter
  • Troubleshoot and prevent any potential problems
  • Dispose of used oil and filters properly

Auto Technician Salary and Career Path

Auto Technicians can work for a variety of employers including government entities, auto dealer shops and private auto repair shops.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median wage for these professionals is approximately $16.88 per hour.

Nationally, the hourly wage ranges from $9.56 to $28.71 depending on experience and location.

A skilled Auto Technician is in high demand because the majority of people depend on their cars in order to do common tasks such as going to work or go shopping for groceries.

Car owners need the services a skilled Auto Technician provides in order to lengthen the longevity of their vehicle and get around town.

The job outlook looks good especially for Auto Technicians that have at least an Associate’s Degree and is certified in the field.

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