What Is A White Collar Job?

A white collar job is usually performed within an office-based setting. Those who have white collar roles are expected to perform numerous tasks that depend on their specific role.

The most common industries that encompass white collar jobs are media, government and the technological industry.

A white collar role often requires professional training or a specific form of education. White collar workers receive a higher salary than blue collar workers on average.

Those who fulfil white collar roles are expected to have a certain level of education in order to meet the requirements to fulfil the role itself.

Employees are typically paid a salary as opposed to an hourly wage. Examples of white collar jobs include the following:


Therapists ensure that individuals are able to overcome a variety of mental health issues and concerns. They are fully trained and receive an official license in order to practice as clinicians.

Administrative Assistants

These workers are typically responsible for running administrative operations within an office based environment. They are required to direct telephone calls and manage the schedules for CEOs and executives whilst hiring the relevant supplies to ensure that the company is fully functioning.

Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Agent

Estate agents sell properties and owned buildings to and for corporations and homeowners. They can work as part of a larger agency or as independent agents.

Their duties typically include posting listings and inviting potential buyers to homes to show them around. They also represent property sellers and buyers and handle any contractual obligations.


A publicist acts on behalf of an individual, celebrity, organization or brand in order to manage their public persona and raise positive, public awareness about them.

Their roles typically include generating media coverage, managing press campaigns and maintaining social media profiles.


A dietitian is a nutritional specialist who develops nutritional plans for their individual clients in order to meet certain health needs and requirements. The duties involved in this white collar role include developing specialized meal plans and monitoring the progress of their respective clients.



Accountants are typically responsible for preparing an organization’s financial statements in order to submit to the relevant authorities. They usually prepare tax-related documents whilst ensuring that all financial obligations are met in accordance with the country’s laws.

IT Specialists

IT Specialists work within the technology field and provide essential tech support to individuals and organizations when troubleshooting concerns arise with software within the workplace.

Their respective duties include installing the latest software and troubleshooting specific devices in order to ease the administrative process.

Financial Manager

A financial manager is hired to perform specified financial research in order to oversee an individual’s accounts and provide them with focused forecasts that can help to enhance their business.

Market Researchers

A market researcher utilizes their analytical skills to study data that is related to the latest market trends in order to provide predictions about how certain services are likely to perform.

The most common duties involved in a market researching role include analyzing objectives and issuing surveys in order to collect relevant, consumer-based information.

Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager

A marketing manager is hired in order to develop the most effective marketing strategies for a variety of organizations and brands in order to attract an influx of new customers and drive sales.

The duties of a marketing manager typically include creating highly effective marketing plans and developing a company’s long-term marketing goals.

Project Manager

A project manager is hired to accomplish specific goals. Companies will usually hire a project manager in order to oversee specific projects as they are able to organize and assess different resources effectively whilst maintaining a strict budget.

Software Developer

A software developer is hired in order to develop specific software programs that can be utilized in a wide range of work-based environments. They use their analytical skills in order to enhance software data and initiate any relevant changes.


Engineers work in a variety of different roles and are typically responsible for designing machines, materials and structures. The most common varieties of engineers are civil engineers, chemical engineers and mechanical engineers.



A pharmacist is expected to thoroughly prepare and distribute different forms of medication.

Therefore, they receive a high level of training prior to becoming qualified as they are also expected to advise patients on a variety of medications and the potential side effects.

The role involves communicating with medical professionals and overseeing the day-to-day process of efficient medical distribution.


An architect designs buildings, roads and other structures and has a direct involvement in the construction of those buildings.

They start with a concept and develop it in stages until it is completed. They receive high levels of training and development and inherently develop buildings and structures that are safe and sustainable.

Sales Manager

A sales manager is typically responsible for the development of sales pitches and plans. They usually oversee the targets and goals of their team and lead them towards professional development.

Their duties involve the recruitment and training of new professionals and representatives.

They are also expected to monitor the progress of new recruits and make managerial decisions in order to encourage progress amongst their team.

To conclude, a white collar job involves a specified level of training and is usually paid via a salary wage. These roles encompass a wide range of areas but they usually involve working within an office-based environment.

White collar jobs typically include roles that require planning on analysis and white collar workers will therefore be expected to demonstrate a high level of literacy and competency skills.


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