How to Become a Cabinet Maker

Cabinet Makers are responsible for the production and repair of wooden cabinets and other wooden furniture.

Although potential cabinet makers should have an innate ability to work well with their hands, it is not the only skill employers look for when hiring for this position.

Cabinet Makers are required to view and analyze blueprints or drawings of furniture before they get started on their work.

They must also have some basic Mathematics skills and experience applying those concepts because part of their job is to measure lumber and make sure the pieces will fit well with one another.

Candidates should also be trained on safety protocol and learn how to use the sophisticated equipment that is used to create wooden cabinets.

Cabinet Makers use more than just their hands; they use a variety of skills that help them construct beautifully designed fixtures for people’s homes.

Cabinet makers should have a good eye for selecting timber and the different varieties that exist, have good hand eye coordination, they must be able to visualize the finished product and be able to create work that is meticulous with little or no error.

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People who want to become a Cabinet Maker should have a combination of natural talent as well as some training in order to be a competitive candidate.

Education Requirements to Become a Cabinet Maker

There are a few things people who want to become a Cabinet Maker should accomplish before pursuing a career in this field.

Candidates should participate in a training program in order to gain the necessary skills and educational background to be a competitive jobseeker.

In order to become a Cabinet Maker, candidates should look into joining a training program at an accredited community college, vocational school or a trade school that offers the curriculum.

In addition, candidates can also look into joining an apprenticeship which provides participants with on the job training.

If a student opts for a traditional educational route, they have the option to choose from either a certification or an Associate’s Degree program.

Acquiring an Associate’s Degree takes an average of two years, while certification would take about a year to accomplish.

Throughout a program, students will learn a variety of skills that will help them become successful in their field.

They will learn cabinet design and construction and proper use of power tools.

Programs will teach students how to cut and shape wood to specific measurements and training on how to finish the woodwork to prepare it for the marketplace.

Cabinet Maker Job Description

Cabinet Makers are responsible for a variety of duties that result in a finished wooden product.

These professionals are required to handle heavy equipment and materials in order to perform their duties.

Cabinet Makers may work in an environment that is highly noisy and dusty due to the sawing of wood.

Employees must take precautions to protect their health and must wear earplugs, goggles or special gloves in order to handle equipment and material.

The following lists are typical job duties and necessary skills a proficient Cabinet Maker needs in order to find employment in the industry.

  • Follow provided specifications and design to build cabinets
  • Set up equipment and necessary tools to build cabinets
  • Design customized cabinets with specific measurements
  • Saw and shape wood according to measurements and specifications
  • Connect and fasten wooden pieces to from furniture
  • Provide finish touches such as sanding, staining, sealing, varnishing or lacquering
  • Use advanced equipment, power tools and other technology to build cabinets
  • Use safety precautions when using equipment
  • Install cabinets assuring specifications have been met

The majority of Cabinet Makers work in manufacturing firms producing cabinets in large quantities.

Cabinet Makers can work for customs shops but these types employers are typically found in highly populated areas.

Cabinet Maker Salary and Career Path

Cabinet Makers make hourly wages with the national median wage at approximately $14 per hour as of 2008.

The salary range is approximately $9 to $22 per hour.

The growth for this sector greatly depends on how well the economy is doing and thus affects job growth.

Cabinet Maker positions in this industry are expected to grow at a slower rate than average.

However, the prospects for highly trained individuals look excellent.

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