How to Become a Yoga Instructor

When you become a yoga instructor, you will be responsible for providing your clients with better physical and mental health through the practice of yoga.

If you enjoy fitness and natural health, and want to work with people, then you might like to pursue this career.

The practice of yoga has its origins in India.

This ancient art is a series of postures, which feel a bit like stretching.

By practicing the postures, participants experience a range of benefits.

Yoga has been shown to increase strength and flexibility, while also having great benefits for mental health, and reducing the levels of stress felt as well as incidence of depression.

Brining the gifts of yoga to your clients can be very rewarding.

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While the training required to become a yoga instructor is small compared to other professions, it often takes far longer to complete them.

This is because before you can teach yoga, you must be proficient at it yourself.

Education Requirements to Become a Yoga Instructor

In every state you must be certified to become a yoga instructor.

While the requirements vary between places, the Yoga Alliance states that a course of 200 hours is an adequate amount of training.

However, before you start teaching, you must learn yourself.

You may already be an experienced yogi, but if you are not, it’s time to learn.

Enroll in a local class and learn the basics.

Investing in books and videos can help you increase your knowledge of yoga.

Practice both in class and at home.

You will need to complete a yoga instructor’s training course.

These take place all across the country, usually at yoga schools.

Many take place in the evenings or on weekends.

The best way to become a yoga instructor is to find a mentor.

Perhaps it will be your own yoga instructor.

Many start this way, then fill in on classes before building their own client base of students.

To become a yoga instructor you should be in excellent fitness and good health.

Yoga Instructor Job Description

A yoga instructor guides a class through a range of yoga postures.

They may work with a large class of as many as forty people, or provide private tuition.

Yoga instructors work within yoga schools, gyms, community centers, or from private studios.

When a instructor takes a class, they will start by finding out if anyone in the class is injured, or pregnant.

If they are they will make modifications throughout the class.

They will explain the way the class works to any newcomers.

Then a warm-up will follow, and the class.

Afterwards, there is often a period of relocation of guided meditation to complete the session.

Yoga instructors who work with individual clients will discuss their goals with them, then create a tailored program to help them reach their requirements.

Yoga classes are often held after hours or on weekends, so instructors should expect to work odd hours.

Yoga instructors often specialize in a particular kind of yoga.

Styles include:

  • Ashtanga yoga
  • Bikram Yoga
  • Iyengar Yoga
  • Prenatal Yoga

Yoga Instructor Salary and Career Path

Most yoga instructors start out working under the supervision of a qualified instructor.

They will usually complete a class under with assistance or simply fill in as a substitute while they gain experience.

After a while they will be given independence to go out on their own.

Most will start working for a gym or yoga studio, but after a while, they may start their own yoga school, or teach private clients in their own home or studio.

Some yoga instructors go on to work in other areas of fitness, and may become personal trainers, or pilates instructors for example.

Some go on to work in other fields of natural health.

The median salary for fitness instructors, including yoga instructors, is $29,000 a year.

The top 10% earn over $61,000 a year.

Many in this profession work part-time or on a casual basis.

Some work as yoga instructors alongside another job they may have.

Some similar jobs to that of yoga instructor include:

  • Personal trainer
  • Pilates instructor
  • Dietician
  • Nutritionist
  • Recreational therapist
  • Physical therapist

If you are looking for a career that encompasses fitness and natural health then you might like to become a yoga instructor.

The benefits of doing a job you love can be very rewarding for people who follow this tranquil career path.

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