16 Pros and Cons of Being a Statistician

In order to find the proper solution to various problems, a professional statistician is often needed.

They are able to analyze statistical data, providing conclusions that another person is unable to find.

Those who are considering this career path will definitely want to read on and learn more.

It is a career with a number of upsides and downsides.

This guide is here to let you know whether it is the right choice for you.

Pros of Being a Statistician

1. Quiet Workplace

While there are some who do not mind working in a noisy environment, a statistician is able to enjoy a very quiet workplace environment.

The average statistician has their own office space, or they are sharing a workspace with colleagues who understand the need for quiet.

This is a line of work that requires deep concentration and the ability to remain focused.

For these reasons and more, workplaces tend to be very quiet.

2. Excellent Compensation

The average statistician is able to pull in upwards of $95,000 per year, making this a wonderful career choice for anyone who is looking for stable work that provides excellent compensation.

This number is not hard and fast, as there are various factors that have to be considered.

Your educational background, location, years of experience, and employment history will all figure into the equation.

These high salaries allow a statistician to achieve any number of personal goals as well.

3. Plenty of Job Opportunities

Of course, no one wants to choose a career path that will cause them to struggle to find work.

This is not a concern that statisticians will ever have to deal with.

The career outlook for statisticians is very bright.

Jobs are being added in this field much faster than the national average and there is no end in sight.

This is the sort of career choice that you can feel good about in the short term and over the long haul because there will also be plenty of opportunities for added growth.

4. Decreased Levels of Stress

Statistician gets to enjoy a certain amount of mental stimulation each day but they are not forced to deal with sizable amounts of stress.

The stakes are much lower for a statistician because they have the chance to help others without feeling directly responsible for anyone else’s well-being.

Statistician is also likelier to have flexible deadlines and they are given the chance to complete work at their own pace.

This creates a more restful and calm environment for all parties involved.

5. Different Industries To Choose From

There is no shortage of industries for a prospective statistician to choose from.

Some may decide that they wish to work in health care, while others may choose a career in sports instead.

Advertising, government, and the possibilities are endless.

In other words, it is very easy for a statistician to find a career that closely relates to a topic that they enjoy discussing.

This also allows the statistician to switch fields as they desire, which is a great choice for anyone who is looking to enjoy a wide range of new experiences.

6. Remote Work Possibilities

Statistician is able to complete the majority of their work on a computer, which means that their job can be done from anywhere in the world.

This opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

Some statisticians may choose to work in an office environment, while others would rather work from home.

More and more companies are adapting to the changing times, offering remote work opportunities to a wider range of employees.

This allows the statistician to save untold amounts of time and money.

7. Quality Work/Life Balance

Statisticians work regular hours and they do not have a position that requires them to be on call.

This allows the statistician to plan for other life events more easily as well.

They do not have to neglect their friends and loved ones to complete their work, which creates the sort of work/life balance that keeps burnout from having a chance to take place.

The low-stress nature of this line of work also ensures that the statistician is not bringing home any issues to the rest of their family.

8. No Physical Labor

Anyone who does not want to complete physical labor on an everyday basis would do well to consider a career as a statistician.

These professionals are able to hold onto their employment for a longer period of time than others because they are not putting the same amount of wear and tear on their bodies.

As statisticians age, they do not lose the ability to complete their daily tasks.

All that is required is mental labor, making it a more accessible line of work for all.

Cons of Being a Statistician

1. Lack of Physical Activity

For those who are looking to remain somewhat physically active throughout the day, an office job like this one may not be tenable.

A statistician that would like to stay active will have to try their best to make time for breaks throughout the day.

It can be hard to make time for exercise, though.

As a result, the statistician’s physical health could end up taking a serious hit.

2. Advanced Education Is Necessary

This is not a job that can be done by just anyone.

In order to become a statistician, the minimum requirement is a bachelor’s degree.

From there, the majority of statisticians continue their education and receive a master’s degree.

Those who are not interested in continuing their secondary education may want to choose a different career.

Otherwise, they may be placing a hard cap on their level of earning potential.

3. Complex Tasks

The level of mental acuity that is required to handle a job of this nature is not for everyone.

In fact, the sheer number of complex tasks that must be completed on an everyday basis can cause statisticians to experience burnout.

This can require a statistician to use their paid time off as a means of recharging their mental battery, as opposed to saving it for more special occasions.

There may also need to be dietary amendments to cater to their tired mind.

4. Mathematics-Centered Work

This is not a career that can be pursued by anyone who does not wish to have a line of work that is defined by mathematics.

If you are the type of person who is not good with numbers, it is not the best choice to make.

Meanwhile, there are others who may enjoy math but not have the requisite confidence in their abilities.

They may not wish to pursue additional academic courses as a means of succeeding in their role.

5. Static Work Schedule

Most statisticians will need to have the same work schedule throughout the course of their careers.

While many thrive on having the same routine day in and day out, there are others who do not treasure this sort of stasis.

Flexible positions are available but there is no guarantee that the statistician in question will be able to dictate their own schedule.

6. Extroverts Lack the Necessary Stimulation

The statistician position is definitely geared more toward the introvert than the extrovert.

If you are the extroverted type, you may not enjoy this line of work because of the lack of stimulation that it has to offer you.

There are some who may be able to fill the void with additional social interactions outside the workplace, but this is not always feasible.

It is certainly not a job for those who look forward to interacting with coworkers.

7. No Clear Representation of Work

At the end of the day, a statistician is not actually creating anything.

This can be problematic for anyone who is looking to have a clear representation of their work.

No physical products are typically produced by the average statistician.

While you can certainly help a wide range of other people over the course of your studies, those who are looking for tangible results to point to may struggle with this aspect of their career choice.

8. Little To No Direct Supervision

It is important to remember that what can be an advantage for some is actually a disadvantage to others.

Statisticians will often work independently, which is a boon to some and less than desirable for other employees.

If you are the type of person who lacks the confidence to feel comfortable without having direct supervision, a statistician is not the best career choice to make.

Pros and Cons of Being a Statistician – Summary Table

Pros of Being a StatisticianCons of Being a Statistician
1. Quiet Workplace1. Lack of Physical Activity
2. Excellent Compensation2. Advanced Education Is Necessary
3. Plenty of Job Opportunities3. Complex Tasks
4. Decreased Levels of Stress4. Mathematics-Centered Work
5. Different Industries To Choose From5. Static Work Schedule
6. Remote Work Possibilities6. Extroverts Lack the Necessary Stimulation
7. Quality Work/Life Balance7. No Clear Representation of Work
8. No Physical Labor8. Little To No Direct Supervision

Should You Become a Statistician?

The answer will depend on what you are looking for out of a career.

Everyone wants high levels of compensation but can you work independently and remain seated for significant lengths of time?

Do you have a passion for mathematics?

These are questions that need to be answered as honestly as possible before proceeding.

Those who are not honest with themselves could be placing themselves on a career path that is not going to make them happy over the short term or long haul.

As long as you are answering yes to the aforementioned questions, a statistician is a great career choice.

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