How to Become a Court Reporter

A court reporter is responsible for creating an accurate and unbiased account of proceedings that occur while a court is in session.

These reports go on to form official records, and my be later relied on as evidence in the case being heard, or subsequent cases.

When you become a court reporter, you will be an important part of the criminal justice system.

If you have an interest in law and criminal justice, then you will likely find a career as a court reporter stimulating.

You will also need to have excellent communication skills, be a sharp observer, and also have a high level of attention to detail.

Accuracy and speed in this role are of the utmost importance.

There are two methods that a court reporter may use to create records of courtroom proceedings, these are steno typing and voice writing.

Using a steno typing machine, a court reporter can create a written account much faster than with a keyboard.

A stenotype machine has a larger keyboard which contains symbols, whole words, sounds, as well as letters.

It also allows the operator to press more than one key at a time.

Using the voice writing method, the court reporter will speak into a mask which contains a microphone.

they will repeat all testimony, as well as emotional responses and gestures, which are then recorded.

The mask is sound proof, so not distracting to anyone else in court.

Education Requirements to Become a Court Reporter

You can become a court reporter by attending a vocational college.

You can enroll in a voice writing program, which takes a year to complete.

After you finish, you will be able to find a job in a court.

If you would like to become a stenographer, some more study is required.

It takes approximately 33 months to be qualified in this role.

While at college you will improve your typing speed and accuracy, you need to be able to record around 225 words a minute.

You will also work on listening, speaking, and recording skills.

Many new court reporters find that the biggest challenge is learning to listen and record at the same time.

Court Reporter Job Description

A court reporter’s main task is to create an accurate record of court proceedings.

As these records may be relied upon as part of the appeals process, or in other cases, or in police reporting, accuracy and unbiased accounts are important.

A court reporter may also be responsible for organizing official records, as well as searching for and retrieving past records.

Some court reporters may provide closed captioning services for those with a hearing impairment, or translation services for speakers of languages other than English.

Working as a court reporter, you’ll spend most of your time sitting down in a court room.

While your work can expose you to some very interesting cases, at other times you will be exposed to some cases which you may find violent and disturbing.

Court Reporter Salary and Career Path

When you first become a court reporter, you can expect your salary to be around $28,000 a year.

With a few years experience, you could expect to earn closer to $50,000+ a year.

Court reporters are required in state and federal courts all around the country, so you will be able to find work wherever you are living at the time.

Most court reporters are employed within the criminal justice sector, by courts, or by law enforcement agencies.

Some work as freelancers, and are employed on a contract basis.

Later on in their careers, some court reporters will move on to become administrators or supervisors within the criminal justice sector.

Others may become teachers, and train upcoming court reporters.

Some court reporters may move on to become stenocaptioners, who provide close captions for television news and sporting events.

They are employed by television stations.

If you have an interest in criminal justice and are a strong administrator, then a career as a court reporter may be an excellent choice for you.

You’ll need to have skills in perception, as well as a high level of accuracy and attention to detail.

While there is some study required in the position, there is also a secure job on offer, and a good salary package.

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