How to Become a Car Salesman

A Car Salesman is the point of contact for consumers who are in the market to purchase a new or used car, truck or other types of vehicles.

These professionals may work for a specific auto dealership or for used auto dealerships selling a variety of makes and models.

Individuals who want to become to Car Salesman will need a combination of selling skills as well as have a full understanding of the products they are selling to their clients.

These professionals will also have a basic understanding of automobiles, such as auto engines, gas mileage and any warranties given to autos.

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Education Requirements to Become to Car Salesman

Individuals who want to become a Car Salesman don’t need to be formally educated.

However, many automobile dealerships prefer to hire candidates with a minimum of a high school diploma or its equivalent.

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In addition, individuals who want to become a Car Salesman will need to possess some important characteristics and receive training in order to enter this profession.

Because Car Salespersons are involved in selling high ticket items, they must have certain characteristics to be successful in this profession.

Important characteristics and qualities to have include the following: customer service skills, interpersonal skills, persistence and be persuasive to sell autos to shoppers.

Individuals must be able to consistently speak to several clients, be responsive to their needs and explain the types of autos an inventory available to choose from.

Individuals must also undergo training that can last several days to several weeks to fully understand the inventory available, the technical aspects of automobiles and those of competing similar models being produced.

Training also provides individuals with important information regarding the company they work for and additional information on providing high quality customer service skills.

Car Salesman Job Description

A Car Salesman is responsible for selling a variety of new or used automobiles and vehicles for an auto dealership.

The most important skill to have in this profession is the ability to service clients and work on customer service skills.

These professionals will also need to use their listening skills in order to fully understand what clients want and need in their future vehicle.

Based on what customers need out of a car, a Car Salesman will make recommendations and suggestions based on the vehicles currently located on their lot.

A Car Salesman will also explain the use of a car, especially newer models that are loaded with new technological features such as Bluetooth or GPS devices.

They will also fully explain the complete features and describe the difference between a basic and a fully loaded model.

A Car Salesman will need to be open to answering questions such as how certain features work on the model they are reviewing.

A Car Salesman will also allow clients to test drive a car and explain any features during the drive.

In addition, Car Salesmen need to be fully aware of any promotions or specials and any financing options to complete a purchase.

Car Salesman Salary and Career Path

The median wage for professionals in Motor vehicle and parts dealerships, which includes Car Salesmen, was approximately $14.73 per hour in 2012.

Exact wages will depend on a variety of factors including the type of company an individual works in.

For example, some companies pay bonuses and commission for individuals whose sales quota exceeds a certain amount.

This type of income will increase an individual’s total pay.

The job outlook for Retail Sales Workers is expected to grow at an average rate of 10 percent through the year 2022.

This rate is cause by the increase of an e-commerce marketplace reducing the need for in store retail store employees.

However, job growth for Car Salesmen should be higher than 10 percent because of the need to meet with these professionals in person.

Individuals who have a passion for the automobile industry and working with a variety of vehicles and clients will enjoy entering this profession.

In addition, individuals who want to become a Car Salesman can expect a healthy job market, wages that reflect the effort they put in to selling cars and the ability to work with people.

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