How to Become an Endocrinologist

An Endocrinologist diagnoses and treats hormone level disorders caused by malfunctioning of endocrine glands in the patients.

To become an endocrinologist, you need to undergo the study related to endocrine glands, such as thyroid gland, adrenal gland, pancreas, etc.

Endocrinologists generally specialize in the treatment of disorder in hormonal secretion, weight issues, growth disorders, irregular metabolism and diabetes.

Since from the last few years, there has been an increase in hormonal diseases largely due to the effects of unhygienic lifestyle and pollution.

As a result, the demand for good and efficient Endocrinologists has gone up.

Education Requirements to Become an Endocrinologist

Endocrinologists are doctors, so you’ll have to to earn a degree in medical science in order to build a career in this field.

Almost all the medical schools offer M.D.

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or D.O.

degree to students who pass the final exam with a minimum qualifying grades after studying medical science for four years.The education requirements to become an endocrinologist includes:

  • 4 years of undergraduate program resulting in Bachelor degree
  • 4 year of medical schooling resulting in medical degree from an M.D program
  • 3 years of residency training in internal medicine
  • 2-3 years of internship in endocrinology

Once the student earns a D.O.

or M.D.

degree, they can start practicing as a regular physician either on their own or at any hospital or clinic.

Formal training is also imparted to the students during their medical college days.

Those who want to build a successful career in Endocrinology, licensing and certification are absolutely essential.

Students need to pass all the three levels of the United States Medical Licensing Exam before they can have a license in endocrinology.

For those who want to become Endocrinologist, the licensing and the certification part is the most important.

Practicing Endocrinologists have to renew their license after every seven to ten years, depending on the rules and regulations of the state.

Once the license is obtained, one can start a career as a professional endocrinologist.

Endocrinologist Job Description

An endocrinologist examines patients and looks for symptoms of hormonal imbalance and other disorders like osteoporosis, diabetes or thyroid problems.

Accordingly, they prescribe the right medicine, therapy or even surgery, if necessary.

Sometimes, endocrinologists ask patients to get certain tests done to get a clear picture of the patient’s condition.

They also evaluate sugar level and insulin in patients, if need be, and gives patients an explanation of their condition and accordingly advises treatment.

Endocrinologists also offer counseling on diet and other preventative measures for hypertension and cholesterol etc.

If working in a hospital, an endocrinologist is accountable to a medical director.

Endocrinologist Salary and Career Path

Building a career in the field of medical science is always lucrative especially with the increasing demand for quality healthcare services.

Most of the endocrinologists are now employed by hospitals and clinics, though are also a few who practice on their own.

This job is a test of one’s skill and knowledge in medical procedures and on the other it is a career that allows the professional to have quite a high level of income at the end of the month.

If you want to opt for a job in the healthcare sector, you must have knowledge on how to become an Endocrinologist.

On an average an Endocrinologist has to work around forty hours a week, though it always depends on the pressure of the work.

Endocrinologists are well paid and can easily secure $240,000 per year on an average.

The BLS mentioned that the normal salary (as on May 2012) for physicians and surgeons is $184,820.

However, the earning largely depends on the experience as well as the reputation of the doctor.

Hence, more experienced you are better is your chance of having a good income from this job.

There are endocrinologists who earn up to $355,000 per year on an average.

According to Medical Group Management Association, the average annual income of endocrinologist is $241,564.

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