How to Become a Soccer Agent

A passion for soccer and sports is one of the first steps to becoming a Sports Agent.

These professionals use their love of the sport, education and business acumen to represent a variety of clients and secure the best contracts for them.

Soccer Agents use a combination of skills, experience and their passion for the sport to represent their client athletes.

Their representation revolves around their client making sure they are finding jobs and securing the best contracts.

A Soccer Agent represents their client and manages several business matters.

Soccer Agents can help a professional athlete find the best team and represents them before the athlete meets team management or a future employer.

Before all the dust settles, a Soccer Agent will help their client by handling all aspects of contract negotiation.

Soccer Agents also manage other business matters related to their clients.

For example, an agent can help secure an endorsement which is a typical for of income of a modern athlete’s life.

Education Requirements to Become a Soccer Agent

Candidates who have a Bachelor’s degree and experience are looked at more favorably by athletic marketing organizations.

A student who wants to become a Soccer Agent should attend an accredited Bachelor’s program.

Students can study from the following majors in order to become a Soccer Agent: Business, Marketing, Fitness, Sports Management or Wellness.

A student who wants to become a Soccer Agent will learn a variety of information when they join and complete a Sports Management degree.

Some typical courses in a Sports Management program will prepare candidates with the necessary business and management techniques they can apply to their clients’ careers and the sports industry.

The types of courses a student can expect to take during a Sports Management program include: Business Communication, Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Business Law, sports negotiations and sports contracts.

In addition, a candidate should seek an internship with an athletic center or a sports agency in order to learn the ropes firsthand.

Many professional sports leagues, including U.S.

Soccer, require agents and representatives to seek licensure in order to represent any professional athletes.

This regulation has been implemented by the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA).

To learn more information about Player Agents licensure and for an application, visit U.S.

Soccer’s website.

Soccer Agent Job Description

Soccer Agents may work for athletic marketing organizations.

These agencies can represent a variety of professional athletes sometimes from a variety of sports.

A Soccer Agent would be responsible for handling the following aspects of a soccer athlete’s career:

  • Representation
  • Contracts
  • Finances
  • Negotiations

A Soccer Agent would act for and seek work for their athletes by meeting with sports teams or possible sponsorship opportunities.

A soccer player may have to meet with the team to determine a fit and negotiate any changes through their Soccer Agent.

A Soccer agent may negotiate a variety of concerns regarding a contract in order to provide the most beneficial agreement for their client.

The type of concerns may include compensation or the length of contract.

In addition to finding the perfect team for their client, Soccer Agents may also try to find other types of contracts and compensations for their clients.

This type of work may only be offered to popular athletes, but a Soccer Agent would still represent and negotiate contracts for their client.

Soccer Agent Salary and Career Path

The Bureau of Labor Statistics doesn?t report exact wages for Soccer Agent professionals.

However it does report figures for similar professions.

The median wage for professional scouting representatives was $28,300 in 2008.

The salary range in 2008 for these experts was approximately $15,500 to $62,600.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics also reports salary information on agents from several specialties and industries including sports, music and movies.

The average wage for all agents in 2008 was approximately $89,000 per year.

The prospect for Soccer Agents looks good as the sports industry employs a large amount of these professionals.

The entertainment and sports industries hire about 40% of agents.

In addition, employment growth for these professionals is expected to increase through the year 2018.

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