How Much Does a Paralegal Training Cost?

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Paralegals work with attorneys and other law professionals.

Job responsibilities can include interviewing clients and witnesses, drafting and processing legal documents, and conducting legal research.

If you’re looking to become a paralegal either fresh out of high school or after completing an associate or bachelor’s in another area, it isn’t necessary to earn a degree to get there.

A certificate program also can be enough for your career.

Paralegal certification programs prepare students to work as legal assistants providing administrative and research skills.

Those who complete paralegal certification programs are then able to sit for the necessary examination to work in this field.

Paralegals are not required by law to be certified.

However, many paralegal organizations offer certifications.

Search Paralegal Programs

Get information on Paralegal programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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Average Costs

If you ask can you get a paralegal certificate without a degree?


The entry-level undergraduate paralegal certificate program is the easiest, least complicated, and the shortest path to becoming a paralegal.

Certificate programs

The cost of completing a certificate program ranges from around $4,500 to $41,000, depending on the school.

Throughout the paralegal certificate programs, you will get more specializations, learning methods, career services, and planning resources.

Some programs offer job placement services in competitive markets such as California and New York.

The paralegal certificates program (2 to 3 semesters) at California State University, LA, is affordably priced at $5,400.

Tuition at the American National University’s program is more expensive, $12,160, and lasts 8 months.

Widener University’s paralegal certificate program cost an enormous $41,400 for 14 weeks.

Associate’s Degree

State colleges, community colleges, and technical institutes offer associate’s degrees to become paralegals.

In a little less than two years, you have the necessary knowledge and skills to try yourself in the job you want.

Most associate degree programs require 60 to 67 credits of coursework.

For online courses, students should expect to pay between $6,000 and $26,000 in total tuition.

At the Cerro Coso Community College, in-state tuition for the paralegal program is on average $2,760, and out-state tuition is $15,480.

Bachelor’s Degree

Some state colleges and universities offer bachelor’s degrees in paralegal studies for the annual sum of $5,000-$25,000, depending on the residents and non-residents.

The longest path to becoming a paralegal is a bachelor’s degree in legal studies.

The public University of Southern Mississippi charges $8,624 of in-state tuition and $10,624 of out-of-state tuition for Legal Studies (Paralegal) BA degree.

Brandman University is a private, nonprofit institution where students can earn Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies, Paralegal Profession.

It applies tuition of $12,380, both for state and out-of-state residents.

The University of North Georgia is a public institution and charges $4,692 for in-state residents and $13,514 for out-of-state residents, for Paralegal Studies (B.A.S.).

Additional Costs

Of course, there are some additional fees such as books and supplies, mandatory and program fees you need to pay.

Costs are usually listed with the tuition costs.

Books and supplies usually cost between $700 and $1,500 per year.

For example, MacEwan University lists $1,500 for mandatory and program fees and $1,500 for books and supplies.

Also, the price for room and board cost between $2,000 and $10,000.

According to the Center for advanced legal studies, for an associate’s degree in the paralegal program, the registration fee is $100, learning resources are $650, and students e-services are $1,100.


Most community colleges and universities offer tuition and financial aids.

All information and requirements are listed on their website.

NFPA offer scholarship to paralegal student in the United States.

The scholarship is based on the quality of an essay written about the chosen topic.

The American Association for Paralegal Education offers five awards of $500 each every year.

The National Federation of Paralegal Associations offers two scholarships every year, each $2,000 and $3,000.

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