How to Become a Sports Commentator

If you love sports and have excellent verbal communication skills then you might like to become a sports commentator.

Sports commentators announce sporting events for radio or television broadcast, and they describe the action taking place as well as giving their own viewpoints on the game.

To become a sports commentator, you’ll need to have an excellent speaking manner, as well as the ability to think on your feet.

You’ll need a great knowledge of sports, as well as some skills in journalism.

Becoming a sports commentator will be a rewarding role if you are passionate on the subject.

Commentators also enjoy a celebrity status amongst sports fans, and may be invited to glamorous industry events.

The industry can also be competitive, so you should be ready to work hard and complete internships if you want to succeed.

Educational Requirements to Become a Sports Commentator

To become a sports commentator, you’ll first need to gain quite a bit of work experience.

Many start their career as broadcast journalists.

A good educational background would be to complete a four year bachelors degree in journalism, broadcast journalism, or communications.

College is a great time to get some experience.

Many colleges run student radio, and this is a good opportunity to get some live broadcast experience.

You may also wish to work on your school paper.

When you’re in college, getting an internship within broadcast media are invaluable when seeking a job after college.

You will also need to have a very strong knowledge of sports.

Improving your knowledge of sports teams, players, and statistics is essential in this role.

Most commentators work as sports reporters, writing and researching a range of articles for media outlets.

They may also work behind the scenes as a part of a broadcast like a news or sports program.

In time, you will have the opportunity to work live on the air.

Not all sports commentators take this path.

Many are athletes and coaches who are retired, while some simply work for community radio stations or television programs.

These commentators often achieve commercial success later on.

Sports Commentator Job Description

A sports commentator describes the events of a sporting game or event.

They may broadcast the event on radio, giving enough of a description for listener to understand what is going on.

Sports commentators also work in television, giving a commentary as a companion to a game.

In periods of little action, a commentator may talk about current events in the sport, or different aspects of the sports history.

Some sports commentators perform other roles in the broadcast media industry.

They may write a column, or work as a broadcast reporter.

This is how many get their start.

Some are employed in the sporting industry, and work as a commentator on the side.

Some sports commentators are often employed by sports facilities, such as arenas or race clubs.

These sports commentators are often just known as announcers.

These kind of roles can be a good introduction into the industry.

Sports Commentator Salary and Career Path

When you become a sports commentator, it’s likely your first role will be for a local sporting event, and you may even be working as a volunteer.

Many commentators start small like this, working hard until a big network notices their skills and picks them up.

You can expect your career to progress like this, as you are assigned to commentate more high profile events.

Many commentators have other jobs.

they may work in journalism, or in sports.

The average salary of a sports commentator is $24,000 a year, however the top sports commentators on major networks would earn far more than this, many making six figures plus.

Many commentators also work for little or even no wages at all as a hobby.

Some similar roles to that of sports commentators you might be interested in include:

  • Journalist
  • Announcer
  • Reporter
  • News Analyst
  • Actor
  • Sports Recruiter
  • Sports Agent

If you love sports and know far more about it than all your friends, then you might like to become a sports commentator.

Although this can be a very rewarding career, entry is competitive and pay at many times can often be low.

If you have a great passion for this field, then working in the field you love could be right for you.

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