14 Pros and Cons of Being a Pool Guy

First of all, as a woman, I am not too sure why there is only the pool guy in question here.

What about pool gal?

Gender equality through pronouns aside, what this job description entails is pool maintenance.

If you are someone interested in getting paid to sit poolside and tan all summer long, this might be the job you are dreaming about.

On the other hand, if skin cancer and chlorine are not your best friends, think again.

Here are some pros and cons of being a pool guy or gal to get you started on your next daydream-worthy job.

Pros of Being a Pool Guy

1. Get a Great Tan

Working in outdoor swimming pools means you are going to be out in the sun all day long.

This will lead to a great tan on your skin by the end of the summer each year.

That is great for those who want to look bronzed while still working for a paycheck.

Not quite the job of a lifeguard, a pool guy position is one that means showing off your skin, too, in a bathing suit. 

2. Stay in Good Physical Shape

This brings up the next perk of being a pool guy or gal.

You are going to stay in good physical shape in this job.

Working with a pool for maintenance involves getting into the water and cleaning the pool, as well as providing underwater repairs.

Whether you are unclogging a filter or fixing a pool basket, there are always things that need to be done in these large faux ponds.

3. In Pools Most Days

As a result, pool guys and gals spend a lot of time in swimming pools.

Your job will involve getting wet and staying wet as you work in pools with repairs and maintenance.

There are also times when you will be shocking the pool water with chemicals, and the water itself will be off-limits to everyone.

This is when you are going to spend time outside of the pool performing fence maintenance and other landscaping tasks. Pool personnel are constantly on the go!

4. Seasonal Employment

In most instances, your skills will be needed in the summer months.

Even in larger metro areas, the city pools are only open throughout the summertime when kids are out of school.

However, you might find work with indoor pools at places like the YMCA or wellness centers.

This would permit for more stable employment thanks to year-round pools with maintenance needs.

5. Get to Work in Chemicals

If you are interested in science and chemistry, there are a lot of chemicals that go into a swimming pool.

These include chlorine and bleach to reduce scum that leads to swamp water.

As a result, you naturally will learn more about chemicals when you work with swimming pools.

Your job will also involve mixing chemical solutions in order to treat the pool water throughout the swimming season.

If you loved learning about this kind of science in school, then this is a great career field for you.

6. Helping Others With Pool Issues

The job of a pool guy or gal is one that means helping others with their pools.

A swimming pool is a huge financial and time investment for a homeowner.

A new in-ground pool costs anywhere from $25,000 to $100,000, and it requires constant water being added to it along with chemical treatments.

There is also the cost of hiring someone to be your pool person, which is another added expense.

As a pool guy or gal, you get to relieve the burdens of pool maintenance and repairs for the homeowner.

This is a rewarding job, which can leave you feeling happy after the end of a day’s work.

7. Work Outdoors

For those people who crave fresh air and sunshine, working outdoors as a pool guy or gal is great.

Of course, there are those pools that are indoors under a glass rooftop.

However, most pools in residential neighborhoods are going to be outdoors.

That leads to pool personnel working in the weather, which can be reinvigorating.

If you are tired of working indoors and within the confining walls of a cubicle, a pool guy job might be just the ticket to paradise that you have been looking for!

Cons of Being a Pool Guy

1. Must Work Outside

On the other hand, if you are not someone who likes to sweat, forget about being a pool guy or gal.

This is a job that involves working in hot and often humid environments.

Sweating is part and parcel of career choice.

Be prepared by wearing moisture-wicking clothing and sun protection.

Otherwise, consider a different job if you struggle with working outdoors.

2. It Is a Blue-Collar Occupation

For those of you who are trying to climb up the corporate ladder, the work of a pool guy is a blue-collar occupation.

This is not quite a white-collar job, such as a lawyer, and this job will not lead to you becoming an attorney.

In other words, if career advancement to corporate is what you are searching for in life, you need to think about something other than a pool guy or gal job.

Blue-collar jobs entail lots of hands-on work and it can be tough on your body.

However, there is not a lot of mental preparation that goes into this job.

Also, you do not have a certificate or degree program available for training. 

3. Manual Labor Involved

There is going to be sweat that comes out of your body once you start working as a pool person.

This goes without saying due to the nature of the job.

Pool personnel is in charge of checking for tears in an inground pool lining and replacing light bulbs in pool lighting.

Then there are the times spent cleaning the pool by hand with a brush, and using bug nets to remove debris.

A lot of hands-on-deck and manual labor is involved with being a pool guy.

If you do not like to sweat, or you prefer to stay in a chair all day, then “Pool Guy” is out for your next job title.

4. Must Work in Water

Are you anxious about drowning in only a few inches of water?

If so, then a career as a pool guy is not the right place for you.

A fear of water or aquaphobia can be devastating for someone seeking employment in swimming pool maintenance.

You can talk about pools all day long, but in the real world, for you to be a pool guy (or gal), you are going to have to jump into the deep end at some point.

No pun intended.

5. Pay is Minimal

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics refers to pool workers as grounds maintenance workers.

Pool guy is a job that pays about $17 an hour and can include any variety of landscaping and waterscape.

For most adults, this is mediocre and is best compared to the pay of a typical summer job for a teenager or college student.

Keep that in mind when you go to apply for a pool guy position in your local neighborhood.

Your greatest competition will be the young people in those age groups. 

6. Need to Be Able to Swim

Are you a swimmer?

If so, you are good to go as a pool guy or gal.

If you are not a swimmer, you will be endangering yourself and the lives of others by working in this position.

Your job will involve maintaining a swimming pool that could have anywhere from 10,000 to 30,000 gallons of water in it.

This amount of water is quite deadly, and it is up to you to make sure everyone is safe while swimming in the pool.

Whether you are needed to make repairs or to remove items from the pool, you should be able to swim in order to do your job the most efficiently.

If you are afraid of water, then this is another red flag that you want to avoid applying for “pool guy.” 

7. Must Work Around Pool Owners

As a pool guy or gal, you are most likely going to be interacting with swimming pool owners.

This might be someone who owns a pool at home or it could be the manager of a wellness center or hotel.

Either way, prepare to speak to people who own or operate pools and understand the lingo.

Having to be up on your swimming pool knowledge is only part of the battle.

You must also exhibit good customer service skills to get ahead of competitive personnel. 

Pros and Cons of Being a Pool Guy – Summary Table

Pros of Being a Pool GuyCons of Being a Pool Guy
1. Get a Great Tan1. Must Work Outside
2. Stay in Good Physical Shape2. It Is a Blue-Collar Occupation
3. In Pools Most Days3. Manual Labor Involved
4. Seasonal Employment4. Must Work in Water
5. Get to Work in Chemicals5. Pay is Minimal
6. Helping Others With Pool Issues6. Need to Be Able to Swim
7. Work Outdoors7. Must Work Around Pool Owners

Should You Become a Pool Guy or Gal? 

Swimming in a pool of water is a luxury, and for someone who works as a pool guy or gal, this luxury becomes a way to earn a living.

While the pay is not great, working with swimming pools is a job that is needed throughout the US and abroad.

Typically, pool guys are more in demand in the summer season when pool use is up.

Ultimately, due to a lack of career advancement, pool guy is a job that is best left for those who are too young to use a college degree, or who are still in college.

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