What To Wear To A Hooters Interview

Hooters is an American chain restaurant that has been around since 1983. The first restaurant opened in Florida, and after years of success, it has now become somewhat of a cultural staple in American chain restaurants.

These restaurants have a theme, and it revolves around representing a chilled-out, laid-back, beach surfer vibe. They are notoriously famous for serving chicken wings.

Another thing Hooters is known for is their waitresses. You could say that Hooters has a certain ‘type’ they like to hire, stating they want their waitresses to represent the “All-American Cheerleader” and “Girl Next Door”. This ultimately means, looking clean, pretty, fit, and wearing a smile. 

Girls who have previously worked at the restaurant have stated how strict employers are with the uniform. Waitresses must all wear the same white tank top, and orange short shorts. On Fridays, they are to wear a black tank top. 

Despite the appealing pretty ladies working there, Hooters is popular for their food, especially their wings, as stated earlier. There is also a fun vibe in Hooters restaurants, and the waitresses are to thank for that. 

They have become part of the overall brand of Hooters, and as well as being waitresses, the girls are hired as entertainers.  

Are you looking to work at Hooters? Despite people thinking it is a restaurant that is derogatory towards women, previous waitresses have praised working there, stating that it is a fun and playful place to work. 

Hooters also offer benefits for their employees, including tuition assistance. Many of their employees are students looking to make some cash to help pay for school, and previous employees stated that once you’d worked there a year or two, they would offer you scholarships. 

The strict uniform and ‘type’ of girl they hire is no secret. If you are aware of this, and would still like to work there, then you may be wondering how you should dress if you were to attend an interview.

This article will give you some pointers on how you should look and what you should wear for this kind of interview. 

Look And Personality 

Aside from how you look, how you are presenting to yourself in the interview is key. Hooters like to hire girls who are cheery and approachable, so coming across as friendly, but professional will get you far in the interview. 

Displaying confidence is also a must at this establishment. You will be dealing with customers who will not always be so nice.

This will be the case in any profession where customer service is involved, so coming across as confident in your own skin, and being able to hold your own, is very important. 

As stated earlier, Hooters like to hire based on a specific look. They want to see employers with a clean look that is natural and not too over the top.

Therefore, ensuring you look clean, with a good haircut, and some neutral makeup that enhances your natural beauty is the best way forward. The gist is to look well-groomed and professional, which is the case with any interview you will attend, no matter what the profession. 

But What Do I Wear? 

Since we’ve covered the general look and attitude you should bring to the interview, it is time to match this with an outfit. 

Despite the uniform being short shorts and a tank top, you should not turn up to the interview wearing this. 

It is best to treat this like a regular interview, but perhaps slightly less formal. The key is to look presentable and professional, so something like a nice blouse and some formal trousers, or a nice sundress if the weather permits, will be enough.  

The important thing is to wear something you feel comfortable and confident in. Not only will this make you physically look good, but it will also make you feel your best, enabling you to answer whatever questions the interviewer will throw at you with ease and confidence. 

In regard to hair and makeup, the natural look is always best. As the saying goes, less is more, so enhancing your natural beauty with neutral makeup is a good way forward.

As Hooters has a carefree vibe, perhaps leaving your hair loose would be good, as it will make you look a little more relaxed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Is The Hiring Process At Hooters? 

Applicants are likely to hear back within one or two weeks about positions at Hooters. Those who don’t hear back are encouraged to contact the establishment directly. 

Is There A Weight Requirement To Work At Hooters? 

Contrary to what many believe, there is actually no weight requirement to work at Hooters. The girls who work at Hooters do tend to be slimmer, but there is no official weight restriction. Applications are open to any women who want to work there. 

Can Men Work At Hooters? 

Men are not hired at Hooters as servers. There have been a few lawsuits filed against the establishment because of this, with Hooters settling and paying a lot of money. They continue to state, however, that the ‘Hooters girls’ are a significant aspect of their brand. 

Final Thoughts 

Despite Hooters sometimes being thought of as a dingy restaurant that objectifies women, it is still a very popular restaurant, with their delicious food, especially the wings, being their main attraction.

The women who work there, appear to be more of an added bonus, and a staple of the restaurant’s brand, rather than the main attraction. 

Many previous employees have stated how fun it was to work there, and at the end of the day, a job is a job. When it comes to the interview process, it is still an interview, so treating it like one in any other profession is a good way to go. 

It is best to wear clothes that look professional, but that makes you feel comfortable and confident, as feeling this way will ensure your personality shines through, and personality goes a long way, especially in a profession like this, where you must be cheery and approachable at all times. 


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