14 Pros and Cons of Working for Broadcom

Most of us have heard of “Silicon Valley”.

It refers to an area around San Francisco, California that is the birthplace of modern American technology.

Specifically, the silicon transistor, which is now used in pretty much all of our electronic devices.

It all started in 1939, in a small shed in Palo Alto where William Hewlett and David Packard developed audio oscillators for speakers.

Today, HP (Hewlett-Packard) is the largest manufacturer of personal computers on Earth.

In between, the area attracted some of the world’s top scientists, engineers, and creative minds.

Companies like Atari, Apple, Google, and Tesla all started in Silicon Valley.

A similar company, Broadcom, was started by Henry Samueli and Henry Nicholas in Irvine, California in 1991.

The technology start up began with manufacturing semi-conductors for broadband and wireless communications.

Broadcom then moved on to produce cable converter boxes, Ethernet cables, modems, WiFi chip sets.

Some of the companies’ clients include Amazon, Samsung, and Apple.

Basically, Broadcom helps us all stay connected to each other and the world by way of cell phones, computers, tablets, and cable networks.

As of 2023, Broadcom employs approximately 15,000 people in multiple locations.

So what’s it like to work at Broadcom?

While a hefty 70% of employees say they would recommend working there to a friend, the company is not without its drawbacks, according to employees.

Read on for a list of the pros and cons of working for Broadcom.

Pros Of Working At Broadcom

1. Salary

Most employees agree that Broadcom not only pays very well, but they exceed industry standards in this area.

The average salary at the company is $149,559 per year.

Many positions pay much more.

For example, a mechanical engineer makes approximately $312,000 per year, accounts make around $229,000 per year, and marketing directors make about $295,000 per year.

Most employers see an average raise of 3% approximately every 2 years. 

2. Cash Bonuses

Another well-loved aspect about Broadcom is their generous performance bonuses.

If employees do a great job throughout the year, they can look forward to bonuses that are anywhere from 15% to 30% of their base salary.

Though the top percentage is usually reserved for upper management, the lower end is nothing to sneeze at.

For example, if an employee makes $150,000 a year, come December they’ll see a bonus check for $35,000.

Happy Holidays!

Keep in mind that the keyword here is performance.

In order to get that bonus, you must be dedicated, productive, and proactive.

3. Benefits

Broadcom offers its employees a great benefits package that includes full medical, vision, and dental coverage.

Additionally, they offer a matching 401K program, paid company holidays, paid sick and vacation time, flexible time off, an employee assistance program, and tuition reimbursement (the company will pay the full price of any classes related to your position).

New parents receive 6 months of maternity leave and 2 weeks of paternity leave.

They also offer disability and life insurance. 

4. Perks

Employees can take advantage of quite a few company perks.

All employees are given company phones, and are given phone bill reimbursement for other services.

Each employee receives a certain amount of stocks and is given the option to purchase more at a discounted rate.

Each campus has a health clinic that is equipped with a full-time staff.

All sites also have a cafe that serves breakfast and lunch with a wide variety of selections given at a 50% discount.

Employees and their families also enjoy deep discounts at over 250 retailers and businesses across the country, including Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Apple, Best Buy, and Burger King.

5. Flex Time

Employees have good things to say about the company’s Flex Time policy.

This allows workers the option to take time off whenever needed without advanced notice.

This can be for anything from an appointment to suddenly not feeling well, to a family emergency or any other personal business.

People say this is helpful in adding to the work life balance, as well as taking the pressure and stress off employees that worry about unexpected family issues popping up.

6. Team Environment

The team environment and friendly atmosphere is often lauded at Broadcom.

Employees report being supported by coworkers and being able to ask for help and advice when needed without fear of judgement.

Many projects are worked on as a team so people don’t feel isolated and overwhelmed.

Most people also state that they maintain friendly relationships with colleagues and it’s a fun place to work most of the time. 

7. Work From Home Option

Broadcom gives many employees the option to work remotely from home.

This is great for people with children or elderly family members that need care.

It gives the opportunity for a good work life balance where you can get your professional work done, yet care for your family, run errands, and complete household tasks. 

Cons Of Working For Broadcom

1. Management

There are many complaints from staff about the management teams.

Some people say that these positions are given solely on the basis of favoritism and, therefore, managers aren’t always qualified.

While there are reviews saying some managers could care less what anyone dies, others say that managers micromanage their every move, making creativity difficult.

Others complain that management is downright mean, uncaring, and will not listen to concerns.

2. Frequent Layoffs/Firings

Employees have reported that there are often shake-ups at the company which result in layoffs, firings, and transfers.

This happens especially at the end of each fiscal quarter and is often based on stock prices.

This adds to stress and fear of one’s job security.

These changes are also given with little notice, so workers don’t have a chance to plan.

3. Poor Work Life Balance

Though many people are happy with this aspect of the company, some other people in lower end positions complain that the 12 hour shifts are too long to maintain any type of family and down time.

Also, that the hours are filled with strenuous, exhausting work that makes them unable to do much but sleep when they do get home.

4. Often Difficult To Get Promoted

Promotions are few and far between at Broadcom, according to some people.

Like management positions, workers say that promotions are often based on favoritism and nepotism.

This can create poor morale for enthusiastic workers that want to move up the company ladder.

5. Lack Of Training

New hires say that they feel training is not adequate when they come on board.

Many say it’s important to be an independent learner and not be afraid to ask questions and do your own research.

They state this can lead to anxiety, confusion, and lack of confidence when it comes to their job performance.

6. Human Resources Department

It’s not that there is a problem with the HR department, but rather the overall lack of one at the company.

Some campuses have only one person in the entire department.

So, employees that have issues with benefits, workplace violations etc., get very little satisfaction when they have a problem.

If complaints are ever addressed, they can take months to be resolved.

7. Short Staffed

Another common complaint is that there are not enough people to go around in many departments.

Due to constant layoffs, the workload of remaining employees increases.

This results in longer hours, a poor work life balance, stress, and burnout.

Where normally most companies layoff workers due to lack of work, Broadcom determines layoffs based on stock positions and not the amount of production that still needs to be done. 

14 Pros and Cons of Working for Broadcom – Summary Table

Pros Of Working At BroadcomCons Of Working For Broadcom
1. Salary1. Management
2. Cash Bonuses2. Frequent Layoffs/Firings
3. Benefits3. Poor Work Life Balance
4. Perks4. Often Difficult To Get Promoted
5. Flex Time5. Lack Of Training
6. Team Environment6. Human Resources Department
7. Work From Home Option7. Short Staffed

Should You Work For Broadcom?

Broadcom is a great place for engineers, software developers, and many other professionals to flourish and get paid very well.

Employees are fully covered by insurance and enjoy a flexible schedule that can help with their personal lives.

However, it’s important that you be a productive self-starter that can deal with some management issues.

You’ll also need to have a backup plan in case you’re a victim of layoffs.

No job is perfect.

That’s why it’s always important to weigh the pros and cons of any job before making a decision.

Overall, Broadcom seems like a good company with some very attractive perks. 

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