Most Important Things You Learn In An Internship

Internships are a great thing to exist in the modern world. For companies looking to hire new experience, they get to find potential new employees for their business.

For interns, you get to gain some invaluable experience that you wouldn’t find by following guides and opinions over the internet. We’ve compiled a list of things that you can learn in an internship and why they’re so important. 

How Do I Get An Internship?

Like applying to usual jobs, applying to an internship requires finding a company that jas an opportunity there for the taking. With regards to finding the right internship that fits you, it’s best to think of what you want to get out of the experience.

Of course, any sort of work experience looks good on someone’s record and can help massively when applying for jobs in the future. You don’t have to look for an internship in the place you want to work in, just somewhere that will help you get the skills that will help you in the long run.

Internships come in all different variations, with some being unpaid and others offering a wage on top of the experience that you’re gaining whilst there.

Not all workplaces can afford to pay their new intern, so a few of the forms of internships are referred to as ‘unpaid internships’ so that there is no confusion over whether the individual will be getting paid.

However, these are a great way of getting experience that money can’t buy.

What Types Of Places Do Internships?

When it comes to finding the types of places that do internships, the list is endless. Popular markets include marketing internships and anything else to do with business.

These types of workplaces are perfect for anyone looking to gain some skills in the wide field that is marketing and strategy. These can also tie in with social media and advertising jobs that may crop up in the future.

In a more hands-on approach, there are also lots of internships to do with engineering and construction. These are perfect opportunities to gain some well-earned skills that will be needed to succeed in your chosen field.

Again, because of the similarities with these jobs and other fields, you can expect to gain enough experience to help you find a variety of jobs within these similar job ranges.

Some of the most famous places that people have been known to turn to for internships include NASA, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Tesla, and SpaceX.

These business have a lot of money to their names and are usually more than willing to pay their interns a wage to spend time with their companies. However, because these names are so popular and well-known, they will be high in competition for places on their internships.

What Can I Learn From An Internship?

First and foremost, you can expect to learn a lot about how the workplace works. By spending time with other employees in and around the location, you can find out just what makes these places tic.

On top of this, you can discover what it’s like to work with others in the profession that you’re likely to discover more about. Socializing is a big part of most jobs and can even help you with future adventures.

Asking your colleagues at an internship about what they do can be a great way to find more about the job you wish to have.

Of course, internships can also help you to build up connections and increase the amount of opportunities you may have in the future.

By making as many connections as you can, you can make contacts with their associates about potential jobs and job experience opportunities that may come about. These connections can be bosses, colleagues, and just about anyone else you meet.

Internships will give you a great idea about how working life is and what you have to do in order to stay motivated. A lot of people may not realize how long the days are or how much effort is truly required to perform in these jobs to the best of their abilities.

Internships are a very important way of preparing yourself for working life and giving you a clearer vision of how your future job may be. You can then see if you truthfully want to pursue this profession.

Another important thing you can learn from an internship is getting feedback from your employer.

By working to the best of your ability and showcasing great enthusiasm, you can get constructive criticism and positive feedback from your temporary bosses, to find out where you can improve and what you do well at.

Use these to your future advantage and apply this constructive feedback to any future interviews you may get.

On top of taking on feedback, the ultimate lesson to learn from this is to learn the importance of communication. Whether it’s talking to your superiors or talking to people who are around the same level as you, you’ll need to learn to work with others.

By communicating with your colleagues you can find out exactly what it’s like to be part of a team.

A good pointer for anyone looking to look back on their time as an intern – always keep a journal. By keeping some form of diary, you can refer back to your experiences and use them to improve in the future.

On top of this, you can keep these notes and use them in futute job interviews as a referral to experience you’ve already got.

Final Thoughts

Internships are one of the best ways of gaining work experience, money, and feedback all in one motion. It’s one of these opportunities that, if you can get lucky enough to get one, then it benefits everyone involved.

Workplaces get to improve the way they use their employees and get a potential new prospect to work at their company, whilst you get the invaluable experience that you may need to get your next job. Everybody wins!

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